UK vs USA Beer Challenge with Hannah Hart: Round 1

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Hi guys, welcome to Drinks Tube. I’m Jonny
from the craft beer boys and i’m here with Hannah from my drunk kitchen. Hello! What
do you drink, when you’re in the kitchen? Um, anything that’s available but usually
wine. Er, ever beer? Um, I don’t really like beer but I love America, so maybe I like American
beers. Well we’ll see, we’re gonna put you against the best British, we’re gonna get
five beers from America, give beers from Britain, we’re gonna cover your eyes and we’re gonna
see which one you prefer, American or British beer. May the best beer win. OK first beers
up, it’s an IPA, I need you cover your eyes. IPA, I barely know that A. These are IPAs,
these are Indian Pale Ales. Swish. I’ll start with beer A, smells like beer. That’s a good
but broad start. Beer B, smells like team spirit. Isn’t that a deodorant? Tastes like
beer, what else do I taste? You can taste some melon, you could taste lemon. Ok. Which
do you prefer? I prefer beer A. That was this beauty from Odell. It’s a win for the US.
Kerching. The next one we’re gonna do, it’s a red ale. The red ale you get a lovely red
colour from the malts you use, a caramalt which might suit a sweeter palate. I’m back,
wow! What a pretty beer. That is gorgeous.Tell me what’s on the nose, what’s the aroma? Ok,
I smell… fields of barley. That’s bang on, actually. Singing sting in your head now.
Ok this tastes, or smells lighter, more effervescent, I’ve barely just got no palate for this stuff,
what am I tasting, tell me what i’m tasting. You’re tasting some lovely toasty malts and
then they’ve added a little bit of hops, so you get a little citrusy edge. Yeah, yeah!
You getting that, you feeling that, yeah, I feel I can see it in your eyes. So which
do you prefer? Well I think that beer B is American, so I kinda wanna say that that one
is better but I don’t wanna lie to you and honestly A, A tasted better. You sure you
don’t wanna change? Then that’s one all! Well done Brewdog! From Scotland, beautiful brewery.
Well done! One, one. One all. Game on! It’s pretty, it’s pretty tense in here. I feel
very tense. We’re moving on to our weird beers. Can’t say too much without Hannah finding
out. Tah Dah! I’m back. Hmmm, we’ll this ones got quite the head on it’s shoulders, ooo
it does smell chocolatey, right? or no liquorice. Yes! It’s liquorice. There should be some
chocolate, some liquorice. Chocolate and liquorice. There should be a herb in there. Rhubarb?
Er swing and a miss. No idea, what is that herb? It’s a mint chocolate stout. A mint
chocolate stout, that is delicious. That smells like tobacco or not tobacco but some sorta
like- yeah. Some smokiness in there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I wanna say its some sort of burnt
leaf. Burning is a good word. Eurgh, eurgh. That is… are you pranking me? Am I being
pranked? This is incredibly spicy. It is a bit. Oh my god, nooo. That’s… that’s olive
oil. I know! My mouth is a flame. You can not tell me that somebody drinks that straight
from the bottle. It’s a chili beer, it’s called instant regret. Yeah. Which I think you can
sympathise with. We can, share out the pain. There is no way they make that in the United
States of America. That’s spicier that I remember. That’s not good and i’m voting A, which I’m
hoping is from Gods given country. Well you’re going to be, ecstatic. Yes! Because yes. That’s
right we don’t make things you can’t sell to a mass public audience. Well that is two
one to America. Oh. I don’t think I really ever thought the chili beer was gonna win.
Beer four is a pale ale, technically and American pale ale. So it’s your style but I think we’ve
outdone you. Anything is gonna be better after that chili beer. Well they look almost identical,
ok we’re gonna go with beer A, put it up the nose. Hmmm, interesting, I’m saving my opinions
for the very end. Erm I’m gonna guess, here is my official stance. This one tastes, stronger,
this one tastes more bland. They both pretty much taste the same to me soooo I’m gonna
let you pick. Cos I have no preference. Well i’ve managed to forget which ones which, which
makes this very, very pressured. I pick B for British. Is he right? I don’t know? Yes!
Yeah he’s right. Oh know, foiled again. Camden town brewery, beautiful pale ale, very similar
in style to sierra nevada. Great. There we go, it’s a tie, we’ve got one more round.
Who will be the victor? You thought the last one was a bit fizzy and watery so on that
note lets do lagers! Lager! Woo! It’s the final beer round! Do do loo do! We’re ready
for you Hannah. I’m back. Whaaat? I always thought that lagers were darker because it
remind me of logs. Lagers are lighter. Ok starting with A, mmm, beer, taste, again.
Nice beer or bad beer? Quintessential. Ooo, trying to scare me off with long words. Yep.
Ok this scares like barely anything really. Bring it in deep, don’t snort it though, I’ve
done that before. Erm, this is not good. But this tastes better but I feel like this is,
this is gonna be one of yours. So you’re going for this one. I’m going with A. You don’t
wanna change? I’m going with A. Are you happy with what you’ve chosen? Sure. Which ever
result there is, which is Britain winning! Noooo. Schiehallion! Yes! Nooooo. Three, two
get in there. Ok but what beer was the American beer lager. What? What is the lager? That
was, er this well known craft beer, the world’s most refreshing beer. You set me up. Yes.
And you admitted it! Unbelievable. You have basically given me water in a bottle and your
punishment for winning, is that you have to drink the rest of this. Feeling refreshed?
Tastes like soda water. That’s what you get for cheating. I will never cheat again. That’s
right. Well Hannah, thanks so much for coming and more importantly for losing. I think that
was a rioting success, so anyone that really enjoyed that should go check out Hannah’s
channel, my drunk kitchen. So we should cheers though, with our favourite beers from today’s
proceedings. You were the mint stout. I was the mint stout, I loved the mint stout. I’m
gonna go with our friends at brewdog. Cheers! Wonderful, where can people find you? You
can find us at the craft beer channel or the craft beer boys which is on Drinks Tube. So
come and find us on Drinks Tube or there and have a beer with us. Cheers! Cheers! Yep,
I still like wine but you seem very nice. Thanks.

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