Traquair Jacobite – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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What’s going down everybody and welcome back
to FairgroundsTV. I’m your host Peter Moeller and today we have a beer from Scotland called
– I’m gonna get this wrong – so Traquair Jacobite. It’s an ale brewed with coriander. Wow. It
is dark. Obviously, you can see it’s got very, very fine champagne-like bubbles. It’s a very
dark, deep amber color. Let’s give it a sniff. Hm, for the color of it you’d think it would
be a little bit more aromatic but it’s a little bit subdued. And I’m definitely getting some
coriander. Let’s give it a sip. Oh, wow. At first when it touches the
palate you don’t get much then, as it rolls over your tongue, you’re getting some raisins,
you’re getting that coriander in the back of it. It nicely coats the tongue. I’m still
getting some maybe toffee, coffee flavors. Like a slight bitter coffee on the back and
sides of my tongue. This is phenomenal. It’s coming in at 8 percent. Second sip, more toffee,
more coffee. It lingers for a nice bit of time and kinda morphs, lingering in your mouth.
Delicious. We have this in the store, in the craft beer section. Of course, come down,
check it out, let us know what you think. Enjoy! Peace!

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