What Beverage Contains The Most Caffeine?

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Kris Simpson here from Bodies by Design. I
have a confession to make. I’m a feen when it comes to caffeine. I have 3, 4 or 5 cups
of coffee per day. So what is your favorite caffeinated beverage? Is it brewed coffee,
espresso, black tea, maybe green tea, energy drinks or pre-workout supplements. Here’s
a better question. How much caffeine is in these caffeinated beverages? What beverage
contains the most Caffeine?? Let’s take a look. You’ve got your brewed
coffee with 160 mg of caffeine. Your typical espresso of 60 mg. Black tea 50 mg, green
tea 25 mg, energy drinks 80 mg and the champion, the king of caffeine is your pre-workout supplements
of 135 mg of packed caffeine. This will have you training like my crazy cousin from Cleveland. Now what about that old argument. What contains
more caffeine? Is it espresso or is it brewed coffee? Well it’s sort of a trick question
because you see, in 1 ounce of espresso you’ve got 60 mg of caffeine, and in 8 ounces of
brewed coffee you have 160 mg. Now what if I was to have an 8 ounce espresso? Well I’ll
tell you what would happen. You’d have 435 mg of caffeine. That would have you flying
the red eye flight for sure. So there you have it. The caffeine in caffeinated
beverages and the beverage that contains the most caffeine! On the next episode we’ll be
talking about the good, the bad, and the myths of caffeine. So until then, Kris Simpson,
Bodies by Design. Inspire to aspire.

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