Trying LIFE HACKS WITH COCA COLA By 5 Minute Crafts

By Brian Lemay 67 comments

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby and today, I got a new camera. Can you tell? Can you tell? Can you tell? Just the quality looks so good, it’s like I can just see
everything in my face now. I think it’s probably
something only I can tell if I’m totally being honest. I don’t know, I’m excited for it. Anyway with new cameras
’cause new things with cameras and I did something stupid today and it affected the video. You guys will see it later. Anyway, let’s bring on the crafts (upbeat music) Okay, so we got our bowl. We got our cake mix. Coca-Cola. Awesome, we got everything. So it really says to not
add like eggs or anything. That’s so weird. I would have thought you had to add eggs. Oh, don’t explode, don’t
explode, don’t explode! Don’t explode, please don’t explode. Be good. Okay, there we go. Now we add our cake mix. How the heck am I supposed
to open this thing? Come on. There, ha ha. There’s actually a bag inside. Oops, gonna… Oh man, I got that everywhere. Okay, get in there. Whoo! (laughs) Oh man. I should have gotten a bigger bowl. I think I’m gonna add a
little bit more Coca-Cola. Should I be scared? Like is this actually gonna explode on me? Yeah, I definitely should have gotten a bigger bowl for this. Okay, now let’s break
out our Mixatron 5000. Okay, this is definitely not a bad idea. Did I add too much Coke now? Oh my God. Okay, I’m getting another bowl. This is exactly why I don’t
like doing cooking videos because I always have to do
so many dishes afterwards. (gasps) I forgot to wash my hands. Oh my God, that’s so gross. I’ll be right back. Okay, hands are now nice and clean. Let’s proceed with the transfer. Oh, I almost spilled that. That’s scary. Let’s put that over there. And let’s mix it up. Oh, it’s flying everywhere! Dude, this cake is just
screaming diabetes to me. Just gonna put some more Coke in there. Just for a good measure. I gotta say this looks like very, very fluffy cake mix to me. Also I don’t have a cake pan, so it looks like we’re making cupcakes. I also don’t have any cupcake liners but Google said that I can
use this and we’ll be fine so let’s hope Google’s right on this one. I’m gonna go ahead and put a lot. That way I know that it won’t stick. Okay, oh, that is very thick. My goodness. Here we go. Oh, I think I may have put a little bit too much oil in here. Oh my gosh, okay. Mixatron 5000, I need your help. Oh that works so well. Actually. Come on. Get outta there. Something tells me that
this is an awful idea. (smacks lips) Mmm, tastes pretty good! Should I actually make the other half? Oh why not? I need to finish mixing
all this stuff then. I’m making such a mess. Okay, spray the other side. Yup, these cupcakes are
definitely gonna taste like oil. Oh my gosh. I used so much oil. Come on, get outta there. Don’t be scared. Okay, and it looks good. What’s it say I gotta preheat the oven to? So we have pan size and bake time. It doesn’t say, (gasps)
there’s one for cupcakes! Oh my gosh, I’m not that dumb. Okay, 18 to 21 minutes. I like how it was like, do all this stuff and we’re like, nah, we got Coke. It’s fine. I just need to see what I’m
supposed to preheat my oven to. 350 degrees, I should’ve known. That’s a standard! Okay, 350. Now let’s grab our cupcakes. Toss that in there. Well, I guess I’ll see
you guys in 18 minutes. Oh no, I’m supposed to wait
to heat up the oven first. I’m sure it’ll be fine. Okay, I’ll see you guys
in like 20 minutes. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and
take these out of the oven. Oh, did I burn them? Oh man. Okay, we’re gonna go ahead and let these cool down a little bit and we’ll see if they’re any good. Hey Chris, you want a cupcake? – [Chris] Sure. – [Robby] How’s it taste? – Not bad actually. – [Robby] It doesn’t have
any eggs or milk in it. – Oh really? – [Robby] That’s literally just Coke. It, like, doesn’t taste bad. – No, I like it. Pretty good man. – [Robby] So you think it works? – I guess you could say it works. (upbeat music) – Okay, so here is my headlight. As you can see, it’s pretty foggy. See, pretty freaking foggy. Now, we’re just gonna
add our magic Coca-Cola and we’re gonna see what happens. Please don’t explode, please
don’t explode, please don’t… (groans) (tapping) Don’t explode, don’t
explode, don’t explode. Okay cool, we’re good. They did it just like this. Oh my gosh! It actually looks like
it’s getting clearer. What? How? How? No way. That, no freaking way. What? Let’s do a before and this is after. Dude. Okay, so it looks a lot clearer to me so I’m go ahead and say it works. (upbeat music) Okay, so I feel like this
