Understanding Food and Beverage Compliance: Rittal

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From breweries to commercial bakeries,
and wineries, dairy and meat processors… Across the broad span of processed foods,
Rittal’s proven enclosure and climate control technologies offer the
right combination of modularity, cleanability
and durability, to meet the challenges faced by today’s food and beverage
processors. Labor and raw material costs are rising competition and regulations
are tightening and markets are diversifying into a dizzying number of
sub segments and cross segments with shorter and shorter product life cycles. Across
the food and beverage industry, across the globe, Rittal is there. Rittal products are engineered to meet the strict global hygienic standards of the
world’s leading food processing packaging and safety organizations. With
thousands of hours of field proven designs Rittal engineering makes it
possible to rethink the way you design your production systems, now and in the
future. Protecting sensitive production controls and IT equipment is what Rittal
does better than anyone else. With scalable solutions that deliver superior
cleanability, durability and climate control. Rittal thermal management and
environmentally sealed enclosure technologies, help food and beverage
production facilities operate efficiently, meet regulatory standards
and maintain product safety. Rittal’s flagship TS 8 modular enclosure system
provides infinite modular possibilities. With a global installed base of more
than 12 million units and a million more units installed every year, the TS 8 has
become the world’s most widely used modular industrial enclosure. And to keep
interiors at the right temperatures, whether you’re brewing beer or baking
cookies our Blue e+ patented cooling technology provides the advanced climate
control protection for sensitive electronics, while saving as much as 75%
in energy costs. And new to our global line of terminal boxes and compact
enclosures is our hygienic design wallmount enclosure.
Its sloped roof, hinge and door design efficiently moves cleaning fluids away.
Proprietary silicon gaskets and secure seals and door locks ensure protection
for controls from regular cleaning and washdowns required in food and beverage
processing. Rittal Enclosures. Modular. Clean.
Durable. so food and beverage processors can do
it Faster. Better. Safer.

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