Wine Tasting Tips : Color in Wine Tasting

By Brian Lemay 5 comments

After you check a wine’s clarity, if everything
seems good, the next step of wine tasting is to look at the wine’s color. Wine is available
in a wide variety of colors; from very light yellow to yellow gold, to maybe even a little
bit of green, to pink, to salmon, to rose, to ruby red, to garnet red, and even dark
purple, black, and inky. All of these colors are rather indicative of the different type
of wine, but whatever the color is, your step is to look at the color, and try to give it
a name. That’s the most important part; to try to give it a name. You can stick with
a simple thing like yellow gold, or you can get kind of crazy; like old guacamole over
straw, or poured through burnt coffee. There are two ways to look at a wine’s color. What
you want to do is take the glass of wine, and put it on a standard white background.
Then you can lean over and look straight down into it. I think this wine has a nice kind
of ruby glow. There’s another way to do it, too, and that way is to lean the glass of
wine over, and again; look through the wine onto a white background, look for the deepest
part of the wine; which is called the eye or the robe, and that’s a very good way to
ascertain color. Again, I think this wine is a nice, beautiful ruby red. If you say
that to your friend, I think this wine is a nice ruby red, and your friend says, I think
so, too, you have started the entire conversation about a wine’s color. After you look at a
wine’s color, and give it a name, that’s kind of what we’re talking about when we say the
wine’s hue. After that, you want to talk about color intensity. Color intensity can mean
very light to very dark, and we talk about color intensity on a scale of one to ten.
One is a glass of wine that looks like a glass of water with one little drop of ink. A ten
on the color intensity scale will look like the bottle of ink itself. I bet you find that
if you try to share with your friends what the number of color intensity you think the
wine is, you’ll pretty much agree. I’ve found that people usually agree, and that’s a nice
place to start talking about wine. So you talk about a wine’s color, it’s hue, and its
intensity, look at it straight down through the glass, turn it on its side, look for the
eye or the robe of the glass, and that’s the perfect way to look at a wine’s color.



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