WPC Flooring Review: Red Wine Challenge

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thank you and we’re Inc stores for the
WPC red wine challenge we surveyed a hundred homeowners asking what the
biggest fear with your floor is the top three answers on the board before we begin our competition let’s
look at our competitors engineered wood the closest thing to real hardwood
laminate the original hardwood look-alike and last but not least the
WPC vinyl this up-and-comers 100% waterproof these three hotshots are
going to head-to-head to see who can stand the test of liquid and color in
the WPC red wine challenge we’ll be soaking these planks for 24 hours in red
wine we’ll be using this fancy micrometer to measure each planks thickness before
and after the red wine challenge will then expand let’s find out okay so the
engineered wood is 0.56 inches and the laminate is point four six two and the WPC vinyl was point 32 would why
let’s get started the woods in place the red wine that’s
already let’s start the experiment and that’s time
all right let’s see the results engineered one will drip and a little
hearts echoing the lament little better the final piece Wow good thing okay okay
now let’s get the data engineer what you’re up first
ooh wow it’s okay and then there’s a neared would measure 0.592 which is a
definite increase Wow okay and the laminate just measured
point five six seven inch so let’s look at that point five six seven inch that
is a huge increase from the last one and we just finished measuring the WPC
vinyl it came in at point three two inch let’s see how that one measures up point
three two inch that is identical to the number we started at and the winner of
our challenge as you can clearly see is the WPC vinyl not only is it waterproof
it is also in this case wine proof stain resistant and easy to clean
you get birthplace if you want to learn my WPC vinyl and more visit the website good bye do

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