TiHi #11 Homemade Glühwein (Mulled Wine)

By Brian Lemay 3 comments

Hi everyone, we are finally back after a long time 🙂 Today, we will introduce to you Glühnwein (Mulled Wine) We created our own recipe, so let’s see what happens! Let’s get started with the preparation You need to get 8 spoons of sugar (150g) Peel an orange, use both the skin and the segment The wine might taste better when you boil the skin separately (I guess) Then cut it half and squeeze it You can leave the rest in the pot Peel half of the lemon and half of the lime (use the skin only) The whole orange seems to be too much, so one half is enough Crack the cinnamon stick into 2 parts Add 4 dried star anise (Chinese Spice) and 1/2 black cardamom pod (it’s just additional spice) The black cardamom pod is pretty hard, so you can grate half of it (just for flavor) Add 2 dried chinese apples, this spice wasn’t traditional taste. We just made it up 😀 Use red wine, boil 1/2 of the bottle first I’m opening the wine based on instruction on the internet. Hopefully, I can make it! *A bit struggle at this point cuz the capsule is too tight* Pour half of the bottle into the pot Then heat it up Stir for a few minutes until sugar dissolves completely Keep stirring until you have a boiling liquid It is much better than Glünwein at Christmas market Cuz they run their business, so they can’t have this homemade quality *for the 1st try* It’s sooooo tasty oh yeah, the flavor is awesome, very well seasoning yummy! yummy! Now you see the liquid is a bit thick because of the sugar Pour the rest of the wine bottle into the pot Wait until it’s boiled, it has a very good smell atm Now the Glünwein is ready to serve! (Remember to turn off the heat) It’s extremely hot 😀 The taste is much better than we expected We like our Glünwein much better (of course haha) Again, it’s so yummy! You can definitely try to make it at home, a new way to drink wine during winter! We success at our first try, it’s unbelievable! Behind the scenes and some girls’ conversation! It’s so satisfying! I can smell the cinnamon, it’s much stronger than the Christmas market I think we added some additional herbs that make the taste different Those spices are secret from Asian people lol, probably that why the drink fits us better We use this herb to make “Pho” (the traditional noodle from Vietnam), just don’t remember the name We don’t use the whole seed like we made “Pho” Just need to grate a bit for the flavor I can sleep until tomorrow noon even until new year eve, nobody would even care LOL We have a lot of free time today, don’t know what to do. Do we decided to make Glünwein Actually, we didn’t plan for this video. It just an idea came up, so we said “why not”? I’m drunk already haha It’s really good and easy to make at home The most important thing is that it’s much cheaper than you buy at Christmas markets Normally, it costs 3 Euro (200ml) at a Christmas market At home, it’s about 5 Euro, and we can serve to about 7 people It smells good and sweet. I feel very comfortable when I drink it It’s a bit sourer at the markets, or maybe because they use a different type of wine


Trần Thanh Minh Tuyền

Dec 12, 2019, 8:47 pm Reply


Chuong Nguyen

Dec 12, 2019, 5:12 am Reply

Bạn áo đỏ thì dễ thương còn bạn áo xanh thì…
Mình kết rồi đấy ^^
Chúc ekip mùa giáng sinh an lành, sang năm mới nhiều niềm vui mới và hạnh phúc.

Phan Thị Bảo Trân

Dec 12, 2019, 4:53 pm Reply

Ước gì có ai nấu cho mình uống ké é é é

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