What is Kombucha? Health Ade Kombucha Review Ep. 17

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oh hey welcome back to my channel it is
Brie OCD checking in here with mister I don’t think that makes it sound any
better J Swizzle this is the blue Yeti microphone link is below if you would
like to sound as melodic as us melodic what up SG sup SG to say hello say hi
hi how ah ya so does anybody know all three of you that are on right now if
you’re supposed to shake kombucha it would say shake well I would say no they
a good picture is like we’re shaking it and also it’s kind of carbonate right it
does have a shakin don’t shake it that’s a good point okay so tonight that’d be
great to live we’ll get right into it we’re going to wait
who did anything for Cinco DeMayo anybody I know I went to cima’s
since house we had some was a pork belly tacos and I did work with it some steak
tacos oh my god sure I didn’t even tell you we showed up there and for
about an hour and a half all they were playing was Spanish music Mexican music
oh yeah like mariachi the whole time for an hour and a half I’m like what is
going on around here hey dad dad hey pops
what’s going on man I did nothing I was working I was doing stuff and then I
just wanted to chill I finished this is us I watched I did a marathon I watched like seven episodes over the weekend so first week and I didn’t have any
notary sayings okay so tonight here picked us up
yes tonight we are reviewing kombucha kombuchaaaa we don’t even know what kombucha
is you know is anybody know what kombucha is without looking it up
without looking it up don’t cheat there’s a uh isn’t there like a worm involved or something Scoby
nope are gonna be worms goby so so I’m off the sauce I quit drinking on
Monday which actually I didn’t drink on Sunday so I quit drinking on Sunday
because I have that power lifting meet coming up in four wait we’re not there
yet we’re not there yet there’s a rapper I want to make sure I get something
Powerlifting meet in five weeks really it’s like four and a half weeks from
today I’ll put a card up at the top for my
last week of powerlifting me prep video on YouTube Hey look just like that so we
are four and a half weeks out so I quit drinking so I can focus I also need to
drop according to today a good two pounds well I keep going back and forth
back and forth but maybe once I quit drinking and maybe we cut out a couple
chocolates a couple two tree chocolates and s’mores ice cream I’ll be good to go
oh that’s right am I gonna get down to 105.7 that’s right I’m out see your
chocolate or nothing Parker got it fermented drank so what a
feeling worms compost you know so what kombucha is is fermented green or black
tea oh right so it’s fermented green or black tea has been around for 2,000
years this is what kombucha are you don’t even know how am I just hearing
about this you know everybody in California drinks kombucha but we don’t
drink it I don’t drink stuff unless it’s alcoholic
and I know kombucha has a little bit but it’s cut too little has a point it’s
this is probably nothing but it has like you know like you’re not
alcohol do not shake it says right on it didn’t shake it
that’s way too little they should probably mean is a close one
they should probably make that bigger okay so it’s been around for 2,000 years
it’s a fermented drink made from bacteria and yeast mixed with black or
green tea and sugar the sugar et turns into kombucha with the help of Scobie SC
oby which is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast you get that school
beat symbiotic colony of bacteria oh good put that together I was a
straight-a student uh looks like a bit like a floating mushroom ew nasty good
thing I don’t see what it looks like before i’m drinking I need to know how it’s
made Parker likes those mushrooms those nasty
much I know a lot of people say well we don’t
so it’s made of live bacteria this bacteria and yeast fuels the
fermentation process that sites come bucho apart from other drinks and gives
it that slightly off-putting vinegary smell when you’re sip oh I can’t wait
to try this vinegar oh it does smells like stinky feet oh so tonight we’re
gonna review health ade I asked my friend Ryan carr because she’s the one that suggested we review kombucha which one and she gave me a couple
brands but they didn’t have the exact one she had so I said let me do these
kind of health ades I got him at sprouts two for five bucks
so that’s not bad I mean we’re so jaded nowadays but 250 for this it’s oh it’s
only 16 ounces this thing feels so heavy it feels like it’s more than that it’s a
good jar all right shall i pour watch it yes so are you gonna keep
informing uh viewers of course the resulting bubbly drink off is plenty
don’t blow the whole thing off there’s plenty of health benefits include
improved digestion and immune function thanks to the fermentation process kombucha is
packed with probiotics as well as b-vitamins
enzymes and organic acids it also might help you debloat always a good thing said
