Wine Tasting and Staying in a Castle. This is Pape Clement by Bernard Magrez.

By Brian Lemay 2 comments

(Vocals) I could see this through I could wait
another night one more night one more night I could fight it through till the
darkness turns to light one more night one more night. Say it’s gonna
be okay cause this winter is so long it feels like it’s haunting me. Say there’s gonna be a change
because I feel like I’m just holding onto yesterday (fade out music) Kelly “Hey Guys! Wanted to share with you what I am seeing right now. I got up bright and
shiny at Pape Clement and it’s sunrise in Bordeaux is this not the most
magnificent sunrise you’ve ever seen? When I first arrived at Pape Clement, the En Primeur was in its wind-down mode but it gave me a chance to get a taste
of many of Bernard Magrez wines and he is the owner of Chateau Pape Clement
among other wineries in the region. What an extraordinary destination. Today I did
a little tour of the property and we’ve seen quite a bit of the property thus
far already. I’m trying to talk fast cuz there’s a storm coming and I may get a
little wet and it’s very very chilly today! But it’s been such a beautiful
experience. They do have a winery they have extensive vineyards. Just a really
fascinating beautiful place to be. The castle itself was rebuilt in 1789
actually a little bit after that because the French Revolution which was not a good
time build anything occurred in 1789. But the castle itself is
extraordinary. The big drawing rooms downstairs the incredible service inside
the world-class appointments in the rooms.
It smells the essence of sandalwood of unique experiences and beauty and just
really extraordinary. I’m going to show you the grounds a little bit so you can
see this castle itself is surrounded by vineyards. Just absolutely beautiful
vineyards. And you can see the castle a little bit behind me. Now when they had
the French Revolution that tree that you see over there is a very symbolic tree
so this was kind of the rebirth of France the trees were planted at many
chateaus throughout Bordeaux and probably throughout France and the
French Revolution was not fun for anybody especially if you were a
nobleman. And then on the other side you can again see more vineyards. But if
you want a place to get away from it all to have a one of a kind experience,
this is the place to come. (Music & Vocals)I could see this through
I could wait another night one more night one more night. I could fight it through till
the darkness turns the light one more night one more night…


The Fermented Fruit

Jul 7, 2019, 12:49 am Reply

Such a gorgeous property! I hope to visit one day.

Julien Miquel

Aug 8, 2019, 12:24 pm Reply

What an experience K. BM puts a lot of effort into Pape Clément, it's his little baby of a jewel estate, isn't it?
I can see that my Chateau pronunciation videos could come in handy (haven't done Pape Clement yet or Bernard Margrez). Love you French pronunciation 🙂 Just small little tweaks would make it perfect 😉 Santé

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