Wine Tasting: Sight – Sweet Wine Course #9

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Hello, we’re going to talk about tasting, and we’re going to start with the first stage of a tasting which is the visual stage. We’re going to look at this wine. So first of all to look at a wine, take a stemmed wine glass, and tilt it to 45° and look at it on a white background and if front of a source of light, that way you can obviously admire the colour, the colours includes the reflections, the tint, but also the intensity of the robe, you can also observe the limpidity, the way light goes through the wine and the shine, the way the wine will restore this light,, and if you turn a little bit, you can see some tears, or legs that drip along the side of the glass, and so this will give you, indications on the fluidity, on the viscosity of the wine. The Sweet Bordeaux show a nice golden robe, more intense, more intense than for the dry white wines, this colour can however vary depending on various criteria. First of all, the sugar concentration, a soft wine is clearer than a liqorous wine, also the type of aging, the robe will be more steady when the wines are aged in barrels, compared to wines that are aged in tank and obviously the robe will be different depending on the age of the wine, The more time passes, the more the robe will become dark. So yes, a young Sweet Bordeaux will show, a clear robe, which varies, from yellow or pale to old gold, then we can also see a nice glittering, The glittering is the perquisite for the young wines. With an older vintage, in general wines that are older than 15 years, the robes will be more evolved we can notice dark tints, Copper, amber, even brown mahogany. See you very soon for another episode, and for the second stage of the tasting.

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