that don’t drink too much it can cause heartburn if you drink too much avoid
the alcoholic versions it’s it this is this from women’s health cuz they’re
trying to make you healthy so anyways I’ve never had it I don’t
think I like it I’m not really the whole seltzer fizzy water kind of girl alright
so we have hold on we got the pomegranate so I got I wanted to get the macha berry and
the pomegranate or maca berry well but then I didn’t want to get too berry ones
so I got one that I’m probably definitely not gonna like what orange
carrot and ginger blood orange carrot and ginger and then I got the
pomegranate which I do love pomegranates so this is the Health ade kombucha
you can find this you can find this at whole foods
apparently whole foods has a whole shelf so this has 40 calories per 8
ounce so it’s got 80 calories in the whole bottle 9 grams of carbs per
serving no protein only a little bit of sodium we should
put this in my wine glasses so you feel like all fancy but no go on
all right I’m going in for the pomegranate it stinks like vinegar I
wish I didn’t read that that you have the loudest trachea of all mankind
no you have it all self-conscious about that now because every time I sip and a
notary signing I’ll be sipping out of my water bottle and I can hear it gulping
down I’m like then I gotta say something to that point my husband says I still
out and then so that they’re not like oh that girl’s sipping loud you got me all
self-conscious really to our viewers could have heard that thru microphone
it’s cuz I get the microphone this blue Yeti microphone did anybody hear me
gulping I’ll take another is like some slime in there
just it’s supposed to be his probiotic it’s the fermentation process I thought
he’s good smells terrible are you supposed to eat that you’re supposed to
drink that loogie in there I don’t know I like that one I wouldn’t say I’m gonna
buy this again but I like just because I don’t already know what it does for me
it doesn’t give me a thirst quenching because it’s um
fizzy fizzy is that what’s called hey Nick green check it in the green check
it in yeah yeah yeah you know get a get a
napkin okay so that one I would skip what would you give that we know now
this is my first kombucha ever but would you give that out of ten out of
ten compared to believe to like well I guess
7up know like kombucha it’s the only kombucha I’ve ever had let’s try the
other one first okay so that won’t look this isn’t good
however it’s got that fizzy what’s it called like seltzer
like a carbonated carbonation carbonated so take it has a carbonation I’m not a
big carbonation girl so this doesn’t like quench my thirst or anything
however it does taste good if you like kombucha this is a good flavor
if you like floating loogies disgusting all right next up no no no go back to her okay
sorry all right this one knows we’re up girls it’s gonna be a good time on this
amazing race show blood orange carrot and ginger you were trying not to make a
big thing no that’s just what normal people gulp
like it’s not this smells less vinegary you know why because it smells ginger a
so this is the blood orange carrot ginger it’s so loud how’s that humanly
possible that’s not bad either and I’m not a big ginger girl
it’s like this bacteria is probably like they’re going whitewater rafting it you
should orange honks blending sweet in tark for the perfect start this is good
but somebody tell me like when you just drink comes in I like that one somebody
tell me when you do to drink kombucha like when would you just say I want to
come bucho we’re just hanging out with the Bros you know they’re like you want
to go get a kombucha and chill what I guess that’s what I do with being not
come bucho but apparently some have outlived job they can’t because I just
bought it right off the shelf things like one of those things you just drink
in the morning anyway to work but what I get to help you got yeah sure all right
so anyways before oh wait so let’s rate them so what would you rate them now
you’ve added nice one on 10 look at this what uh you know 10 I don’t think that’s
fair I think that’s fair I didn’t like that
one at all you don’t know one but wait till you try other flavors also us
me drink the rest of it why would you try all the flavors and then you’re
gonna well Nick Greene you’e late so you missed late to the party Nick Greene
we’re trying kombucha he’s obviously not drinking I am stopping drinking for the
next five weeks – cool that seems like a long time till June eighth basically
June eighth so after she kicks some bootay she’s
looking pretty jazz like Arnold Arnold no no you don’t I don’t you try I’ll
pump you up I’m good very gingery I actually cultivate the
the liking for ginger what what Jaime I don’t really like to enjoy that much of
that is actually pretty good I’ve been making some recipes like that um chicken
ginger mango rice pot thing and I’ve been putting a little bit a little bit
more and a little bit more ginger in there and you’ve been liking it so I buy
I’m cultivating the taste good what I didn’t know you’re doing this chicken
