Wine Types & Selection Tips : Types of Red Wine

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And now I’m going to talk about the different
types of red wines. From my perspective, red wines fall into two categories, New World
red wines and Old World red wines. New World red wines have, in main, go by varietal. Varietal
means one grape variety within the bottle. So here we’ve got a hundred percent Merlot.
It just happens to be from Bordeaux but you tend to get from Chile, Argentina, California
as well from Australia, New Zealand. Wines coming in by the varietal. For example, here
we’ve got an Australian Shiraz. The advantage of that is it gives you a good idea of what
the types of grape varieties, what flavors they will produce. So that’s the varietal
wine. The next way to look at wine – red wine – is the blended wines. The Old World places,
France particularly make their wines this way. They add complexity to the wine, and
they add maybe more depth. However you can get depth and complexity from a single varietal
wine from – whether it’s a Burgundy as well which is Pinot Noir, or as I said from the
Shiraz from Australia. Cabernet Sauvignon from California. They are different types
of red wines. Another way to look at red wines is the amount of fruits they all have in them.
With Old World wines you have a mix of items like how the oak influences the wine, how
the terroir. In all around the world the terroir does influence the wine. So you could say
you want to have a cheap red wine. When you are going for a more value driven red wine,
the single varietals make very, very good wines to have. And I have a tendency to buy
this myself towards – for easy drinking, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand as well as parts of
California. When I’m looking for a complex red wine, often they’re blended wine, I go
for French wines, Italian wines, Spanish wines. They are very, very established in the way
they’ve been doing things for centuries and have specific types which change by the season,
by the year. But do reflect the terroir of the area. Other aspects about red wine, you
might want a rich well-extracted red wine, again that’s depends on how the winemaker
makes the wines, how they treat their grapes in the vineyard. For example some of the Cabernet
Sauvignons from California, Napa Valley, are big extracted wines. The moment you open the
bottle, aromas come out and they’re very powerful aromas. When you pull the wine out of the
glass, it’s dark, very rich, and viscousy. They make beautiful wines and for people who
like much more obvious flavors. However, they do actually make complex wines as well. The
couple producers in the Napa Valley that make stunning wines that you can compare to French
wines. On the other side, France as well as Italy, Italy with Chianti for example, which
you use as the Sangiovese, it’s produced wines of wine richness, yet they’re quite light,
intense flavors. So in choosing your red wine, be guided by the region it’s coming from,
expect New World wines to be more powerful, richer, higher in alcohol. And expect Old
World wines to stick to their roots, which tend to be much more restraint on the alcohol,
much more restraint on the flavor. More of a balance. This fruit and other elements come
out of the wines. So those are types of red wine.



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