Wine of the Week: Gossips Dolcetto & Syrah Sweet Lips (Episode 36)

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Hello! Hi! Welcome to a special episode of Wines & Titas! And we are here with And he’s from the land of Merlion! Where is that? Where there are lots of “merlies” (effeminate men). Lots of merlies! We were talking about Singapore, by the way. The Lion City. Our wine from Australia this week sounds quite gay. Let’s see if the lips of gossips really are sweet. Cheers! Sweet. Yeah, sweet. But not too sweet. Not too sweet. I think it’s because of Shiraz. It’s kind of spicy. It’s like a diluted kind of Syrah. Yes. It’s smooth. What would you pair this with? Conversation. And gossip. Yeah, gossip. Lots of gossip. Have you heard? Just kidding. This flag is from Taiwan. Why were you in Taiwan? Not me. It was just a souvenir. Oooh. From whom? From? Let’s gossip. From my girl. You have a girl! Thanks, girl! Oh my god, you have a girl? You have a girl? What’s going on? I have a girl, I have a sister! The alcohol content is very low. How much is it? They have different kinds of wines, and this one seems to be the gayest. Dolcetto and Syrah. I’ve read this comment on an article: If LGBT people are born that way, why do you guys celebrate Pride? I got triggered. Yeah. Yes, we were born this way but our rights as human beings are not being acknowledged. Feels like we have to scream to the world for them to know that we’re here. And you’ve been to different Pride celebrations, right? Here in the Philippines and in Singapore. Yeah. My first Pride was Manila Pride in 2011. And I remember that the atmosphere was very electrifying. And it’s nice to see all walks of life at the march. It doesn’t matter: lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual. Everyone from all parts of society just coming together. And yeah, we encountered the fundies there but the atmosphere, the love that you can feel in the march was stronger. In Singapore, I’ve been attending Pink Dot for the past 3 years. Pink Dot is the largest gathering of LGBTs. In Singapore, it happens every June. However, this year, they’ve started to clamp down on foreign companies. So multinationals, they’re barred from sponsoring the event. And also, this year, only permanent residents of Singapore are allowed to attend the event. They will actually your identity card at certain checkpoints within Pink Dot. The silver lining I guess, is that many local companies in Singapore are actually stepping up for the freedom to love. By the way, aside from conversation, we can pair this wine with something else. What else? We’re pairing it with food. Since our wine is very smooth, and Tito George just arrived from Singapore, we have this. Irvin’s Salted Egg which is very hard to get. This is very hard to get. Like my heart. Like your heart? Okay. You have to queue up just to get this. Yeah, like my heart, you have to line up for it too. Do you also have some sort of airport availability? Yes. Okay, so let’s try. Go get one. How is it, George? He was surprised. Yeah, I was. It’s a good pairing for me. The wine is slighty sweet, paired with something salty. For me, I think it kind of clashed, I don’t know. Really? You think it clashes? Because this one, it’s really good. And dangerously addictive is the tagline. By the way, we’re not sponsored. But, I don’t know. Did you like it? Yeah. For me, the chips brought out the Syrah from the wine. Usually, Syrah as a wine is very spicy. The food brings out the spiciness. I prefer it with the chips, yes. Speaking of Pride, in Singapore at Pink Dot, they have these ambassadors. And the ambassadors come from different parts of society. There could be like a famous celebrity from Media Corp. Or from different minority groups. Were there any ambassadors at Manila Pride? I think this year’s keynote speaker is Senator Risa Hontiveros. And I think, she holds the highest government position out of all the speakers we’ve had in the Pride. Yes. Because for the past Prides that I’ve been to, there weren’t people of position who went up and spoke. Well, there were personalities, but not the ones considered as A-list. And we don’t have a lot of celebrities who are outspokenly gay. Aside from Vice Ganda. And Boy Abunda. But I haven’t seen them in any of the Prides. Really? You haven’t seen them? Yeah, I haven’t. Interesting. But it’s still a very exciting thing for us. Like this year, we were surprised by Nora Aunor. Yeah, I was surprised that Nora Aunor was there! Do you have big companies here that support Manila Pride? IBM. Telus. American Express. But most of them are multinational companies. I haven’t seen a lot of Filipino ones. Like SM. No, no. Not SM. But I think I’ve noticed Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Commission on Human Rights (CHR) was also there. Commission on Human Rights. But as for the private companies, I haven’t noticed them. Local companies. You’re all welcome to join, by the way. You can all come over. Yeah. Attend Pride. That ends our episode with our special wine and special guest. Straight from Singapore. Thank you for having me. If you guys have any comments and suggestions, just let us know. Just let us know by commenting below. And please follow @bekpackr. Yay! Cheers!


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