The Wine Glass with a Mask?

By Brian Lemay No comments

– I must say we’re gonna mix
things up a little bit today with a special edition of The Doctor, the entire hour, we’re gonna
be putting things to the test. (audience applause) And to kick it off, Doctor O, you’ve something that all
wine-drinkers might love. – Look at this glass, what is this? Well, it has a mask attached to it, so, you can see that you
have little openings here that you attach it, you see how it works? Get that tight up to your nose. The first breathe before– – [Travis] So I guess the
idea is as you’re enjoying it that is much of the taste– – With the wine, you look at it, one. Number two step, you sniff it. – Okay. – And this really gives you a good sniff. – Yeah, would you really,
I mean I feel like we use a lot of non-essential things everyday, but this seems really unnecessary. – [Andrew] Have a sip. (Audience laughs) This is turbo-charging
the aroma of that wine. – I think this is like
for real wine-lovers. – Yeah. – Well you know what, the
winophiles are gonna say, “We do not need that, heh.” But, it’s helping it aerate, but it’s also allowing
you to get a much deeper. – I just don’t see the wine mask making it out for the dinner party for me. (hosts arguing) – Not such a dinner
party, but occasionally you’re having like a glass
yourself, for example, I would– – So, thumbs up. – Down. – I feel a little like Hannibal Lecter. (audience chuckling)

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