What Are The Side Effects of Energy Drinks?

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It seems caffeinated drinks like 5 Hour energy
are available everywhere you look. Even though caffeine has been thought to keep you awake
and alert, more is not always better. Five Hour Energy shots contain fairly high
amounts of caffeine. Like any caffeine product, these drinks can make you feel jittery, nervous,
and dizzy. Common side effects include a fast heartbeat, a rise in blood pressure, headaches,
and trouble sleeping. In addition, these shots contain the vitamin niacin which may cause
some people to experience flushing (hot feeling, skin redness). This is caused by increased
blood flow near the skin. A small number of deaths have been reported
and associated with energy drinks – mostly from inappropriate use and over consumption.
The FDA continues to investigate reports of illness, injury or death of people who took
products marketed as “energy drinks.” A number of products that combine caffeine
and alcohol have been removed over the years due to safety concerns.
Ask your doctor and pharmacist any questions you may have about 5 hour energy

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