You’ll Throw Up if you Drink THAT!

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[Captions by Y Translator]
You just puked
half your body fluid. Come downstairs and sit
down in the kitchen, and see how you feel, okay? If it doesn’t sit
very well, stay home. We started putting the morning
together, and I remember that she came into the kitchen, and she got a drink of– You okay? You sure? I feel better now. You’re going to school? Probably. I don’t know about that. It’s normally only
after I throw up I feel better. Come downstairs and sit
down in the kitchen, and see how you feel, okay? Welcome to the show,
8 Passengers. I am your host, Jimmy Fallon. Today, we are going
back to school. As you can tell, none of us want to go
back to school. Thank you. Abby, you’re not
going to school. You just puked
half your body fluid. That’s a lot of fluid. Go to bed. No, Mom.
I have so many like– You want me to get
stuff for you? Here’s the thing. If you go to school, and then you
throw up again, I’m not going to be able
to come get you. Why don’t you try eating
a little breakfast, and see how it sits. If it doesn’t sit very well,
then you can go to school. I mean, stay home. Good morning Nollie. We are definitely
experiencing jet lag. We got back
from Hawaii yesterday. I feel drunk, like halucinating. And we went a full
24 hours without sleep. Look at my eyes. It was actually… It’s so bad. We got home, and it was 24 hours
since we’d slept, and then we had another 10 hours
before we went to bed. So it was like 34 hours
without sleep. A lot of you were asking
what we did with our pets, especially our dog when we left. This is gonna be really hard
to vlog the next few weeks, because all I’m doing… Talking makes me cough. So I’m gonna be very careful when I talk and try
not to cough. Nollie went to a dog camp. What’s cool is that they sectioned it
like low-energy, medium energy, and extreme high energy, and so, Nollie went
to the low-energy camp. So basically, they
like slept all day, but they got to go out
and play together, and make new friends together
with other Grandma and Grandpa dogs. And then the snake,
Bagels and Prickles, the hedgehog went to a vet, and the vet took care of them
while we were gone. So it worked out
really really great. We figured out why
Abby felt sick. We started putting
the morning together, and I remember
that she came into the kitchen, and she got a drink of water
on an empty stomach. Any time I ever take a drink
of water first thing in the morning
on an empty stomach, I get so sick. I feel like I’m gonna throw up. Why do I don’t? I don’t know. Some people do,
and some people don’t. Do you guys ever drink water
on an empty stomach and feel sick? I literally can’t do it. Do you think
that’s what happened? Because you feel fine now. Is that yours? No. Love you. Love you too. Have a good day at school. Good bye, Mom. Bye Julie. Love you too. Have a good day at school. You sure you’re gonna be okay? Yes, I’m sure. Okay. Love you. Love you. Bye. You about ready? You be okay without your coat? Oh, my jacket… Yeah. And your jacket? Okay. This is much better. Wipe down your sink. Your– Get a liner
in your garbage. Wipe down your mirror. Come straighten up your shoes. Just come back
and straighten up your closet. I’ve decided I’m not letting
my kids go to school until their rooms
and bathrooms are picked up. I’m just not. We’ll see how long that lasts. Your rooms and bathrooms
are all picked up. I’ve checked them. Wait a minute. I just said good bye to you. How come your own
the house again? Because– Because we’re going
to wait even longer for the car to warm up. And it’s still cold. He’s here. Let’s go. Don’t forget your
lunch under there. Is that your lunch Russell? Yeah. Whose purple binder is this? Oh, that’s Chad’s. That’s yours? Okay. Bye kids. Love you. Bye. Russell lost his coat. If you remember a couple weeks
ago, maybe three even, I showed the Obermeyer coats, how I love,
they’re just super warm. I think there warmer
than North Face. I don’t know what the proclivity of young boys is
to lose their jackets, but they are… My sons, at this age,
have always lost their jackets, and he can’t find
just coat anywhere. And I’m pretty upset
because it’s a really nice coat. It’s not like I can say, okay. Well, the rest of the winter,
you just don’t have a coat. Like I have to make
sure he has a coat, because he’ll freeze. Like it’s way too cold
to be sending him to school with just a sweatshirt on. It’s like seven degrees outside. So I’m going to have
to buy him a new coat. I’m going to school. Last time, I
didn’t go to school, because I was like
really hurted and… And now, I remember. And this time, I gotta go. I feel really good you know. Oh, Mom’s fixing hair. Mommy truly does
my hair like that. Sometimes she does not do it. Dun dun dun! I look like a man
when they stick down. I think I look like a bunny with that [inaudible]. It looks like ears out. Each people in the class
that are students, their mommy comes, and they they help
the being teachers. That’s what happens. Maybe you will be
able to be one. That was a very
nice way of asking. I have not yet volunteered
in her classroom. I’ll talk to your teacher today, and see if there’s a time
I can come in, okay? How was preschool? Good. I have something for a surprise. [inaudible] A late Christmas present? This is from Eve’s
preschool teacher. This is their first day
back to preschool. It’s a book of me in a picture. This must be the little book
that her teacher told me. She pulled me aside
earlier in the year, and she said, will you
please have a talk with Eve, and ask her to smile
for the pictures? Because she’s going to be really
disappointed with something if she doesn’t. So, did you start smiling? A is for what? What is that? Apple. Apple. Oh my heck. Look at you. You’re an elf. I’m just pretending. It’s just a costume. That is so cute. I will keep this forever. Not– No, it’s me. We will keep this forever. Oh my heck! Eve is this one of the pictures
that she said that you would not smile? Yes. Why wouldn’t you smile? It’s because I’m nervous. She says, I’m nervous
in front of the camera. And I’m like, oh… This girl lives
in front of a camera. Oh, that looks
like a scary snake. Please tell me that’s not real. No, it’s not real. Like guess what? These are the brownies
that you really like. I know. You made those rolls all
by yourself with your teacher, and they were so delicious. She’s gave me this stuff. You have the most
fun preschool teacher. Are you a volcano? Eve. No, that’s just fake. That’s the– That’s a costume. Oh, I was worried
for a second there. This is seriously
the cutest book. I am dying over how cute it is. You have a very
fashion savvy mother. You always look so
cute and fashionable. If I do say so myself. Eve, that is the most
darling alphabet book ever. That is the most
precious precious gift. It didn’t shoot. [inaudible]. It got in his butt. Look how worried Chad looks. You worried Chad? You’re a scaredy cat. You missed. Oh, Russell, look
what you just open. You just opened
the biggest can of worms. Don’t put him in the toilet. No. Chad, stop it. Well, Chad, this at
least gives you what? Toilet duty? Your toilet’s dirty,
and you need to clean them. This one’s pretty dirty. That’s– That’s kind of disgusting. I have slowly gotten ready
through the day. Like I got my makeup on by noon. I got dressed by 3, and I finally got my hair done,
and it’s like 7 o’clock, and I am waiting
for my bread to rise. I put it next to
the fireplace to kind of, hopefully, speed up
the process a little bit. They’re coming. I can hear screaming
from the bedroom, which tells me
that the boys are at it again. Okay, Russell, I got
clean water again. Let’s do this again. I gotta go. Someone’s gonna get
their head flushed, and I gotta go. Dinner’s ready. Everyone, come up. I need a bell. OK Google… They don’t have them. Broadcast, it’s time for dinner. Got it. Broadcasting now. It’s dinner time! And who helped
me grind the wheat?>>Not I.
>>Not I, said the dog. Not I, said the cat. Not I, said the pig. And who helped me make
the wheat into dough? Not I, said the duck. Not I, said the pig. Not I, said the dumb donkey.

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