Tuscany, Italy: Chianti Wine and Crete Senesi Regions

By Brian Lemay 29 comments

While the Palio takes Siena
by storm just two days a year, the charms of
the Tuscan countryside can be enjoyed all year long. The fortified farmhouses and
castles of the Chianti region are reminiscent
of medieval days, when this was part of
the battlefield where Florence and Siena fought. Today the stony walls
are peaceful, growing ever more graceful
with age. Chianti, with its rugged hills
and farmland, charms visitors with a slower,
more rustic lifestyle. This farmer
prunes his olive trees, employing a lifetime
of experience to maximize the fall harvest. In his vineyard,
as they do each spring, tender shoots are bursting out
of their gnarly vines filled with promise. South of Chianti is
a region called the Crete, where the hills are more gentle. This quintessential Tuscan
landscape features clay hills — the topsoil washed away
by ages of rain and wind — and iconic lanes of
cypress trees, planted to slow that erosion. The dramatic beauty
of the countryside changes with the season,
and with the time of day. In the springtime the rolling fields are
splashed with colorful flowers. The Tuscan terrain is dotted
by rustic yet noble farmhouses. All over Europe, farms are
renting rooms to travelers — now harvesting their rural charm
as well as their produce to help make ends meet. Here in Italy, farmhouse B&Bs
are calledagriturismos.Ouragriturismo,perched on a bluff
overlooking pristine farmland, is perfect for those
who want to settle in and fully experience Tuscany. After enjoying a great day out, the guests gather for
a convivial happy hour. Under the oak tree… enjoying the view… sharing today’s experiences,
and dreaming about tomorrow’s — the relaxing vibe is
a vacation dream come true. It’s a family business as Isabella keeps
the hospitality flowing, while husband Carlo
mans the barbecue. As evening falls, we gather
for a cultural experience. Tonight, we’re learning to make
the local favorite — a pasta calledpici.Isabella is a patient
and engaging teacher. It’s a hands-on experience, and it’s great to have a coach. Isabella: We’ll recognize that.
[ Laughter ] Rick: The kids
take part as well, as everybody’s learning
and having fun. Then, as if a reward for
all the kneading and rolling, we sit down together and enjoy
the fruits of our labor. This is good travel — a crossroads of American
and Italian cultures, eating and drinking together, while creating memories
of a lifetime.


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I love it, OMG take me here

Aaron Explores

May 5, 2017, 3:13 pm Reply

Well put together Rick, can't beat a glass or two of Italian wine with a meal ??


May 5, 2017, 3:14 pm Reply

Wonderful Rick~ I long to go there one day, as well as the Cinque Terre~ I think Italy would be the best county in the world to live in~


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Thanks Foreverything☀???

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Where was my invitation?

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Italy ?? is among the best countries in the world ?

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Italy is beautiful, thanks for sharing Rick 🙂

Daniel Sadjadian

May 5, 2017, 8:27 pm Reply

I know this channel is dedicated to Europe, but can you make another travel documentary about Iran? I watched your old one a while back and really enjoyed it.

Renato S. Yamane

May 5, 2017, 9:07 pm Reply

Hi, can you share with us if you hired a guide (and who is) to go to this region, departing from Florence (1 day tour)?

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you have amazing videos, me and my grandma love all of them ?


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my future home.


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Where can we find full length episodes? I really wish this video was longer 🙁

James Arendt

May 5, 2017, 5:07 am Reply

This is so beautiful. Owing to my condition I will never be able to see the Tuscan country side which I have so long yearned to visit, but this is certainly the next best thing. Subtle and elegant music, peaceful narration, and eye level shots.
Thanks to all at Rick Steves' Europe.

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Hi Rick, how do people get in touch with you, to schedule a trip to Europe. Thank you for sharing your videos.


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Been there, love it, want to go back.

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very nice video, thank you 🙂

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Extremely interesting and informative!

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What is the name of this Agriturismo?

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how much it cost to make my future grave here

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What a wonderful video, well done and thank you for sharing such a comprehensive and interesting one! if you would like watch mine on the 3 different categories of Chianti Classico, please click on my profile 🙂 Salute!

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I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti

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