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– [Tom] The demise of
the tobacco industry, really a lot of the
farmers around here were left saying, “Well
what am I gonna plant now?” And having learned that the area has a lot of soil and
temperature conditions similar to Burgundy, France, soon discovered that this was not only a good
place to grow tobacco but also a good place
to grow grape vines. My name is Tom Silvey, my wife and I Josephine
are the owners here at Roaring River Vineyards. All our wines are dry, semi-dry for the most part. The wine card is what we
call the Winter Passport that allows the
holder of the passport to have a free tasting for a very reasonable price. – [Man] The winemaker
for Roaring River is also a winery owner himself. Living in this house
on Elkin Creek, Louis Jeroslow makes
and sells his own wines on-site at Elkin Creek Vineyard. – We make generally
French and Italian, some German, European
styles basically. Well one of the wines I
really like to feature is our rossa, which is
a bordeaux-style blend and it really, it
captures the qualities of the Yadkin Valley which is one of the things I really like to
communicate to visitors, particularly that
the Yadkin Valley as a viticulture area is most similar to areas
of Old World Europe. France, Italy, Spain. Our soil is a terra
rossa-type soil like they have in Tuscany, where the name rossa
comes from for this wine. And so this wine is an intent
to capture all those qualities that we have here in
the Yadkin Valley. Our vines don’t know
they’re in North Carolina, their feet are in Italy and they’re growing in France. – [Man] Two of the
newer participants in the Surry Winter
Wine and Beer Passport are Shelton Vineyards
and Haze Gray Vineyards, both in Dobson. Shelton is the largest
family-owned estate winery in North Carolina, with a bright
atrium-like tasting room and upscale restaurant
on property. And it’s great for
walking and enjoying! Shelton has won numerous
awards for its wines since its founding in 1999. Haze Gray is one of the
more recent additions to the Yadkin Valley wine scene. The name was chosen
in honor of haze gray, the color of all
U.S. naval warships. Its owner is a navy veteran. Like its name suggests,
Slightly Askew offers a different take
on Yadkin Valley wines. The long-standing winery
ventures into the sweeter realm with wines such as
raspberry zinfandel, blackberry merlot,
cranapple chardonnay, and banana pineapple viognier. Slightly Askew is an urban
winery in downtown Elkin with an upscale
four-bedroom vacation rental just steps from the
winery’s backdoor. To the far north
reaches of Surry County near the Virginia border, this is Round Peak Vineyards. In the distance is
Round Peak itself, and nearby is Skull
Camp Mountain, the name of the brewery that is owned by the same folks. I don’t think any of the
Surry wineries would argue, this is the most laid
back venue of them all. – Yes, yes, yes. So we are a Mount Airy address, we’re west of town. We have French and
Italian varietals and as well as Norton, we have an American
grape as well. We have dry wines, French and Italian
varietal dries, as well as a lot of blends
all the way to sweet. Semi-dry all the way to sweet. We do have the brewery as well, with the brewery location
itself is in Elkin. Our best-selling
beer is definitely gonna be Knuckledragger,
our double IPA. It’s the one that
we’re most known for. On the wine side, Nebbiolo, we’re one of two vineyards in
the state that grow Nebbiolo, so that’s a little unusual one. We also are very dog-friendly, it’s a good place, we’re a little out of town, but it’s a good place
to come spend some time, bring a picnic, bring
your dog, bring your kids, and come and hang out. – The Yadkin Valley Winter
Wine and Beer Passport runs from November 29th, 2019 through March 22nd, 2020. To purchase your passport, go to yadkinvalleync.com.

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