one’s actually kind of wasteful but, here’s our fire pit. Let’s set a fire, boys! (playful music) Now we got to set the fire. Now we light it. Is it gonna light? Why isn’t it lighting? Is this water or something? Isn’t there supposed to
be a big, dramatic boom! Oh wow, actually yeah. That is getting pretty big. We better put it out. Oh, whoo! Whoo! Oh man, okay. Ah! Okay guys, we better put it out. Oh! That got all over me. Ah! Okay, that shouldn’t be burning. I mean, it put out the fire so, I guess we can say it works. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so for the whole
second half of the video I forgot to plug in the
microphone all the way, so I have no audio for this whole video and I re-recorded the whole thing. So I’m not gonna record the whole freaking thing
again, you understand? Anyway, I went ahead and
I spent $20 on candles. So I already freaking did this video and I can’t refilm it so
here’s a freaking $20 candle. So we’re gonna try to get
the wax out of this jar using this knife. Oh man, this is definitely
gonna take so freaking long. Well, I guess just enjoy
me trying to get the wax out of this jar for the next 20 minutes. (laughs) I don’t even know, dude. (tape fast forwarding) Oh look. Surprise, surprise, I broke the jar. Well, I guess there’s nothing else to do besides break it even more. Maybe I can get some of the candle wax out just by hitting the back? Robby what the heck
were you thinking there? Okay, now it’s time to Hulk smash. (grunts and smashing) Oh no. I broke the tip of my knife. That’s what I get for
freaking stabbing glass. That’s such a stupid thing for me to do. All right, okay, let’s
break this thing open. Hulk smash! Smash, smash! Come on. Open up. I need it to freaking open up. Smash. Okay, that didn’t work. You got this candle… Oh my gosh, this looks so weird. Looks kinda cool, though. Ah, I gotta get this wick out somehow. Okay, now what the heck am I
supposed to do with this glass? Just gonna go ahead and
pop the little wick out. Ah, there we go. Slides out nice and easy. And we have ourself a wick. A very blurry wick. I’m actually gonna use
the wick from this candle. So, I just have to try
and break this thing open. Come on. You can, just, gotta
break it, just ugh, snap. Come on, get out of there. Just, oh, there we go. Broke open that candle and now we have ourself a nice wick that we can use for later. And also all this extra candle wax. Now we have all of our melted wax. Okay, here we go. And now we gotta melt it. So just for this occasion, I knew that it was gonna take a long time for this wax to melt so I
brought out my blow torch. Yeah, just melt the wax just like that. We’re melting it from both ends. It’s gonna melt in no time. Melting, melting,
melting, melting, melting, melting, melting, melting, melting. You guys like my voice over? I’m sorry my voice is so annoying. I wish that I had a better voice so that I can voice over things better. But, you know, I just
don’t know how to react to things that have already happened. Like, none of this is surprising to me. (dun, dun, dun sting) Looks like we got our wax all melted down. It’s looking pretty good. Now it looks like some
pretty freaking melted wax. And it is getting all
fogged up in my lens. Great, that’s just great. Let’s go ahead and try and add the wick. Let’s put it in there just like that. Now we’re gonna put all
the wax in the bottle. Let’s hope I don’t drop this on myself. Ooh, that was a close one. Oh man, this is getting everywhere. Oh, oh it shrank. Oh no! Okay, so since it shrank,
I guess I’ll just dump all the stuff that we
put in it back in there. Oh no, it’s bubbling. It’s bubbling. It’s bubbling. This was actually really scary because it was just popping everywhere. The wax was literally popping everywhere. Do you see that? Do you freaking see that? That is so scary. It’s like bubbling tar. Okay, so I think I’m just gonna go ahead and let this cool down for a little bit and then we’re gonna try it again. Okay, so it turns out that you’re supposed to actually
put the wick in afterwards. After watching the video, I feel kind of like a dumb boy, now. So we’re gonna go ahead and do that. But first we’re gonna put
the wax inside this bottle. Now that it’s cooled down a little bit. Let’s put some of this wax in here. Oh no. Looks like it’s doing it again. Keeping going, keep going. Oh here we go, here we go. Oh no. Yeah, that’s definitely
melting the bottom of it. Oh man. Oh no. Are we just gonna go all in? Is this the one where I go all in? I forget. I think it is. I think this is the one
where I went all in. As you can see, it melted the whole bottom and now it just kind of shrank up. So I definitely think I’m gonna
