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– On this episode, the legend
Sasha Vaynerchuk stops by. (bottle thuds) (hip hop music) – [Gary] You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. – Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this episode 254 of The #AskGaryVee Show. And this is a very,
very, very special episode because the
all-time most popular guest of my original
video and podcast show back in the day,
Wine Library TV, was none other than
my dad, Sasha Vaynerchuk. Who is here looking dapper, Dad. – Yeah, well. – [Gary] You threw up a deuce. I like that. And, and who is now
making his second appearance on The #AskGaryVee Show. We’ve got…
– [Sasha] Second? – Yeah, remember when we
got emotional up in the … Andy was there. We were playing basketball. We had this great episode. – [Sasha] Oh yes, yes, yes yes. – What episode
number was that, anybody? – [Andy] 118. (whistles) – This guy is on it.
Did you see? – [Sasha] Wow, I’m impressed. – Andy’s very impressive. – [Sasha] Can you
send it to me please? – Yeah, it’s a real good one. – [Sasha] Yeah. – So, but this
time we’re in New York. I didn’t realize this. – [Sasha] First time. – This is the first
time you’re in our office. – [Sasha] Right. – We’ve been here
for almost a year. – [Sasha] Right. – And you decided not
to show up and say hello. You’re busy. – I was busy. Yeah. – Alright, listen, listen. – I’ll tell you a
story about being busy. – [Gary] Okay. – You had that podcast
with Brendon Stein… – [Gary] Steiner.
– Steiner. – [Gary] Yes. – And a friend of mine,
a long time friend, in the liquor industry,
in the wine industry. Liquors, spirits, Neil Burnett, who you know very well.
– Oh, I know Neill. Sometimes friends,
sometimes enemies. – [Sasha] Absolutely
– You guys are characters. – [Sasha] Yeah, we can… – Including you’ve
gone years without talking. – [Sasha] Right. – That is not
how people normally (Sasha laughing)
categorize friends. – But we love each other. – [Gary] Yes. Yes, you guys are
two peas in a pod. – So anyways, he sent me a link to this… – [Gary] Podcast, yep. – podcast, and I was
listening to it. And after 20 minutes, after it was all said and done I said to myself, who the hell can sit and watch. I mean I don’t have time, me. – [Gary] Yeah, You’re busy.
– Yeah, busy. But, what one of
the things, in the end, you said something
about, like about, you like to motivate and
inspire people to do things. – [Gary] Yep. – And over the weekend
I was in Chicago as you know. – [Gary] Yep. – I went to a restaurant show at McCormick Center,
unbelievable. – [Gary] Big building.
– Big building. – [Gary] Yep. – I put a lot of miles there. Anyway, so I was
walking through the aisles and I, second day actually, and I stopped at
one of the booths. And the person behind,
nice guy, had some spices. – [Gary] Okay. – And I… – Is that why you have this?
– [Sasha] Yeah. – Okay. – [Sasha] Because I
want to make sure I remember. – Tell the story? You brought some wine too Dad. – [Sasha] Yes, right. – I’m just going to
pour it while you’re talking. – So I stopped there and
as I stopped there looking at the spices, he looks at me, looks at me and he looks at the tag and looks at my name. And I see the guys getting,
I mean, his face is changing. He said,
“Vaynerchuk, Wine Library, “Gary Vaynerchuk?” I said, yeah, he’s my son. He went, I was thinking… – He went bat-shit crazy. – [Sasha] Right, right.
(Gary laughs) And in two and a half
minutes he’s telling me a story that he used to be a chef. And after he read, he
started following Gary on Facebook and
Twitter, you know. And he read all
his books, all five. – There’s four
business books, one wine book. – Right, five books. Okay. He said he inspired
him to start a business. And he said today he got
a very successful business. He gave me a
number what he do… – [Gary] Eight figures. – Yes. And he said everything I got, I owe to your son and… – [Gary] And do you say,
there’d be no son without me? – And I say, no I didn’t.
