UK sugar levy to target sweetened drinks

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As the United Kingdom attempts to shift to
a healthier diet for its people… grocery stores are preparing for the hit they’re going
to take from a new sugar tax on the soft drink industry. The Telegram newspaper reports that in a recent
study, around half of beverages sold in several major grocery stores will be impacted by the
tax. And consumers of big brands like Coke and
Pepsi… may pay up to 15 percent more for can or bottle.
UK Chancellor George Osborne introduced the plan as part of his budget last month.
The government plans to impose it from 2018 and is expected to generate nearly 738 million
U.S. dollars to fight childhood obesity. Bruce, childhood obesity is a growing problem
around the world, and even in Korea, the rate of obese children has been growing steadily.
But some people criticize the tax, saying their consumption shoudn’t be up to the state. That’s right, Connyoung, one of the main criticims
is that citizens in the UK don’t want a “nanny state” making choices for them. Moderation
is key, they say.

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