have to try this one again. As you can see, I was very frustrated because I had to do this three times and I freaking lost all the audio. So we’re just gonna
pour that back in there, and we’re gonna try it again. Once it cools a little bit more. God, this bottle’s so hot. Yup, that’s a very hot bottle. Just melted the bottom. Okay, now it’s our third attempt. Let’s see if we can
get it right this time. We’re gonna go ahead and pour the wax in. I’ve let it cool for
about half an hour now. So, I don’t think that
the wax is gonna be so hot that it’s gonna melt the bottle. So, we’re gonna keep going, keep going. Oh, so far so good. It’s looking good, looking
good, looking good. Yup. This is the one where I go all in. Keep going. Oh my gosh, it’s almost there. Keep going, keep going, keep going. Do you believe that
this black stuff is wax? That’s so weird. It doesn’t look like real stuff. We’re almost at the top. We’re so close. That actually kinda looks like real Coke. That’s kinda scary. Almost, almost and top it off. And boom. Whoo! It didn’t melt the bottle. Now it’s time to add the wick. Put that in there and drop it in. And this is where I kind of freaked out because I didn’t have
anything to hold the wick. So I ended up using these skewers that were rubber band together
from another video that I did and then I broke them off that way they weren’t super long. And I just kinda let the wick chill there. And that was that. So now we’re just gonna let
it cool down for a little bit. Okay, so we let it cool and
it’s looking pretty good. It’s looking pretty solid. I’m gonna go ahead and take
the wrapper off just like this. Use an exacto knife, cut that off. Okay, now for the real fun part. I get to cut this plastic off
without cutting off a finger. Okay, so we make the first incision. Keep going, keep going, keep going. There we go. And the plastic is kind
of tougher than I thought. I’m gonna grab a different knife. So here’s a different knife and we’re gonna do some surgery here. Whoo. Cut down the middle. Keep cuttin’. Keep pullin’… whoo! And we’re free! Whoo! Oh my gosh, look how good this turned out. It looks like an actual bottle of Coke. Does that fit back on? Nope, kind of, yup. Wow, this turned out a lot
better than I thought it did. Looks like I can’t really fit
the bottle cap on, though. But that’s fine. It’s not a big deal. We’re gonna be lighting
this on fire, anyway. Let’s go ahead and put
the wrapper back on. Wow! This actually looks
like a real Coke bottle. Wow, this just turned out really good. So I guess I’m gonna say it works. (upbeat music) Okay, so I’ve actually
done this one before but I’m pretty sure I used
the wrong kind of chocolate. So this time, we’re gonna go ahead and use meltable chocolate. This is actually baking
chocolate as it says right there. I’m pretty confident it’s
actually gonna work this time. Okay, so we got our boiling water. Let’s put the pan inside so we don’t actually burn the chocolate. Then we just go ahead and drop some of this chocolate in there. This chocolate was actually
kind of harder to break than I thought. Look at that. I’m actually struggling to do this. It’s like, boom. These are such big pieces of chocolate. Okay, now we’re just gonna go ahead and wait for these to melt a little bit. Put another one in there just for safety. Here you go. Wow, look how freaking
glorious this looks. This looks so good. Oh my gosh. Okay and this looks
like it’s fully melted. All good to go. As you can tell, my
voice not being in sync. I had problems with the microphone, still. So, here’s me saying a bunch of words. I forgot what I said, I
walked away from the camera and now the Coke bottle’s all by itself. Yay. Okay, so here’s me putting the
chocolate in the Coke bottle. Looks like it’s going in pretty easily. Not bad. There’s a lot of chocolate there. Now we’re gonna go ahead and
mix it all up in the bottle. Um, make sure it hits all the surfaces. And it’s, it looks like
it’s going pretty evenly. It kinda scared me how the chocolate had
different colors all around it. It kind of marbled a little bit. But, I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine. I ended up just kind of
moving the chocolate around for 10 minutes because
I wanted to make sure that it was spread
evenly and it didn’t just have a giant lump of
chocolate in the middle. Okay, and this is right
where I put it in the fridge. So I will see you guys in about an hour. Okay, and the audio is back. Man, I feel so dumb for not plugging my
microphone in all the way. Oh my god. Okay, so it’s nice and frozen. Now time to cut this baby out. Here we go. Maybe if I open the cap first? Oh, yeah, that’s