(Gary laughs) I was humble but….yeah. Yeah, right. – [Gary] (laughing) I know you. Yeah, I would do that. And I was…you know
he took a picture with me and you know and
I felt very good. And today when I was
listening to this podcast, it’s, yeah, it’s unbelievable. It’s unbelievable
what you real, you know… – How does it feel for a dad,
given you background? – [Sasha] Very, very proud and being competitive of course, as you know. (both laugh) In our family– – It’s a rule. – [Sasha] Right, yeah,
I have to be a competitor. – Or you can’t play.
– Right. Ah, I still you know, still very, very proud. And yeah, you can’t describe in words. It’s a feeling, how you feel
about your own child, your own son,
your own daughter. It’s unbelievable, that’s what I think any parents live for. – So that’s interesting, Dad. The reason I really
wanted to do this episode is more and more small businesses,
family businesses, they reach out to me.
They know the story. – I’m sorry to interrupt you, by the way–
– [Gary] Oh, yeah. – I want, I’m not blind, but– – No problem,
they know about, guys, this is where I get
my interrupting from. Go ahead. – Pete Taylor, and his company–
– [Gary] You’re making this guy, you’re doing it for him. – No, I’m not doing it,
he didn’t ask me for anything. – [Gary] I know you,
if he asked you, he would have never gotten. – [Sasha] Right! Right, no, but
he’s, what is that called, his company?
I can’t see. – [Gary] Spiceology.
– Spiceology? – Alright Pete, you did a really good job stopping Dad. – No, no, no, but I was, you know, he was,
I can’t even describe. It’s a great feeling for him, you know, what he
feels accomplished– – [Gary] Yeah, for sure. – And it’s great feeling, I was– – It was a nice moment. – Yes, if somebody will ask, or Mom’ll ask actually what is highlight
of the whole trip. – [Gary] Trip. – Yeah, I said, to
bump into this guy. – I love you, Dad. Dad, to good health.
– [Sasha] I love you. So you brought a Rosé.
(lips smack) You brought a Rosé.
– I brought a Rosé, there’s a reason– – [Gary] Why?
– I’ll tell you why. You bought a lot of this Rosé? I know you.
– [Sasha] No, no. It has nothing to do
with buying a lot, no. – [Gary] Okay. – My son, oldest son Gary, as you know and I have AJ, and of course I have a daughter, Elizabeth who always claims– – [Gary] She doesn’t
get enough press. – Right. She doesn’t get enough exposure. (Gary laughs)
I love you Elizabeth, Liz. Anyway, the
reason I brought Rosé because Gary always, always was telling me, that stop
drinking the same shit. I mean wine,
I shouldn’t say shit. – We say that. – [Sasha] Right,
stop drinking the same, I’m a creature of habit, when I start, if I’m on a kick, I’m drinking the
same bottle of day– – You’ve a hard core routine. – Yes.
– Like in life. – Yeah, if somebody
wants to kill me, it will take him
two and a half seconds. (Gary laughs) Because I will go to
the same gas stations, same Dunkin’ Donuts, same,
you know it’s unbelievable, same supermarket, I even, even, it just hit me. When I go to Costco, and I don’t want to plug Costco, but I’m plugging it. – You’re trumping
Dunkin’ Donuts. (Gary laughs)
– [Sasha] Oh, no, no, no. I park in the same spot.
– [Gary] Spot! In the same spot. – [Gary] What if
somebody’s got it? – I will park next to them. (Gary laughs) No, but the
point is I park so far and it’s not like me, but I will park so far away from the entrance,
but I will always. It’s like, it’s mind boggling. – You’re a routine guy.
– Routine. If I’m out of my routine, that’s what throws– – Everybody watching on
Instagram Live right now, put it, are we
taking Instagram live, is that what we’re getting? – [Andy] Facebook.
– Facebook. Okay, everybody
watching on Facebook right now, who, which one’s
the Facebook camera? This one?
