Wine Education 101: Jon Bowen describes Carignan

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Carignan is a variety, a pan-Mediterranean variety, so from Southern Spain, up around the Spanish coast to the south of France, down the edge of Italy and into Sicily. I think its origins are Spanish, its very widely planted and a vine that is very vigorous, it grows
straight which you see so many bush vines; it doesn’t need trellesing Big leaves; big bunches, depending on the clone but generally speaking its that, It gives very deep colored, powerful, tannic red wines when vilified traditionally By traditionally I mean, destemmed, a certain amount of time on skins, and pumpover – a classic fermentation. It has several notable features which i think they’re
useful notably its acidity. So it’s a great balancing element to a lot of blends. Greanche doesn’t keep acidity, Syrah doesn’t keep acidity, so it is makes a great monument it stands very
well time as well so we have come out beyond the freshness
its aromatic character is us that on the one hand it has this this
hurdle side I hope someone to speak to recently said they open pick up on a almost to
him character to it as well which is quite
interesting is you have to who going into into raisins like the for medicinal site which is which is
absolutely true countries a and beyond that you’re going
to have what I notice a citrus character so and a very very very it a almost
guaranteed associate white lines which is particularly interesting in a
red wine to hear favorite wine exact lighting element it
is very important and finally even when you pushed the maturity over
it before harvesting you don’t end up with
a huge huge up holes I’m so you’ll be you’ll be talking out
at 14:45 can go I have the Camry for equivalence maturity international
period 18 degrees so these are all elements that that it can bring to them
to stand on its own is is very complete Friday funny when I was
thing is that s been there a long time physiologically
is already proven its worth which in these times is global was
released the would

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Tom Casten

Aug 8, 2015, 1:50 pm Reply

Thanks for knowledge of carignan.  We tried John's St Croix Carignan and found it as described, nice change from better known reds, lower alcohol.

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