Trailer Wine Masters Season 2: ITALY

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The renaissance of Italian wine
started here in Tuscany. There’s something about
the Chianti landscape which is sort of
intrinsically romantic. It took us centuries to
build up what we have. And it takes two seconds to destroy it. I think the Nero d’Avola
is the real Sicilian wine. Another one that has became really hot
is Nerello Mascalese in Etna. I think it’s really Etna
that’s propelled Sicily to the forefront of the wine trend
hunter’s vocabulary. What’s the trend? Making wine with water. Really, literally. Everybody loves Amarone
because the first sip is so gentle. I very much enjoy
a well made Valpolicella. Actually the simpler they are,
sometimes the more enjoyable they are. My father wanted to die in the cellar. He was able at the end to go through
this dream of him, because he died in the cellar. They’re a custodian of
their variety and their region. The world doesn’t need
another Cabernet Sauvignon. We like to do what we did for 160 years! Making our product in our way. These wines are the sort of dream of all wine lovers. Barolo is maybe the male personality
of Nebbiolo, but I still say that he’s a gentleman. Barbaresco is relatively softer.
She’s a lady, but a tough lady.

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