Love it. Facebook, start putting
in your phone numbers. Dad, this is now a call-in show, people are gonna call. – One second–
– [Gary] Yeah, of course. About this wine,
you always said, don’t drink the same thing–
– Right! – And today I decided, and you
were surprised actually– – I was stunned. – [Sasha] Right–
– That you brought Rosé. – I never drink Rose– – And what’s fun for
Dad and me about Rosé is, you know, in the years that I was with Dad and definitely before
I was with Dad in the store, Rosé never sold in America. – You’d never been
before in the store, in the store without me. – [Gary] In the years
that I was with you, and then obviously before me, for all those years, Rosé never sold–
– Right. – Like Rosé was
not a thing in the U.S. – [Sasha] Right, right, right – We knew it in Europe. – [Sasha] Like Presecco–
– Right – Very similar, right.
– These were non-factors – Now Rosé is a monster–
– Monster, and the reason
that I picked this wine because I had an opportunity to taste this wine–
– I don’t care, drink it. – Let me tell you something, this wine is
absolutely phenomenal and I–
– Yeah, I looked it up before we
started the show, 12.99 is a good price. – 12.99 ah it’s,
for and for this time of the year that’s a
perfect wine to drink. – Alright,
– [Sasah] Okay. – Alright, you– – So you can alter
between white and Rosé. – No red in the summer? Little Pinot Noir with
barbeque– – A little bit, yeah, a little, yeah.
– Zin? Okay. What else is
going on in the wine world? Or the liquor world
that’s interesting to you before we get into
the first question? – Well we can’t ship wine, but you can ship… – [Gary] Grenades.
– Bomb, grenade– – [Gary] No I know. – It’s such a… – [Gary] Pain in the ass. – Not a pain in the ass,
it’s so stupid. Just like in the Ukraine, they disallowed young kids to, they blocked the
Facebook or something. I feel in the wine
industry that’s what’s going on. – You left
communism for communism. – [Sasha] Right.
– Nice job. (Gary and Sasha laugh) – Right?
– Real good job. – I’m not complaining
about the wine industry, but I’m complaining
about the stupidity, what we’re dealing, or
the consumer is dealing, you can’t order a bottle of wine from New Jersey,
ship to New York. That’s the most insane
thing I ever dealt with. – Worst 15 years of my life, dealing with
that bullshit. Sucks! Alright And–
– I’m so happy you’re not in this industry,
you have no idea. Everyday–[
– [Gary] I know, I know. – Get up in the morning,
I’m saying thank God. – It’s really tough.
It’s frustrating. – [Sasha] Yup. – It’s not pure capitalism. – [Sasha] That’s right. – How about the food stuff? I know you’re killin’ it with
Russian food in the store. (phone ringing) Alright, hold on, here we go. What’s the name? – [Andy] Patrick. – Patrick. We’ve
got to get into– – [Sasha] Patrick Ewing?
– I wish it was Patrick Ewing. – [Patrick] Hello, Patrick. – Patrick, this is
GaryVee and you’re on The #AskGaryVee Show
with SashaVee. – [Patrick] No way! – [Gary] Yes Patrick,
where are you from? – [Patrick] I’m
from Denver, Colorado. – Love it! What’s your question? – [Patrick] Hey man, so
I’ve followed your content for a lot of time,
and I kind of feel like I’m at a point right now of when to balance patience
with learning or needing to pivot and
rethink what you’re doing. There’s kind of, you know you
talk about knowing your truth and knowing what
you’re driving for and staying on that
path, but when do you know, and what signs
should you look for if you’re needing to
pivot, change, adjust? – So are you running a business? – [Patrick] Yeah.