mango red bean ginger thing Oh tell my sights Ambrose easy calm I’ll put a link
below check it out real soon do you die all right so I give the pomegranate
I’ll give it a six all right I’ll give it a reasonable um I’ll probably only
give it a three and I’ll give this ginger one I’m gonna give that a six –
really what you’re telling me that no differentiation yeah I’ll give the
pomegranate a seven the ginger or six okay so these are the ones if you want
to go check them out if you drink kombucha I mean the flavors not good
it’s like we don’t even know each other we don’t have to have the same flavors
we’re different I’m afraid next thing you know you’re
gonna get a mushroom kombucha and so anyways right before we came on live
what do we do we made a little video sitting right here the Amazing Race
see if we can get on there yep we’re gonna be on the show it’s a guarantee
that if I don’t pick us we’re just gonna go up there and be on it so that I can
become the villain and hence it can be America’s Sweetheart
I’m totally gonna be the villain I get hangry I am very competitive I get
impatient with Gloria over here I don’t take my time to smell the roses I said I
need like a cold word for when I’m acting like a raging biatch so that he
can be like would you say vanilla unicorn vanilla unicorn and then I know
I’m acting like a raging B action I’m not gonna like to see that on the replay
so simmer down but I’m too competitive it’s so slow or I’m like come on come on
come on that’s why I’m indecisive I crush it out there I’m an athlete I’m an
athlete yeah pocker after I do we send it in yeah yeah Park after they pick us
for the show it should be in mouth for 30 minutes or so
well I got a I got a maybe add some pictures of that oh my grandma loved
that show well grandma I feel this event get us onto the Amazing Race I don’t
know if she was like a producer of the show she can do some stuff she’s around
the powerful good so what else I’m prepping for the meets all night
drinking can’t punch yeah that was pretty funny
it was on a roll yes even though he’s late he’s late today
so what else Cinco DeMayo we do The Amazing Race video I thought this is
gonna be a short one tonight do The Amazing Race video what else is on my
list we don’t know we’ve already been on camera for like the last three 20
minutes before this thing we had friends Ricky in Pomeroy in town went to
Cannonball for sushi I drink yeah the sunsets were amazing amazing
sober man Dan I drink too much Kim Crawford stop Blanc on sushi and then I
was over the next day because anything gets
me hung low because we all we throw away so what else you old what else that’s it
ah well the Kentucky Derby stuff we whatever Timmy’s for a party
what’s weird is you know Kentucky Derby let’s say you’re at a Super Bowl party
Super Bowl is like four hours everybody’s talking about the halftime
show it’s a whole deal Kentucky Derby is two and a half and then then what you’re
done there’s BS it’s too short however we did win 87 bucks if you count
the 26 we put in with that 161 bucks well Rick so 161 bucks we need me be on
The Amazing Race because we’re already rich and handy tried to pull it off like
it was all his winnings when I put my name in that same box he was like I want
this I’m gonna go check it was my name too
anyways but I put more money in so that’s it this week working hanging out
working over the weekend too but that’s it he’s a workaholic compound compound
yeah that’s it I got nothing else you have anything oh no I just I’m still
kind of yucky out of the pomegranate kombucha at all
what up still good touching that one you want some stone know what I would drink
this because what do you just drink this for if anybody drinks kombucha please
comment below when when you just feel or need to pick up a kombucha maybe one
house sitting in your what I I guess I don’t drink those so so what is the
other day you do I don’t even think those that often and if you drink those
then maybe you would drink a kombucha instead to get the probiotic gut health
all right all right all right oh no maybe if you have a tummy ache did
I say hi stone I love you too no no I did then as a alright people I
love you all mr. short one today what 18 minutes is pretty good tuned for
car amazing race debut if you guys can write and let
to fill and tell him that you want us on the show this was all because of me no
because Mina tagged me in a post for the auditions in
Rochester in the lilac festival and I was like then I started looking it up
but I’m like you can just send in a video I want to go stand in line I’ll do
all the lines but I don’t want people I’m so fancy you already know if Phil’s
watching this which I’m sure he is he’s one of the six people on right now I
mean how can you resist right pretty awesome
all right guys til next week Wednesday at 6 p.m. well that’s good idea tell us
which brand of flavor you like this is pomegranates not gonna do it hmm okay
composure see ya bye bye

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