Will alcohol help her orgasm?

By Brian Lemay 3 comments

That’s good. What, we’re recording? Oh hey guys, Chase Julius here. And in this video, I want to talk to you about
alcohol and whether or not it affects female orgasms. And I bring this up because I get asked this
quite a bit, believe it or not. So a lot of people will bring up alcohol in
regards to will it help, will it inhibit female orgasms? And the answer varies because it depends on
the person, as usual with a lot of things. However, I wanted to bring up a couple points
about it because the reason a lot of times people bring up alcohol is because they talk
about it in regards to her mental state, right? And so the state that a woman needs to be
in in order to orgasm is a very present, very calm, very uninhibited, let-loose type of
state. And so a lot of people will start to think,
hey, does alcohol help you get there? And the answer is yes and no, and I say that
because you, you know, are out with a woman and she has a couple glasses of wine, she
can get very turned on. She can get very in-state, right? She can get very close to that state, but
there’s a fine line where if she goes over, you know, a couple of drinks it can start
to work against you. If she’s already highly orgasmic, if she’s
a woman who can orgasm very easily, it may not matter at all how many drinks that she
has. She may be able to have squirting orgasm after
squirting orgasm, even when she’s really drunk and that may not make a big difference. But in context of how people typically ask
me, and that is usually if, you know, would it help if I give her a couple glasses of
wine before we go out and try some techniques? I say, go ahead and try it out but don’t rely
on it, you know? It may help her get loosened up to experience
that, and be able to understand what it’s like to be a little uninhibited, and that
might help. But it’s so easy to go over the edge, and
make her very tired, make her very numb, or, you know, she just may not react in the same
way had you done some other things to get her to that state without using a crutch like
alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with alcohol. Obviously, I enjoy having a drink. I love beer and that’s all great. But relying on it in order to give her an
orgasm, I would not use that as your tool, and I wouldn’t try to use it too much. Otherwise, she may rely on it to get to that
state, and you really want her to be able to just relax on her own. So yes, a couple drinks can get her very turned
on and relaxed, but there is that fine line. Go ahead and experiment with it. It may help, it may not. Just don’t rely on it, and that’s what I think
about alcohol and whether or not it will help or inhibit orgasms. It just really depends on…just be careful,
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Galadima Lugs

May 5, 2017, 11:04 am Reply

Great job JJ, U are a sex god! I read this post from a woman called Sera Hepola, a woman with great sexual experiences with alcohol. Everything you said agreed with hers.

Spiritual Warrior

Apr 4, 2018, 9:34 pm Reply

I love beer to delicious! mmmmmm

Michael Brown

Jun 6, 2018, 3:55 pm Reply

Jason …. I recently watched your videos on you tube and all I can say is you totally changed my view on sex …… amazing ….. I'm totally sold with your teachings ..I used one of your basic teachings and o man let me tell u , it worked x10 .. call me one of your official students from here on out …… going to be purchasing your videos and look forward to what info your going to supply me with …. and best of all , I can help others achieve these amazing skills and spread the word …. I will be definitely be telling people about you ….And was also wondering if there was a email address I can contact u with to ask you questions that come up in the future …… . Thanks again Jason …..one love

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