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Hi everyone, I’m Chuan and I’m Vanessa and this is TSL reviews Mostly water but like everyday – I mean every work day, I have to drink one Kopi Peng Otherwise I’ll just crash after lunch. What about you? I drink mostly water as well, and I’ve been trying to cut out coffee which is what I’ve been Crashing pretty often lately Is that why you’ve been cranky at work? Yes. Yeah, I’ve had to drink some really weird things. There was this one time we had to drink cincalok juice with green food dye Yeah, so it was super smelly and very salty. Oh, yeah, there was this like corn flavored soda. I hope we’re not gonna drink any weird sodas today. Well let’s find out! All right, so we had somebody buy this coca-cola peach from Japan but we have since come to find out that this peach coca-cola is available in Singapore You can buy it at 7-11 for about $2 First of all this is the prettiest coke bottle I have ever seen. It is very attractive looking. It kind of reminds me of Pink Dolphin I I trust that the Japanese will come up with weird things and make it taste good It does smell like peach.
– It smells like Pink Dolphin but somebody added Coca-Cola to Pink Dolphin Yeah, I is actually quite pleasant. It is not too much peach and there is still that undercurrent of Coca-Cola Should we try it? The peach is really faint. When you drink it the first taste you get is still just Coke can’t you still just cool then after you got it down and then the aftertaste you know like It’s like a hint of peach – and it’s not, I don’t know, it doesn’t taste very natural as well It’s actually a bit artificial. It definitely smells way stronger of peach, than it tastes. I’d give this a solid 4 I would give it a 3 because it’s kind of artificial. So the next drink we have is Peach Oolong Tea
– I’m starting to see a trend here And I’m quite excited about this one because it says Less Sugar by the way, you can get this at any 7-11 outlet at $2.70 That’s really expensive It’s pretty high, you got to say I would not pay $2.70 for a bottle of tea. Well, maybe it’s really that premium and it’s that special so we’ll give it a try and find out This smells like peach tea Like the smell of the peach is so strong if you smell a little bit more you can get the bitterness of the oolong You have to look for it. Okay let’s try it. I really like this. I do. I am surprised at how sweet this is because right if you drink normal oolong tea, there is zero sugar. You are just drinking tea Like diluted tea I would rate this a four out of five I would rate this a four out of five as well. This is not a bad drink. Truly not a bad drink. All right, so let’s move on to the third and final drink okay, so this is Capi Cola Okay, first of all the packaging is adorable.
– It looks like a bowling pin just like shorter It looks like a teenager coca-cola It’s spiced and all natural. You can’t be spiced and all-natural at the same time Yeah, is it. It is spicy? What kind of spice is this? Is it like Dr Pepper spice? Maybe like nutmeg, that kind of thing. Product contains caffeine and gluten from barley malt extract
– Is it a beer? I don’t know what this means They include cinnamon bark Cloves, Capsicum and Chilli Capsicum though That’s disgusting Okay, you know what the best part about this? You can get this at RedMart for $3.70 How affordable! I mean that’s a little bit expensive.
– Yeah, it’s pretty steep, and there’s capsicum in it! Just gets better, you know? It does smell a bit spicy. Wait, it smells like Dr Pepper. Oh Wow This tastes more like lemon juice than it does Cola I do not handle sour things well The first taste that you get is like the spiciness like the taste of the cloves, the cinnamon a little bit And then all of it is immediately washed away by a wave of lemon I think this would taste a lot better if you added a whole ton of ice so for people who really like sour stuff This is definitely your drink because it’s very powerful So I would give this a rating of 1 I wouldn’t I would not drink this again under no circumstance maybe even 0. why not just let just give it 0. I’ll never doing it again.
– I’ll give it a 2 It is not made for humans It is not made for humans and it still gets a 2? Because it as actually not that bad It is just very subjective to your tastebuds All in all I really appreciate that these brands are coming up with all these flavors all right and stuff But sometimes the’yre just hit and misses, you know you either get it right, or you get it really wrong Thanks for watching this episode of TSL reviews If you enjoyed this episode remember to Like share and subscribe and check out more of our other videos over there If there’s anything else you’d like us to review leave a comment in the section below, and that’s all from us. Bye


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Yas another video!

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was waiting for a video since 8pm


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Milk Tea and Kopi is bae 😀

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Milk tea squad where ya at??

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Is the theme all about Peach drink today?Hmmm…Or maybe the buyer is a peach lover.That's why?

Belle Suresh

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I can't.Too sweet for me…

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Green tea taste test pleaseeeee!!!


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Sodas need to be drunk cold…

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Love the new yellow background 😍 adds such a nice warm pop of colour


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Should have reviewed the peppermint green tea from pokka


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5:00 i can feel that chuan was trying so hard not to say FIRE PEPSI 😏

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Got mine from Japan, so good.

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which soda doesn't have artificial flavour?

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somewhere in the world is someone who is saying "I am that someone who bought that drink"


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Should Vanessa do an ASMR video?

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Welch's peach soda is much better! You can find it in 7-11 too.

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For those who wants to try the peach Coke. It taste like Peach flavored Coke Zero. Thats my review.

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Vanessa’s voice is soothing! Please make her appears in more videos <3

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Gosh. This girl's reactions are so over exaggerated .

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Vanessa,the ASMR queen 😂😂


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Bruh the peach oolong is like $1 @ stores like NTUC

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Lol for peach oolong in school i pay 1.10 for it hahaha

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ZHSS SELLS THAT AT 1.10 the peach oolong tea LMAO

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Can we do a Singaporeans try to make slime????

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7-11 is just expensive. Just get these drinks at your typical cheap store, probably cost less than $2. 😀


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Is not made for human and is not that bad??? This girl know what is she talking about?

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