Why Is Soda Bad For You? – Poison In A Can

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Sometimes it’s just the little things
that we do to our body that tips us over and puts us into a chronic health
problem and this is actually about poison in a can, what Soda pop does to
your body. Hey everyone, Dr. Jason West. In today’s topic we’re gonna talk about is
poison in a can or how to really really make yourself sick, because the reason
why people get sick is they’re around too many toxins, too many bad stuff that
goes in their system and the biggest source of that is soda pop consumption.
So let’s kind of talk about that. I have three, well four, actually five big
concerns with soda pop consumption and the first one may not be what you think. Everybody thinks it’s initially at the sugar part or the high-fructose corn
syrup and actually I’m more concerned with artificial sweeteners, I think that
those are really detrimental to your health, especially if they’re stored for
long periods of time in a warm or semi-warm environment because, for instance
like aspartame, we know that there’s about 92 different conditions associated
with poor health and it can break down and develop into methanol, like wood
alcohol and so that can be really really be detrimental to your health. So artificial
sweeteners are tough tough tough on people. I think you’re way better off if
you drink soda that you drink then the normal stuff versus the unleaded, but the
normal stuff isn’t that great either. Did you know that the average American
drinks about 55 gallons of soda pop per year? And someone’s getting my share
because I don’t drink it, so someone’s getting way way more than 55 gallons and
the average soda pop contains 10 teaspoons of sugar and may contain
between 30 and 55 milligrams of caffeine. So it can be associated with sugar
imbalance problems, a diabetes risk factors, tremor heart problems, breast
lumps skin conditions and I jokingly tease people in office if you’re gonna
kill yourself by drinking poison in a can, why don’t you do it faster by drinking
some antifreeze or some motor oil in it? And it’s probably inappropriate joke or
comparison but there’s major severe side effects from drinking that much
carbonation. One of the biggest concerns we have if you just talk about balancing
biochemistry equations, there’s acid in a soda pop can, the reason why its acids
because that’s what gives us the staying or its pop and if you put acid into
your stomach, which is an acidic environment, in order for your body to
alkalinize we have to borrow minerals and vitamins in from the tissues and put
it into the stomach to alkalize all the acid in there, it also has the tendency,
soda pop drinkers typically lose their taste for fruits and vegetables. It does
this funny thing in the system where you just aren’t appealing to eat natural
fruits and vegetables and that more natural that you eat, more alive foods
that you eat, the more alive you are. So we have the concern with artificial
sweeteners with sugar we also with the acid and then also coloring. I see a
tremendous amount of people that have food sensitivities are reacting to the
food coloring then they’re putting in the soda either to make its brown color
or it’s yellow color or rich orange color and those food colorings are not
healthy for people that have toxicity. And we’ve got all these toxins in our
environment, we have herbicides, we have pesticides and one of the things
that I tell people is, you should only eat food that spoils, you should just eat
it before it spoils, and what I mean by that is if the food is breaking down and
it doesn’t last very long out on your counter, it’s actually pretty healthy
because if you put a food out there that lasts forever, little bugs aren’t going
to eat it and we’re just a bigger bug, and when you see foods that last forever
they’re typically load full of insecticides and because the
food industry doesn’t want to try and market insecticides – because who would
want to eat that – we actually change the name and we call those food
preservatives, but a food preservative is an insecticide so to have a really
long shelf life. It’s not healthy chemically, it’s not healthy from an acid
standpoint, from a food coloring standpoint, from artificials standpoint
and also if you put acid in sight type of some type of metal container, my
concern is that we’re going to leave some of those metal ions into the
beverage and then you’re going to drink it and now you have a heavy metal
toxicity. So there’s a lot better things to drink than soda pop. I do consider it poison in the can. I think there’s better alternatives out there. Many people are
saying, well I can’t stand the taste of juice or water or Gatorade or pickle
juice or lemonade or whatever else it is but we’ve chained our body to be that
way and one of the barriers to healing is people don’t want to get better and
they’re sick and if you’re choosing to drink soda, it’s really, you’re choosing
to not be as healthy as you could be. You’re surviving, you’re not thriving. So
one of the best things I recommend for people is to drink water, you mix it with
minerals, there’s mineral mixes, there’s smoothie, there’s lots of good things
that are out there to drink that don’t have the acid and the caffeine in it. Now
the other reason why people drink lots and soda is because they’re imbalanced,
they’re running out of energy and when they run out of energy they’re looking
for a crutch and some people it’s chocolate, some people it’s caffeine and
many people it’s soda. So if you do some blood tests, you do some hormone tests,
you know what you’re deficient in and you fix those deficiencies. What happens
is you start to feel better and then you’re saying, well I don’t really need
that caffeinated drink in the afternoon or in the morning to get going because
it is slowly poisoning you. There’s a condition called toxic fat syndrome and
I believe that you get the toxins inside the fat cells, it’s really hard for your
body to get them out especially if you’re dehydrated and if you’re drinking
soda, you’re never ever gonna get hydrated. And I was driving on a road
trip not too long ago, I almost drove off the road when there was a rather famous
doctor giving his thoughts on health and he said, if you’re drinking enough soda
or drinking soda, you’re getting enough water because 70 percent of soda is
water, and my response, “Are you kidding?” It takes about two glasses of water to
detoxify every glass of soda. So it is poison in can. I hope you’ll take this
into consideration. Please don’t shoot the messenger. I really, my mission in
life is to help people to be healthy and this is one of the best things they can
do, is to substitute water for their soda pop. Thank you so much for watching
Poison In A Can and giving you some ideas of why drinking soda pop on a
consistent basis is so harmful to your health. If you liked the video,
give us a thumbs up and there’s actually a downloadable report in the comment
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