Wine University Episode 04 – Wine by the case

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if you’re a lover of wine and you’re
interested in learning about wine or a particular wine owning a case of wine
really is the only way to go don’t take only one bottle for example
buy for six bottle one carton missing in different time is possible to understand
the wine but also the terroir and also the family that make this wine it’s like
knowing a friend if you see him the first time you can say okay I like him
or I like her but it needs two or three times to get
full into this person and it’s the same with the wine drinking one bottle of a
given wine is never gonna give you an understanding of that wine or how it was
made or the people who made it or the region it comes from it’s gonna taste
different as it ages buy a case of wine and enjoy with the family with the
people with your friends with your girlfriend’s with your boyfriend or
whatever I’m enjoying

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