Wine Masters S1 EP3 Preview: Bordeaux

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[church bell] [man] If you ask a Chinese, if you ask
a SouthAfrican, if you ask… I don’t know… an Argentinian, “Can you give me one place in the
world where they make great wine?”, it will be Bordeaux. The highest-priced wines coming out
of France are coming out of Bordeaux. Bordeaux, particularly at the top end,
does not offer great value for money, it has to be said,
because the wines are in demand. They’re traded.
There’s a secondary market for them. And prestige as well. [man] It’s your brain.
It’s your feeling. It’s your… soul, which make finally
also the style of the wine. [woman] When I was seven or eight,
I was running across the vineyard next to my grandfather, to my father. And I told them at that time, I’d love
to be part of the family business later on when I’m a grownup. My grandfather started
at the Grand Cru Classé in 1954. Then my uncle and father managed
to bring the estate to the next level. Now it is our job to maintain it
and to make more. I did a lot to make Angélus
the iconic wine everybody knows now.

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