definitely solid chocolate. Okay, now cut it like this. Keep going. That gonna cut it out? It’s not coming out. I believe in you, chocolate. You can escape, come on. Keep going. Come on, be free. I’m trying really hard not to
break the chocolate at all. I’m pretty sure it’s already
way better than Tori’s. No offense to Tori. I’m not sure you can hear me right now. Ha, it came off. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that’s not bad so far. It’s almost out, you can do it. Please don’t break on me. Please don’t break on me. And whoo! We got it. It is free. I have chocolate all over
my hands now but it’s fine. It is good. Oh my gosh. Put the little cap on. (laughs) It looks a little funny with the cap on but it looks like it’s actually working. And I put the label on. Ah, ha! Now I need some tape. Okay, tape this on. Oh my gosh. I did it. I got a freaking Coke bottle
made out of chocolate. I did it. I don’t think it’s hollow, though. That might be a big problem. So, we’re just gonna cut the tip off and see if that will fix anything. Oh, sick, it’s actually hollow inside. That looks a little. Ah, nope, it still looks weird. (laughs) Mmm, not bad. Some good chocolate. I’m gonna go ahead and try and put some of these M&M’s in there. Okay, here we go. Ah, I’m gonna have to do one at a time. Oh no. These M&M’s actually say Robby
Epicsauce and Tori on them. Thank you so much to the
person who gave these to me. You know who you are. Okay, it’s gonna take
a while to put them in one at a time but I’m
sure it’ll be worth it. Oh man. Boop. Ha, dude, there are so… This is gonna take so long. (racing music) Okay guys, now it’s time to show Tori. (laughs) Tori, come check out this thing that I did that you couldn’t do. I’m such a good boyfriend, I know. Tori Branski! Tori Branski. Look at what I did. – You actually did it?
– I did it. I actually made it. – Oh my, that’s so cool.
– It turned out so good. – I know, who would have thought actually using the proper chocolate for it would make it turn out so nice? Aww.
– Isn’t that so cool? – That’s so cool. You actually filled it with all the… – And I filled it with little M&M’s. – You even filled them with it. – Do you want to break it open? Oh my gosh, okay. Ah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna film you breaking it in a sec. – [Tori] I’m sorry. I don’t, I really don’t want
to break it open, though. It looks so cool. – [Robby] How about I
give you a little hammer? Here you go, now break it open. (bonks)
(laughs) (bonks) Okay, that’s, okay, Tori. Okay, it’s dead, Tori. (bonks) Tori, it’s dead. Stop, you’re killing
him, you’re killing him. – He’s already dead. This is really fun, though. I really like it. You like my shirt? – Hey, that’s my shirt. You guys can buy that shirt
now, description down below if you guys really want one, by the way. It’s good chocolate? – Yup, it’s pretty good. I have proof. You actually can say it works. – [Robby] Okay, guys. Now it’s everyone’s
favorite part of the video where we, re-create the thumb nail! Whoo! Man, my hands are so covered
in chocolate right now. (laughs) So it looks like they start
out with a Coke bottle and then they just got
a bunch of rubber bands and put them around it. I don’t know if I can do this one, it looks so hard. No, I’m just kidding. But yeah, they put a lot
of rubber bands on this. So, I’m gonna be a
second, like. (cries out) Hey, guy, that looks pretty good so far. Now we’re gonna add some Coke to it. Ah, don’t explode, don’t
explode, don’t explode. Really not understanding the
point of this whole thing, but it’s fine. Is there any real point to any of the thumb nails
from 5 Minute Crafts? (gasps) Oh no, is there a hole in this? Oh my God, it’s just leaking everywhere. (camera shutter clicks) Okay, I never want to see
another Coke product again. I drank so much Coke today. All right guys, if you liked the video make sure you give a thumbs up, load some of this fire right down there. Also, I’m gonna be on
vacation for the next week so I’m gonna try really hard
to get videos up while I’m gone but if I don’t I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. But in the mean time if you guys want to watch even more of my videos, I have a whole playlist that
you guys can binge watch. Grab some popcorn, just watch ’em all. I think there’s like
30 videos in there now, something crazy like that. If you guys are new, make sure
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you can click right here or down description down below. Oh yeah, I love you so much, and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love and Wi-Fi all right. Okay bye! (screams)


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