Wine Information : Wine & Cheese Pairing

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The love affair between red wine and cheese
is historic. Great selections for cheese would be a nice Tuscany, or perhaps another Bordeaux,
from Saint Emilion. However, if you’d like to step out of the box a little bit, this
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc works perfectly with cheese, as does this California Chardonnay.
Either way, cheese and wine is a definitely winning combination. If you’re pairing a sharp
cheese, like a cheddar, or a parmesan or something of that nature, you want a big full-bodied
red wine with some earthy quality to balance out the nutty flavor of the cheeses. If you’re
using a cheese like a triple creme or a brie, you want something with a nice mineral content.
You could even go so far as a white wine to cut through that fattiness of the cheese and
make that flavor fully enjoyable.

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