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(pleasant instrumental music) – Hi, I’m Hannah, your
friendly neighborhood wine mom and if you’re anything like me you believe a glass of wine at eight PM makes you a better mom. So don’t pour yourself a glass because today we have a
really special guest again, you might recognize him from the last wine pairing video we did. Please welcome Christopher
Webb, our fancy wine man. – [Christopher] Hi. – Hi, welcome back. – [Christopher] Do you want me to just– – Oh, you can just throw it on the floor. So why don’t you tell the people
who haven’t seen you before a little bit about yourself. – As you said, my name’s Christopher Webb. I’m a sommelier at a restaurant in Malibu and my job is essentially
helping people find the wine that they’re going to
enjoy with their meal. – So the last pairing was food and wine and I know that’s what
you’re used to doing. I wanna try some abstract pairings. So tonight we’re gonna do wines to pair with your kids’ crappy behavior. – Wow, okay. – You think you’re up for it? – Well, I’ll do my best. – Okay, let’s go. Okay, so first scenario my
youngest son is about the age where it’s time to start potty training. There would be days where
I’d walk into a room and just be like (sniffs) where’s the crap? ‘Cause there’s poop in this room and I realized that my
son’s choice pooping spot was the corner of my closet. And that scent just lingers in your house. – Like poop-pouri. (laughs) – So what I’m asking is what
is the best wine to pair with my son crapping in the closet? – Well this is gonna be by
far the strangest pairing that I’ve ever done. The first thing that comes
to mind is aromatic whites and one of them that
has the strongest aroma is called Moschofilero
which is a Greek white wine. And the cool thing about Greece wines… – Nice, thank you. – Smell like rose petals
and lemon, citrus. – I smell shit blocker. Am I doing this right? – Well, at some point you
can actually drink it. – Oh, we’re doing that, that thing right? (slurp) – There ya go. (slurp) That’s pretty good. Does your son really crap in the closet. (classical music) – Oh yeah. So next, because we haven’t
gotten personal enough. When parents want to have
alone time we call it talking. You have to schedule them. It’s like a huge ordeal. Like we will plant the kids on the couch, turn on their favorite TV show, spread out a smorgasbord of snacks, and then it’s like alright
let’s go, go, go, go go. We got 10 minutes, like– – No pressure. – The four-year-old now, even
though we will lock the door he knows how to unlock it. So is there a wine that
can restart the romance after our son has walked in on us? – When I think of romance, the first thing that comes
to mind is like champagne or sparkling wine. Actually one of my
favorites is Franciacorta, which is essentially an Italian champagne. – Do we need different glasses for this? – Well traditionally you
serve a sparkling wine, champagne, Franciacorta– – In paper cups. – Champagne flutes. (laughs) – These are never used in my house. I’m not above drinking
wine out of paper cups. Wait, you have more than me. – Oh, yeah let’s switch. – Hold on, okay. (classical music) (satisfied exclamation) – That’s nice. Maybe like a hint of almond. – Almond? – Yeah. – How do you taste that? How do you like train
your tongue to taste that? I mean, when my husband
comes home tonight, hello. To Matt, you’re gettin’ lucky. Next, there’s something
that happened the other day. I just didn’t quite know
how to deal with it. We were in the elevator,
it was me and my oldest son who’s four and he just talks nonstop to anybody who will listen. He turns to this woman
who gets on the elevator. He looks her dead in the eyes and is like, “You know my mom takes big poops.” (aggravated exclamation) So is there a wine that’s
gonna pair with my child over sharing information
with complete strangers? – This is gettin’ weird. (laughs) Well this one might be a
stretch, but I’m gonna just say that maybe you need to add a
little sweetness in your life. I know what I turn to on days like that. I love Riesling. It’s got some really nice qualities to it. Traditionally with Riesling
you’re going to get a lot of like stone fruit and minerality. – I just got it all over. (happy exclamation) It’s like a stronger juice. But this is really delicious. And for the record, I
don’t take big poops. (smacking) Get pumped. Next, every parent has a
worst nightmare of parenting. That’s something like you’re
gonna need a code red wine on hand that’s just like this is it, this is what makes me feel better. – Like break in case of emergency. – Exactly, like a fire extinguisher. What is a wine that could pair with a parent’s worst nightmare? – Well, what would be
your worst nightmare? – Where do I start? Arrive at your destination in the car, take the kid out of the car seat, smear of poop all over the car seat. Bloody noses, lice, the
biting phase, sleep training, kids handing you their boogers, Caillou. – What’s Caillou? – Oh, you don’t wanna know. – Okay, it sounds to me
like you need something that’s very drinkable, something
that is maybe easy to pair with any kind of food. – Are you gonna say what
I think you’re gonna say? Rose! – Rose. – Rose all day! Aka the chug course. – No. – Cheers. Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug. You’re no fun. Last, and I’m saving this for last because it truly broke my heart. I was out here on the
couch doing some work. My son was in his room and
he had gotten into my purse and emptied my makeup bag and took my really expensive foundation, which is the last thing that I actually spend money on for myself, and he had squeezed the entire
bottle out onto his floor and was finger painting in it, really? So is there a wine that
will pair with the fact that your kids ruin every
nice thing you have? – Well it sounds like you’re
looking for inexpensive wine. I think the least expensive
wine I can think of is boxed wine. – Do you have some? – No, I mean nothing against it, I just, I would never– – I feel like I have some,
I probably do, hold on. Okay, I have a surprise. (ripping and tearing) – I don’t think you’re supposed
to tear the whole thing off. (laughs) Hold on, it’s like a waterbed. (sloshing) Should we just pour it into our mouths or pour it into a glass? – I don’t see the difference really. – Oh this looks nice, nice color. Should we swirl? Do you wanna chug this one too? – I don’t even wanna drink this one. – Hey fancy wine man, what
are the notes of this? – I feel like that’s like what the inside
of a glow stick tastes like. – Yeah no, I don’t need new foundation. Do you wanna take this home? – Nah, I’m good. – So that’s all I got for today. I’m Hannah, your friendly
neighborhood wine mom. Just wanna remind everyone
that we had a lot of fun pairing wines with kids’ crappy behaviors but we’re not promoting wine
as a crutch for motherhood. Everything in moderation,
everything in good fun. Thank you so much to Chris
for coming on the show again. If you want to find
him in the interwebs… – @topherwebb on Twitter. – On Twitter? – Twitter. – So I really wanna see your
worst parenting nightmares in the comments. Share if you’ve experienced
any of these other things that I’ve talked about. And as always, if you have a topic that you really want to hear more about, leave that in the comments as well because I love doing
what you guys wanna see. Until next time. (classical music) (belch) – Are you jealous, you can’t burp. – No. (laughs)


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