Tips on Chilling Red Wine

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We’re headed into patio season and there’s no reason to break up with your red wine just yet today we’re talking about chilling reds. Chilling a red can really help focus its flavor, brighten, and elevate a wine But consider a few tips before you pop your cab in the freezer. Please don’t do that First not all varietals are suited for chilling. Chilling a bolder, tannic wine is just going to make it seem closed off and the tannin seem astringent. Rather, choose wines that are lighter bodied, younger and fruit forward such as a Pinot Noir Zweigelt, Valpolicella or Gamay Also, don’t go to cold. The red wines sweet spot is around 13 to 16 degrees Celsius You can achieve this by popping it in the fridge or an ice bucket about 20 to 30 minutes before you want to enjoy it Also skip the ice cubes all this is going to do is dilute your wine and nobody likes wine water so when you just can’t Rose All Day the summer break the old-school wine rules and cool off with the red Cheers

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