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– Finish your (bleep) drinks. (gong) (orchestral music) Alcohol. – Whoa. I like getting drunk, I hate hangovers. – Everything hurts. – Try Guys are gonna
try different alcohols and compare them. – We wanna see how different
alcohols affect us. – Four weekends. Four types of alcohol. – Watch out. – [Keith] This is science,
ladies and gentlemen. Barely science. – There’s a lot of myths
about alcohol intake and there are some tips that
you could use to be safer that are based on research. – Chaos. – How’re we gonna measure the
quality of our drunkenness? – One: How turnt are you? Did I say that right? How turnt? – Two: The hangover. How (bleep) do you feel the next morning. – And three: The personal factor. – My third factor is how hungry I get. – I notoriously get wild
and crazy when I get drunk. – When I go out drinking with my wife, we go home early. – How much I talk to girls. (offscreen whooping) Do I… ♫ Havin’ fun with a bicycle ♫ – [Keith] My favorite thing is beer. You can just sit back, drink beer, have good conversations. – [Voiceover] Oh come on. – [Eugene] We decided to move
our drinking to a brewery. – Beer contains more
carbohydrates and calories than some of the other alcohols. – It’s a conversational drink. – It’s so nice. – It’s a drink to be had with friends. – So silly. – It’s absorbed more slowly because the other calories
that’re being worked on. – I wanted to kick off a little steam, but I wanted to take it easy. – I was (bleep) bored out of my mind. Let’s just continue drinking and see where the night takes us. (yelling) – [Zach] This is the
thing that Eugene does is that, when he’s drunk
he just (bleep) leaves. – It’s not that I’m bored, it’s just that people are boring. – We’re his friends. – We’re his friends and playing Jenga. – (bleep) Jenga. (bleeps) – [Keith] Ned was barely drinking. – [Ned] I’m turnt city. – [Keith] He wasn’t drunk, but he was so like, drunk. – I feel hammered. – Keith’s hunger factor was good. – [Keith] I get hungry guys. I love to eat. – [Eugene] Zach had negative girl points. I don’t think Zach talked to
one woman the entire night. And I talked to maybe 50. – [Zach] Beer night
overall, it was okay for me. I didn’t get too drunk, I wasn’t too outgoing, actually, now that I’m
saying this out loud, it was pretty awful for me. But no hangover, hey. – [Keith] Good beer night. – Good beer night. – So we’re about to go meet at Chris Reinacher’s birthday party. – [Ketih] Let’s get crunkified. – To really do the test
to see which would cause the worst hangover, you’ve gotta make sure that
you’re giving the person equal amounts of alcohol in that beverage. – [Zach] That’s definitely
more than a shot. Very scientific. – [Keith] Vodka sucks. It’s just (bleep) rotten potato juice. – [Eugene] But I always associate it with a really hardcore college party. There’s a gong in this house. – Vodka night got crazy. Vodka night got too crazy. – Everyone get in the tub with me. – Binge drinking can be very dangerous and that’s where someone takes
a large amount of alcohol in one day, in one
sitting, or in one evening. (laughter) – I don’t actually know
how many drinks I had. – This is out of control. – Are you guys doing a weird experiment at my birthday party? – Yes. (gong rings) – Everyone take a shot. – Something went horribly
wrong last night. – Vodka, duh. – [Dr.Keith] That’s where
accidents may happen, people’s judgement and their physical
coordination is impaired. – Mango chutney. – I ate four sandwiches. I became activated immediately. – How many girls have you talked to? – [Zach] I have talked to a few. By Eugene. – Where did he go? – [Zach] Where does he ever go? – [Eugene] Goodbye try
guys at house party. – Do you wanna bring them? – [Eugene] They are not
gonna go to the strip club. – Why? I am going to a strip
club, will you guys come? – What, no, we can’t go to a strip club. – Oh God we went to a strip club. – Well I woke up this morning with all of my makeup still on. And this in my purse. On vodka, there’s only
one thing you can do. And it’s go to a mother
(bleep) strip club. – [Zach] Sure enough,
Eugene and Kelsey disappear within fifteen minutes. – We’re super (bleep) cool. – Vodka makes you irresponsible. I drank more than I expected to, stayed out way later than I expected to. Being in a party environment encouraged me to rage
more with my friends. – Night phone. – They took all of my covers. Dogs, stop being dogs. – Quite frankly we don’t know what the underlying
cause of the hangover is. (groans) – I don’t think I drank enough water. – Your thinking and your judgement and your motor skills are impaired. – [Keith] The doggies
keep running on my face when I take my face out. – I feel pretty great. No hangover at all. (groaning) Headed to a workout. – I myself was surprised to find out that there’s a fair number
of automobile accidents that occur when they’re
suffering from a bad hangover. – [Eugene] Do you guys
like sleeping with Keith? – Yes we love to keep him awake. (orchestral music) – Wine makes me want to be fancy. – It’s our third Friday, It’s wine day. – Something we actually do pretty often is we start drinking at the office before we go out. So Zach and I went to the
