We Tried Cheap Vs. Expensive Wines

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– For some reason I wasn’t expecting them all to be the same color, but of course they’re all similar colors. (jazz interlude) – So we know we’ve done this before, but who doesn’t love wine? – Seriously, who doesn’t? – It’s Ladylike and today
we’re quizzing ourselves to find out who’s the biggest wine expert. – It’s me, I’m the winner.
(party horns whistling) – So Kristin claims that
she’s a boxed-wine expert, so we’re here to challenge her. – Wait that’s not what I said. What I said was, I know
I can tell the difference between cheap vs. expensive
wine, that’s easy. I should probably backtrack
this clip a little bit. – Listen, I’m more of a beer kinda gal. – You will find me at Trader Joe’s in the two-buck Chuck aisle. (upbeat guitar music) – We have to identify the
cheapest, the most expensive, and also the one that
happens to come from a box. And the one that comes from the box could be the most expensive, and it could be the cheapest, or it could be in the middle. – Can you insert the formulas? You are way too well-versed in this and I am going to be put to shame. But I’m fine cause I just came to get tipsy on a Thursday. – I feel so bougie right now. (cash register rings) – So it’s like wine.
– Ooh, voluptuous. (laughs) – My first smell was like cheap, but then like when you taste it, it opens up a little bit. – The more it makes me cough, I think the cheaper it
is and I coughed twice. (cash register rings) – This one seems dense. – This is cheap. – Is it cheap, or do I just hate it? – If it’s not complicated, it’s cheap.
– Cheap. – Ew. – (coughs) I don’t like it. (cash register rings) – This is not a very good wine. But it’s not as cheap as that one. – Are you sure? – They’re both bad. – Cheese. – This tastes expensive. – I was about to say. This one tastes more expensive because I didn’t cough as much and I didn’t cringe as much. – This is the most expensive. Okay I’m gonna do it this way. – I think the Pinot’s most expensive. I think the unknown is middle-tier, and I think the Cab is cheap-o. – The one that you said is not very good but you don’t think it’s
cheaper than this one, I think that’s the cheapest. – Okay you’re right, I changed my mind. This is the most
expensive, this is the box, and this is the middle,
this is the cheapest. – Oh I got it? – It’s a can! I knew it tasted metallic but
I couldn’t figure out why! – This is disrespectful. We sucked at this. – Yeah I think I was pretty wrong, and that’s okay moving onto white where I feel a little bit more confident. (soft rock music) – I’m not as excited about this one. – Oh I’m gonna fuck up the white wines, I can tell you that right now. – This is Pinot? This is Cab, this is mmmm. (cash register rings) – This is the kind of
white wine I say no to. – Why would you say no to it? It’s delicious.
– It’s just too much for me. – What do you mean it’s too much? – It tastes like grapes, if I wanted grapes I
would just eat grapes. But I guess wine is a grape. ♫ But I’m feelin’ warm inside – (laughs) Are you drunk? – I like the cheese. This reminds me of like, Adele’s album 21. – Yeah it’s super buttery,
lots of apples, pears, fruit. (cash register rings) – Oh it smells like urine! – Oh, this is actually good! – I’mma say cheap.
– If it’s cheap it’s good. – See, it doesn’t, water. It takes like water, tbh.
– Nope, it’s bad. – This is up there, this is not. (cash register rings) – This one tastes like literal juice. – Yeah. – If Martinelli’s lost it’s sparkle. Which is good, cause
bubbles hurt my throat. – You learn somethin’ new
every single day folks. – It’s not good. – Which one tastes the best to you? – I mean that one. It looks the best, it smells
the best, it tastes the best. If this is cheap, then
I would like to know what brand it is immediately. – That’s my order. – This is not from a bottle. Oh shit!
– Oh, Damn! She’s a champion, she’s a king! She’s a knockout! – This one is in some sort of vessel. – Yeah. – This is my order, this is
most expensive, middle and end. – Oh shit the alcohol’s 13%? – Ooh 13%.
– Explains a lot. – Okay box. – We got it all right! – See the cheese helped us. – I am actually quite
impressed with myself. – Here’s the thing, like you don’t need to be an expert to understand what’s good and what’s bad. – That’s true. – Cheap versus expensive wine challenge. – Lady-tested. – Lady still loves wine! – And will continue to drink wine. – Forever-ever, ever-ever?
– Ever? And eat all the cheese in the side. – What happens if I just do this? (Kristin shrieks)
We’re all friends here. (upbeat rock music)

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