Un-Wine’d Recipe: Wasabi Pea Encrusted Salmon with Grilled Pineapple Salsa

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>>I love salmon. And I really loved the
way that Jeff showed us to put the wasabi peas
with the Petit Manseng. It was so delicious. So what I wanted to do today was to make a wasabi
pea encrusted salmon. So I’m gonna take
some wasabi peas and I just wanna put
those in a little bag. I don’t wanna crush them so
much that they make powder, that’s why I’m not doing
this in a food processor. I just want to
kinda break them up. So you can see there
are a few still whole and most of them
are nicely broken and I just wanna
put them in a bowl. And with this, I’m going to
add a little bit of butter and a little bit of lime zest. So I’ve got about, oh, a
tablespoon of softened butter and I’m just gonna put
that right in there. I need this to just give
me a little bit of fat on top of the salmon. And then I wanna take
a little zest of lime. So just, oh, for four
pieces of salmon, which is what the
recipe will be for, maybe the zest of
about half a lime. There we go. Now I just wanna mix that
through a little bit. And I’m gonna take
a fork and blend it, that way I can
cut in the butter. Just a little bit. I can see my bowl’s
not quite big enough for that amount of
peas, but that’s okay. We’re just gonna make it work. Just cut that in until
the butter is blended pretty well with the peas. Now there. Now I can hold it in, all right. So I have here a piece of
salmon and it still has skin on. You can determine
if you want skin on or skin off on your salmon. And I just want to sprinkle it with a touch of salt and
pepper right across the top. And then I’m gonna take
some of my pea mixture and just pack right
on to the salmon. Just like that. And then I’ll bake
this in the oven until it’s your
desired doneness. So some people like their salmon a little less done than others. There we go, just like that. And I’m gonna bake
that in the oven. So I’ve got one all made. And I’m gonna show you what
we’re gonna do with that. So this is my beautiful
piece of salmon. And I’m gonna mix up a
little salsa to go with this to give some great color,
texture, and flavor. So I’ve roasted two
slices of fresh pineapple and then I cut them up
and I’m gonna put those right in my bowl. A little bit of red bell
pepper, there we go. A little red onion. And some jalapeno. And I always like to make sure that I don’t touch that jalapeno because I have a
tendency to touch my eyes which is never a good
thing with jalapeno. Then I’m gonna take
a little olive oil, keeps it nice and moist. And then a little
salt and pepper. And I wanna finish this
with some of that lime. So what I’m gonna do
is cut the lime in two and I wanna juice that. It won’t hurt that I have
that butter right there. That’s not going to damage
anything or get in anything. And I just wanna juice
about half to a full lime, depending on how tart
you like your salsa. We just pull that forward so
you can see what I’m doing. All right, let’s
mix that all up. This is a wonderful salsa. It’s just great with the salmon, because the coolness
of the pineapple and the heat of the wasabi
blends together so beautifully. So let’s put some of
that right on our salmon. You can see how colorful it is. Oh, this makes
such a great dish. Good anytime and
I’m serving it here with this incredible
Glen Manor Petit Manseng. So highly acidic, perfect
crisp wine with this but it has a lovely body
that really yields well to the salmon. All right, there we go. So a little bit of
wasabi encrusted salmon and this beautiful Petit
Manseng from Glen Manor. (upbeat lively music)

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