Why Do We Swirl Wine? and How-to?

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What is up guys? Julien Miquel here of Social Vignerons. Welcome back to another wine video. This is episode number five of
Julien’s 3.5 Minute Wine School, this series where I take some
topics about wine and try to explain them simply, easy to understand, and quite shortly as well. So this three and a half minute wine school has turned out to
feature videos that are a bit longer than three and a half minutes, but today
should be a bit of a shorter example. We are going to be looking at
how and why you should be swirling your wine. So, first, we are going to be
looking at what swirling your wine like this, does, and how it can improve your
tasting experience. So swirling your wine like this essentially… (and I made a video
yesterday about how much wine you should pour… into your glass to allow you to
swirl your wine a little bit better) so go and check this video. I’ll link to it
right up here, for if you haven’t watched it. Once you’ve got the right amount of wine
into your glass swirling your wine… is going to allow the aromas to evaporate
out of the glass. They are going to be dissolved by the alcohol that is
evaporating and because most wine glasses are shaped this way, the flavors
and the aromas, especially the aromas, are going to be concentrated in your glass.
So when you smell wine you are going to be able to… identify more powerfully more notes, different notes that compose the flavor of wine. Secondly, swirling
the wine is going to aerate it a little bit, which is generally also going to
open up its flavors a little bit more quickly. And swirling the wine can apply and
should be applied to any color, pretty much any type of wine. You can do
it on red wine, you can do it on white wine, you can do it even on rosé wine.
Because for all these types of wine, you still want to be able to enjoy them to the fullest
and smell what they have to tell you. So you can apply this to all different colors, all different wines types, with perhaps one exception which
is going to be sparkling wines. You can apply this to different types of
glassware as well, especially wine glassware, even though there are going to
be some normal table glassware… that are not going to be very suitable for doing this, and that’s also why, a big part of why, we use specialized wine
glasses. You want them a little bit narrower at the opening, which is also
going to be able to concentrate more and more aromas. The coupe and the flutes for sparkling wines are really, really not adapted. I will make a
separate video on the topic of which wine glass you should be using
for sparkling wines more specifically. So how to swirl your wine?
Well, essentially, you want to grab your glass by the stem. Again I’ll make a video
on how you should hold your glass of wine. This will probably come tomorrow,
so stay tuned to the channel. You want to hold your glass by the stem
and swirl and swirl this way. You can do it a little bit, if you’re not very comfortable, just start a little bit slower, but then once you get comfortable
you can really do it thoroughly, and really evaporate all that goodness
out of the wine. But you can start really slowly. Try with some water. Practice with
some water. If you’re not very comfortable doing it with your (you always take your strong hand, if you’re right-handed, obviously take your right hand,
and left hand if you’re left-handed) If you’re not very comfortable doing it
in the air like this… Well, it’s ok, it’s absolutely fine to do it
on the table. On top of enjoying your wine much better,
I have also found that. when you swirl your wine at a restaurant,
when a sommelier pours you a little bit of wine and you start swirling and sniffing,
the sommelier generally takes you more like a wine connoisseur
and takes you a little bit more seriously. He tends to spend a little bit more time with you and advice with a bit of a better wine overall. So, only pros
to swirling your wine better. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.
I hope you understand a bit better why… we bother doing that. It’s not to be snobby
or fancy by any mean. It’s simply to… enjoy more, you know, the money that we
put into our wine, so we can make a little bit more out of it and enjoy the experience
a bit further. I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you soon…
in the wonderful world of wine! Cheers 🙂 …and, this is essentially what swirling
the wine is for: concentrating the aromas… so you can smell, and analyze,
and understand, and enjoy… more importantly: enjoy…
your wine better.


Tiges The Winemaker

Apr 4, 2019, 10:34 am Reply

I like these short wine tip videos. Our latest video is up – would love for you to check it out https://youtu.be/mH00rFzUdng


May 5, 2019, 8:18 pm Reply

Can you swirl your wine too much and exhaust it, bringing all the aromas out?

p.s. just came across your channel and this is amazing, so much practical information! liked the chardonnay series, hope there will be more about other common wines. thank you for your job and effort 🍇

Daisy Anderson

Jun 6, 2019, 3:53 pm Reply

Thank you Julien for your lovely videos!! I'm learning so much for my trip to France!!!

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