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A well-stocked wine rack is great
for entertaining, but telling your guests you made the rack yourself is even better.
This rack holds up to 20 bottles and is made with dakota shelving that s edge banded for
a clean look. A complete list of plans, including the tools and materials you ll need for this
project can be found at Menards-dot-com. Let s get started. The sides of the rack are made
from two 11 and-three-quarter inch wide by 24-inch long shelf sections. Rip four more
24-inch long shelves to six and-an-eighth-inches wide. On the boards you just cut, measure
and mark a line three and one sixteenth inches from the edge. Make marks on that line at
three, seven and a-half, twelve, sixteen and-a-half and twenty-one inches. This is where the holes
for the bottle holders will be drilled. Drill five one-and-a-half inch holes in two of the
boards with a hole saw. Drill five more three-and-a half inch holes in the two remaining boards
with a hole saw. When you get near the end of the hole, remove the bit, flip the board
over and drill from the other side to avoid maring the finish. When all the holes are
drilled, rip each board right down the center to form two pieces of the rack. There are
four rack sections for the front and four more for the rear. For straight edges, apply
matching edge banding with contact adhesive and use a trim tool to cut the banding to
the correct width. For tight curves where it s difficult to apply banding, spread a
thin layer of wood filler on the edge, let dry and sand. Then use matching paint to give
the boards a finished appearance. Now the rack sections can be attached to the sides.
The first section is spaced even with the top. Drill and attach with one and a quarter
inch long construction screws. Counter sink the screw heads so they are flush and can
be covered later with fast-caps. The remaining rack sections are spaced three-and-a quarter
inches apart. All that s left is to fill the rack with your favorite vintages and enjoy!
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