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The health problems of drinking wine. The
government, certainly the U.K. government has already stated the…what they consider
to be reasonable limits with which to use wine and alcohol. And those, for men, as they
have a heavier body mass, range from twenty one units to twenty eight units. A bottle
of wine contains, in one eighth of a bottle of wine, there’s one unit. So expect between
eight and twelve units in a bottle of wine. As you know, in the current conditions, wines
have strengths from about eleven percent to twelve percent. When the government takes
one unit as being one eighth of a bottle, it means one eighth of a twelve percent alcohol
strength bottle. And you know something like a Californian Zinfandel may have anything
from sixteen to eighteen percent alcohol. Knowing, of course, the amount of alcohol
in the bottle helps you work out the…the number of units you’ll be consuming. If you’re
drinking more than the recommended limits by the government, be aware that you’re already
in a situation where you’re creating adverse effects to your health. The…the one we all
know about is the headache after, the hangover after having a bottle of wine or a half a
bottle of wine, or a glass. So, this is one of the more minor ones. And often it’s avoided
by drinking less or drinking water. Other adverse effects for alcohol may be the drunkenness,
and one particular one which I have great concern with is operating machinery, or drinking
and driving. Those should always be avoided. Those are avoidable negative effects of alcohol,
so always drink without driving, or without use of machinery. The other social aspects,
as we know, young children on the streets drinking, not knowing how to work with alcohol,
are using excess amounts of alcohol and getting into social problems. So that’s one area.
Alcohol is also addictive, so we know out of a proportion of the population, there’s
a certain percentage of people who are…can be addictive to alcohol. That doesn’t work
for everyone. There are people who can drink…large quantities of alcohol without getting addicted
to it. So that’s another area which is…you should consider carefully in terms of adverse
effects of alcohol. We then go to more serious effects. Alcohol can cause a number of different
diseases, and a number of different problems in the body. Kidney problems, liver problems
is the one we mainly hear about. You’ve heard of some famous people who’ve died as a result
of liver failure, and problems with drinking a lot of wine, or alcohol, beers, whatever
you have. Also, alcohol has…is also a sugar base, so people with diabetes should avoid
alcohol in all circumstance. That actually has a big impact. And also those people whose
family history is a precursor to…or can….family history that includes diabetes should be aware
that this can trigger diabetes, especially as it’s a sugar, and sugar’s one of the aspects
that causes diabetes. So those are some of the aspects in terms of health you should
be aware of. Any excessive drinking….there are probably a lot more adverse effects which
are not recorded, but any excessive drinking is no good for you, and it’s good to keep
within the guidelines the government give you. And even those we’re not sure whether
they are the right limits yet. Maybe the amount of alcohol should be less that the recommended
limits, but we have to start somewhere in terms of knowing when it’s good for you and
it’s bad for you. Another aspect regarding the adverse effect of alcohol, or wine in
particular, not specifically alcohol, obviously wine, when you make your wine you have additives.
Sulfites are a typical example. People can have some allergic reactions to some of these
additives. One link has been found between some suffers of asthma and Sulfites. So, if
you are at all inclined in this way, your health is inclined in this way, be aware that
this can be a trigger to an asthma attack. So be aware. Sulfites and some of the additives
in alcohol also have adverse effects on you. So that’s what I’ve got to say about the bad
effects of alcohol.

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jesus christ, according to this I can get bombed! 1 bottle and I am fucking lit! lol

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