liquor store next door, bought a couple bottles of red, one bottle of white, because (bleep) white wine. You’ve gotta let it aerate. – Cheers. – Just hangin’ out, let’s relax, destress with some wine. – It’s been a Friday. – It’s been a Friday. – [Eugene] Got some wine at the office, drank there, some wine
at Quinta’s wrap party, we drank there. – Teeth check. And gotta do tongue check. – [Eugene] Then of course
we went to a restaurant. And I felt that that was
where it was most appropriate to have wine. Free bred is like when someone you meet just shows you their privates. – I’ve never thought that. At this point I’m realizing, Man, I’m spending way, way more money. – I’ve just ordered about
$100 worth of food and drinks for myself. Problem two with drinking wine all night. – [Dr.Keith] Wine can make you sleepy. All alcohol is sedating, it’s a sedative. – [Ned] When my wife get’s sleepy, that means it’s time for me to get sleepy. – [Keith] Then I got home and
I think I ate some potatoes. – [Zach] Eugene ditched us, as he is want to do. To be honest, I was pretty grateful for a relatively tame night. – The next morning. – Red wine in susceptible people, can cause a headache. – I woke up with the
worst wine headache ever. – Chronic headaches like migraines, they’re susceptible to headaches and the red wine triggers it. – A relatively tame night. Tame night. – Tequila shots. – [Eugene] The quickest way
to go from point A to point (makes noise) – This is dumb. – [Zach] This is the one
that I feared the most. It’s a double. – Watch out. – From a biological perspective, you’re gonna get a faster effect and a slightly greater effect from a single shot of hard liquor as compared to wine and beer. – I have to go to the airport and I think I’m still drunk, oh no. – What a time. – To mistakes that will be made. – We had tequila shots and put little dots on our hands. – [Zach] We’re dancing, all in my living room with my dogs. Four shots in a little over an hour. I don’t feel drunk yet,
which is the problem. – [Dr.Keith] It’s easy
to get in over your head pretty quickly with shots. – I didn’t feel anything
and now I feel a lot. – [Keith] The more I think about it, I think all we did was
take shots and dance. (upbeat electronic music) – Maximum amount of alcohol intake that’s considered healthy, no more than five drinks in
a 24 hour period for men, and no more than four drinks
in a 24 hour period for women. (inaudible yelling) – If you feel like you drank so much that you don’t remember what happened, or you’ve done things
that you later regret, those are some of the warning signs that suggest you could have a problem. – I realized that because
of the way I party, I didn’t really know what happened with the other three
guys the other nights. Hey guys, I’m gonna try something for the first time in my life. I’m gonna drink responsibly. Tonight I’m gonna stay with you three and I’m gonna help you all
achieve your objectives. – This was the first night
that I’ve ever gone out drinking with Eugene that he actually was like, “You know what, I’m gonna
hang out with you guys.” – Don’t drink so much,
have a little water, and you could help one of your
best buds get some action. – Zach is totally makin’ out right now. – She’s got two cats. Yo, my friend Zach likes cats. – I’m not the kinda guy
who’s gonna kiss and tell. – His tongue was just
plunging in her throat. – Ned is giving money to the go-go dancers with his wife’s support. – [Ned] I’m not good at this. – What happened by the end of the night? – We’re headed home, gonna
catch a plane tomorrow. – Then the best part of all. I am so happy. – Burger. – But the objective to be
there with your friends and have a good time really changed the type
of drinking night for me. – Eugene went home,
we’re the real partiers. – We are the winners. (inaudible yelling) – I go and pee in Zach’s house, we have one last goodbye, and then I take my uber home. – Keith will leave, so I win, I’m the winner, I’m the best drinker. Goodbye Keith. I did it, I’m the best drinker officially. Hey, it’s me in the mirror. (groaning) – Good morning hangover. – Oh my God I’m melting. – Why am I awake? – I have to go to the airport and I think I’m still drunk, oh no. – Pretty usual, I feel fine. – 0.012, I am still drunk. – I feel even better because
I remember everything, and I stayed with my
friends the entire time. – What I’ve learned through
this entire experience is that alcohol is poison
and my body hates it. – [Eugene] You can get
too drunk on anything. And that’s just not safe. – [Ned] You can have fun without alcohol. – But if you are gonna drink, make sure you’re doing it
in a situation that’s safe. Make sure that you’re not gonna drive. Don’t drink alone. – Drink at your own pace. – Drink responsibly. – Know your limits, don’t push them. – There’s no point in
having fun and drinking if you can’t remember any of it. – Don’t get too (bleep) up. But get a little (bleep) up. – [Zach] DADS are Day
After Drinking (bleep). – [Dr.Keith] The natural
response of the body is to try to get that out. So both ends start to go. – DADS are at like a level ten.

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