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[Music] So, it’s kind of hard to find in this
room because it’s really a concealed type system. If you focus up to the ceiling, we’ll
see that it is a WhisperKool Series 8000 ceiling mount. We didn’t really have a way to duct
out of the wine cellar just based on the footprint of the wine cellar. So, this is a [] unit
which has the condenser located outside and there’s a line set coming into the evaporator
which sits in the ceiling. And so, that helps prevent having to have a wall-mounted system
where you would lose racking capability, so having it up above really made sense in this
application. The WhisperKool Series 8000 split system — the
evaporator is inside the cellar there’s a line set running from the wine cellar to the
exterior enclosure here, which is the condenser [Music] In this application, we had a place
where we could duct the wine cellar to, however, it would have been a lot of demolition and
high installation cost. So, with just the split system where that line set does this
run through and it’s a ductless split, it just made better sense financially to utilize
this application. Within this application, this split system ceiling mount comes in three
sizes — there’s a mini split series — a 4000 split series that goes up to about a
thousand square feet, and then this one because of this application can handle a lot more [Music] [Music] This is a Wine Guardian unit
— my purchase is also from Harvest. That’s why the wine cellar had to be sized the way
it was because this is the biggest unit, I believe, that you can do it through the wall,
otherwise you have to get into a more complex kind of cooling system. And this is very easy
to install just nice to the wall with a dedicated circuit, and this room is 1500 cubic feet,
so that’s the limit that this guy can handle. It keeps the room like I said 57 or 58 degrees
Fahrenheit, and keeps it about 58 59 percent relative humidity [Music] So, this is a Wine Guardian split system.
It’s a quarter-ton SS025 as a series. his room was unfinished, so this is a temporary
ceiling in which to create more space in the mechanical adjacent room instead of having
it on the floor or 8 inches off the floor on the wall on the opposing side — decided
to place this drop ceiling in such that they were creating enough space for the unit to
be able to breathe along with the into the other area of the mechanical room. So, this
would be the supply which is perfectly located on the back top side of the cellar and returned
at the front side. You have the thermostat on the wall here — chose to not have an outside
of the cellar, this is standard with any wine Guardian product. You have the ability to
have an option of an interface control thermostat which would actually be able to be installed
anywhere in the home, typically right outside the cellar but up to within 50 feet. So yes,
the returned is below the thermostat here, near the entry door. Over your head on the
back left is the supply, and this is the Wine Guardian thermostat. It does come with the
system — you also can get a remote interface controller as an option if you like the third
step to be installed outside of the cellar. As a matter of fact, you can install up to
50 feet away with the cord that comes with that obviously longer if if you want to have
a another 50 foot cord attached to that. Most of them either installed in the cellar or
right outside of the cellar.

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