– What kind? – [Patrick] I’m
doing a consulting business around, actually something
you’re passionate about, engagement, employees, culture. Kind of rethinking
what a workplace needs to be in a world of technology and
this kind of new reality. – So you’re
trying to figure out, should you stay the
course and let the market come to you
because what you’re selling is difficult to sell,
because you believe in it, so you want to be patient. Or, are you actually
wrong, or is it too far away and should you pivot
into some other offers or features or
things of that nature? Is that correct? – [Patrick] Yeah, totally. I think you know that
this is the bread and butter, but I feel with a lot
of leaders of companies, engagement, employees,
culture’s number one in thought, but number two
or three in action. So I’m trying to figure out
how to get into that world. How to make it
more of a priority, or is it just a lost
cause for a lot of people? – Dad, what do you think about when you think
about your long career, when was it stay the
course because you believe in some strategy,
category that you’re buying, investing in liquor
versus wine, advertising. When did you know that
you wanted to stay the course, or when did you
know that you needed to try something different,
or get into patterns? I know for you,
I know your story the best. You were very early
New Jersey newspaper advertiser in a co-op in the early 80s. – [Sasha] Right. – Which was a big
breakthrough for you guys. Created a co-op,
you were selling at cost in the newspaper, that worked. When did you know
to add direct mail or when did you try commercials? When did you stay the course? When did you change
the mix of your product in the store because
you felt Rosé was coming? How did you
make those decisions? – Well, quite
honestly, I didn’t have to give more credit to my son. – But I’ll take it! – But he will take it I know. (Gary and Sasha laugh) – When Gary
came to the business, and he came at a very young age, at first he, of course,
was no factor. He was making ice for $2. I don’t even remember how– – Two.
– [Sasha] Underpaid, right? – Underpaid. I was good at making ice. – But when he came to
the business, and again, I treasure the years what I spent working with
Gary when we used to, do you remember that? Travel back and forth. – All through high school–
– 45 miles each way and that was the
most memorable moments when we used to
discuss business strategy. – Let’s link up,
there’s an article I wrote about Exit 12 to
Exit 48 on Medium. That to me is the
foundation of our relationship. It’s the foundation
of our relationship. – [Aasha] And to take Wine Library, what I came up with the name. – Yes, absolutely true. – [Sasha] Okay. (Gary and Sasha laugh) – He did, you
went to California. – Went to California. – And all the
wineries were calling their cellars Wine Library. – No, I’ll take
you to the library. They didn’t call wine library,
I’ll take you to the library to pick up couple bottles
wine, then go out for dinner. That’s where I came up
with the name of Wine Library, years after. But that was, quite honestly, all this great ideas, when we used to
bounced off each other, that’s when it’s,
you know, real start. Before, it was just
another liquor store, and got creative– – What gave you, so,
I want to make sure we answer this question. I know I’m
interviewing you a little bit, but I want to
answer this question. So, what, you know,
Patrick’s sitting here, and, you know,
it’s very nice you’re– – [Sasha] How old is Patrick? – I don’t know.
How old are you, Patrick? – [Patrick] I’m 31.
– 31, yeah. – So, Patrick’s
trying to decide, is he on the right, what’s
the balance between patience, ’cause I sell patience, you
know, I believe in patience. – You have to– – Versus, is he on the right
path, is there something else he should be putting,
innovation versus patience. How have you thought about that? Or have you not
thought about that? I know you– – No, I did, you
have to be patient. – That trumps it. – Who said? – I’m asking, no, not Trump!
That trumps it! (Gary and Sasha laugh) No, that is more value, you think the patience
part is more valuable. – You have to, you
know, you have to believe and stick to it,
to what you believe. I mean, you can’t try something and two days later, or two years later,
said, “Okay, I-” (wipes hands together) – That’s my biggest
problem with, I think, something I always yell
about with our employees, and you know, I like, right? – Yes, yes, that’s your
style, no question about it. – Yeah, like, I don’t mind
if it, the new display– – I always held on
too long, a lot of times. – Well, this is
what he’s worried about. – [Sasha] Mhmmm. – As you’re like
thinking through. Patrick, listen,
I think the reality is, I’m a big
believer in the following. You’re not going to
know the alternative, so might as not dwell on it. You’re not gonna
know, right, bro? You’re not gonna know
if you waited too long. Like, a lot of people
have bailed a month before the thing they worked on for
two years was about to go. But they don’t know! They don’t know that, Patrick. ‘Cause they
bailed, and they’re like, “Aw, that was a
waste of my two years.” – [Patrick] Yeah,
well I’m 100% in. I’m not bailing on
this, and I think, I mean, I’m pot committed.
