Wine couple nails

By Brian Lemay No comments

Gooood morning beauties!! today we paint… a wine couple:)) Skin color and liner and we create the first figure starting from the head. on the right side, another figure, lighter than the first one. and we underline it with the skin color. Index:we create the second figure…striping brush and we paint the head,the arms and the body that follows a glass shape. ring finger:the third figure. We create it with the striping brush. below, we create the second figure:we paint the head, an horizontal line for the shoulders and the arms. we go down for the back. thumbs:we create a glass with the wine. We mix red and a little point of black and we color the women’s dresses. We mix yellow and a little point of brown and we color the men’s dresses. With the same colors we paint the hairs and , with yellow and red, we create some light points. With a grey not too dark we create the glass around the figure and, with white, some light points. pinkies:some grapes. We create some dark violet points, then some lightest and some light points with the white. a coat of gel effect top coat and voilà. see u next time:))

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