WINE DEX-CHA with Furtune Rides the Rain || Food for Taylor – Basic Skill for Chef || Durango WL SW

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This video Lony will discuss the DEX and CHA buff food in accordance with Lony’s promise to an audience in this channel To add to the appeal of this video, Lony will make DEX and CHA food by adding a green buff The buff that Lony will use is luck driving rain, usually appearing on agricultural fruit and vegetables Because the food that Lony is going to make is wine, the buff driving the rain that Lony uses is what is in the fruit Enjoy watching Wine itself can be learned at the ability to cook with level 50 The first thing to do is prepare the main ingredients of wine in the form of three fruits, with one fruit having a lucky buff driving a rain Boil this fruit to break down the saturation value and at the same time increase the duration of the effect when it becomes food Since most fruits have two processing opportunities, the fruit can be boiled twice After the fruit has been boiled twice, the fruit is ready to be made into wine Surely some of you will ask, why does Lony prefer boiling rather than steaming To answer that, Lony has prepared a video in the top corner of your screen To make wine, you need 3 pieces One yeast As well as using a container But the most important thing is the one you have to make wine is a barrel (you can find it in the rest of the warp or you can buy it in the market) Furthermore, the rest just make the winenya Time to make wine is 1 hour The result turned out to be only one wine that received a buff derived from the luck rain buff This lucky buff will increase the value of success from the work that you do related to production activities Aside from being a production luck buff, sometimes this buff is a luck in collecting, so it’s not always a production luck buff The cooking process has not finished here, there is still a process that must be done This wine then Lony BBQ to increase the value of DEX and CHA buffs which initially only 46 (The result will be 50 or 55 if perfect) Lony gives an extra buff at the end, because Lony follows the principle of cooking using spices correctly (the video is in the upper corner) For seasoning, Lony uses honey because honey will provide an extra buff of CHA and DEX together You can see more details about the spices in the video that appears above After the BBQ the buff from wine will be 50 or 55 if the results are perfect This time the video, if anyone wants to ask or want to request a video about Durango, please write in the comments. Bye bye


Bhumi Bisht

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I play this game also and i love it.

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yuni sriwahyuni

Oct 10, 2019, 2:07 pm Reply

Ini yasit 04 bagus vidio nya mksh udh beritahu isi buff hijau itu

Alfian Gaming

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Makin mantep aja ni kakak Lony
Semoga berhasil di rana internasional.

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Apa gue aja yg gak pernah dengar atau baca ni channel untuk nyuruh penonton like atau subscribe?


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Gracias Lony,, muchas gracias!!!!😘😘😘

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