Wine Guardian Ducted Systems

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Wine Guardian ducted wine cellar cooling units
are the quietest, and most reliable, and most versatile cooling systems on the market. Ducted cooling units provide temperature control
for properly aging wine in a variety of wine cellars, whether you are storing in a residential
or commercial wine cellar. The Wine Guardian ducted system can be located
outside the wine cellar in a mechanical room, crawl space, or other area with sufficient
venting area, and delivers conditioned air via ductwork through supply and return grilles
to the wine cellar. The result is a quiet, vibration-free wine
cellar with no obtrusive equipment taking up valuable racking space. Ducted self-contained wine cellar cooling
units are systems that contain the evaporator coil, fans, compressor, condenser coil, and
controls. The multi-panel design of Wine Guardian units
allows for easy installation and serviceability. Wine Guardian systems can use up to three
remote sensors to calculate the average cellar condition for better overall wine room temperature
and humidity control. Our units can be equipped with a wide range
of options depending on your application including an integrated humidifier, components for either
low or high-temperature operation, integrated heating, or adjustable settings for cabinets
or rooms set for serving temperature. Wine Guardian cooling systems can also be
configured for water-cooled systems, and some units can be configured vertically for use
in locations with a small footprint. With Wine Guardian ducted systems, you create
the perfect environment for preserving your fine wine. To learn more about Wine Guardian ducted systems,
contact us today.

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