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Hello Everyone Welcome to our YouTube Channel “ Everyday Life” on the first day of the new year. A new year is always associated with parties, celebrations and Champagne. Champagne is also associated with victory. Before we continue this video – I would like to make the statement “All Champagne are sparkling wines but all sparkling wines are not Champagne”. You might have understood that our today’s topic is sparkling wine. The people think that the French has invented sparkling wine. However, there are not many historical references for that, effervescent (bubbles) is being created in the process of winemaking. As this is an integral part of the fermentation process. Sugar plus yeast is equal to alcohol and carbon dioxide i.e bubbles. But, the bubbles were being removed from the wine. Then, some winemaker had thought that the bubbles could also be part of wine as its character. But that time, there was no bottle or container that could withhold the pressure created inside the wine due to carbon dioxide. The pressure exerted by carbon dioxide was 3 times more than the pressure of tyre in a car. But, somehow thought of sparkling wine has originated in the brain of winemakers. But, now it was a challenge to make a strong bottle to hold that pressure. In mid 1600, the British had invented the bottle to hold such strong pressure. After a couple of decades, the French had also discovered this technology and rest is history. Every French king and the noble person had promoted Champagne. Now it is so popular that people considered every sparkling wine as Champagne. There are a lot of popular sparkling wines from a different country. But, here we have only 3 sparkling wines from 3 countries. First, we have Champagne. This is the most popular and the most expensive sparkling wine in the world. Often people consider every sparkling wine as champagne whereas a sparkling wine made in Champagne province of France is actual champagne. Champagne available across the globe are made in this province of France only. To manufacture champagne wine has to go through the double fermentation process. The first fermentation produces the wine and after that, the wine from 1st step is blended with additional sugar and yeast and kept for further fermentation to get more effervescence and improved texture and flavour. If second fermentation is achieved inside a bottle just like Champagne then the method is known traditional method. This is also known as methode champenoise. This is Champagne, here this is very little inside the bottle. Also misplaced the cork to this video. Champagne is popular for its aroma and fine bubbles. Here, you can see, brut is written on the bottle and brut means dry. That means this doesn’t have any additional sweetener- very dry kind of champagne. Here, in this glass –if you can see – this has very fine bubbles. Champagne is popular throughout the world for its aroma and fine bubbles. Our today’s second sparkling wine is Prosecco – This is the product of Italy. This is made in Italian province. Here, you can see –extra dry is written over the bottle. Extra dry – it is slightly sweeter than brut. In this, second fermentation takes place in steel vessel instead of the bottle. this method is known Charmat Method Here is Prosecco in the glass – colour and bubble is quite visible in this. That was the information about Italian Prosecco. Our today’s third sparkling wine is Luca- this is Indian Sparkling wine . Here in this glass you can see Luca. You can see on label – it is written as product of India. Taste of Luca is sweet quite like Prosecco. Today we have shared information on three sparkling wine. This is just a glimpse of sparkling wine as making sparkling wine is complex process. Here, we have all pale coloured sparkling wines. Whereas you can find sparkling wines in all colours – pale yellow, orange, pink and red. Sparkling wine has very less alcohol content in it. All sparkling wines available in the market, have alcohol content in between 12 to 13.5 % ABV. Alocohol content is less than wine. Several sparkling wines of various countries are popular around the world such as Cava from Spain, Sect from Germany moscato d’asti again from Italian and various other sparkling wines from Carlifornia, known as Carlifornian Sparkling wine. Sparkling wines are served chilled not by chilling it. Do not keep this inside fridge or freezer/ice compartment, the bottle will explode. Serve it by keeping bottle in a ice bucket. This is served with 45 degree Ferhanheight or 7 degree celcius. Before we conclude this video – we’d remind you with same statement “All Champagne are sparkling wines but all sparkling wines are not Champagne”. And I hope, our today’s information on sparkling wine will be useful in your Everyday Life. Thanks for watching and Keep exploring bubbles of sparkling wine in your Everyday Life.


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