Wine license allows New Castle shop to sell more than 400 types

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“THE EASE THEY CAN GET THE THINGS THEY NEED WITHOUT GOING CRAZY.” Grocery stores in PA are finally allowed to sell wine… If they get a state permit. One New Castle store owner claims to have the FIRST permit in Lawrence County… And he’s already seeing an advantage. AND as 27 First News reporter Molly Reed found out… his customers are enjoying it too. You can add “wine” to your grocery list now if you live in Pennsylvania… That’s if you live near one of the 1000 stores with the Wine to Go license. “I BOUGHT ABOUT THREE TO FOUR BOTTLES OF WINE IN THE LAST MONTH.” “WE’VE HAD THE ABILITY TO SELL WINE HERE FOR ABOUT A MONTH.” And in that month…Dan Falcone’s Shop ‘n Save in New Castle has racked up 400 different varieties. As with the store’s beer sales, Dan says the store has to meet requirements to keep the license. It has to also sell prepared foods…which he does through its Confetti café. “WE HAVE SEATING FOR AROUND 60, I BELIEVE THE LAW SAYS ANYTHING FROM THIRTY SEATS UP CONSTITUTES A RESRAUNT AND OF COURSE YOU WANT TO SELL MEALS.” “THERE ARE SOME RULES LIKE EACH PERSON CAN ONLY BUY THREE LITERS OF WINE AT A TIME. SO SINCE MOST REGULAR BOTTLES OF WINE ARE ABOUT 750 ML YOU COULD GET FOUR BOTTLES OF WINE.” A big plus for shoppers… Supermarket alcohol sales are based on the times THE STORE is open. Not the state stores limited hours… “JUST FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE, THE EASE, YOU KNOW THEY CAN GET THE THINGS THEY NEED WITHOUT GOING CRAZY.” “THAT’S NOT GOING TO TAKE AWAY FROM THE FACT THAT YOU STILL HAVE TO GET YOUR WHISKEY AND SPIRITS AT THE STATE STORE.” “RIGHT NOW IN MERCER COUNTY THERE’S ONLY TWO STORES THAT HAVE THE WINE TO GO LICENSE AND THEY’RE BOTH GIANT EAGLES IN HERMITAGE.” “IT’LL DEFINITELY BE A WONDERLUST FOR PEOPLE IN PENNSYLVANIA.” In New Castle Molly Reed WKBN 27 First News

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