I believe in patience. It’s just kind of fine
tuning it, or tweaking it, and I guess maybe
the perception to you, and I know you’re a
firm believer in it. Do you think there’s a
market out there for this? – Yes, yes I do. I think culture, and the
emotions, and all the feelings in a business that are the driving force
of the new economy. I think culture,
my dad will tell you, as a kid, as a child,
it mattered to me. It was intuitively in
me at a very young age. It has emerged as
an enormous pillar, and I think it will continue to, it will catch up, my friend. I agree with you,
that they talk about it. You said at first, and
what they talk about third, and the way they execute, that’s exactly right,
’cause they’re full of shit. They say it ’cause it
sounds good to their employees, but they don’t want
to spend money on it. But, as operators like me
and others continue to get fame and awareness
around trading on that, that will then, people
start realizing the financial value of it. I’m not doing it
for kicks and giggles. Now, it’s my natural demeanor, but it’s still an
ROI-positive thing, and I think as the
decision makers change over, I would say as the
decision makers change over from my dad’s generation
to my generation, and definitely the
generation below me, this will become the
pillar, and you’re 31. You can grind and
survive until you’re 38, 42 and really reap the
massive financial benefits of being a leader in
this space for a decade. – [Patrick] Yeah, and
it’s kind of interesting. You’re right, I think
that when I talk to people, there’s about a
director level and below that everybody gets it,
and it seems that once you go above there, and people
take ownership of the job, they just get scared of change, and they kind of
hold on, and push back. – Dad, you hate change, right?
– [Sasha] Yes. – Right? You can speak to that. – But, to my credit–
– To your credit, absolutely. You know who I
want to call right now? – And you inspired
me to, not only inspire, you actually drill in me to
try to do different things. Just like
drinking different wine. – Yeah, imagine being captive
with an 18, 20-year-old me in the car for 45
minutes back and forth. My poor dad, I mean
(chuckles) I was guns a blazin’! – Mhmmm.
(Patrick laughs) – I appreciate it Patrick. That’s right Dad,
I think, you know, who I want calling Facebook,
if you’re watching right now, if you’re either the
father or the mother, or the son or the
daughter in a business that is struggling
with the co-relationship, I will say here,
you know, it scares me. It rocks me to the bone of
how much I didn’t appreciate the air cover
that my dad gave me. I stand on his
shoulders because he let me stand on his shoulders. Like, he didn’t suppress me. When I think about
the liquor business, a couple of my dad’s
friends, unfortunately, one good friend had
passed away, not too long ago, I think about– – My way, or hit the
highway, she used to say. – [Gary] 100%! My dad was part of a
generation, there was the five to seven guys who
had the biggest stores, and three or four of them had their sons go
into the business, and it didn’t work. Now, do I think I was
more talented than the sons? Of course I do.
– [Sasha] Of course, by far. – But, my dad gave me
major air cover to execute– – I always believe in you.
– 100%. – [Sasha] I knew
that from the day– – Why? Yeah, I– – From the day when
you used to rip the flowers from our neighbor’s dogwood
flowers and sell it to her. That’s what’s blowing my mind. I wouldn’t have
the, what they have, the chutzpah to
do that, but he did. (Gary laughs) He used to go, and
her name is Gail, right? – Gail. – I remember that. – Gail and John.
(phone ringing) – [Sasha] Yes, and
he used to go in and sell them the flowers and they
knew that he was a little kid, they just play along with it. – [Gary] Take your
advantages where they are. Who’s this?
– [Andy] Eric. – Eric. – [Sasha] Eric Kastner? – Nope, from
British Columbia, Canada. (phone ringing) – Uh oh, Eric. – Big hockey fan. – Huge, he’s not
going to answer his phone. It’s going to be devastating. (phone ringing) Dad, one thing, one
thing I talk a lot about, kill Eric, he’s
finished, sorry, Eric. Dad, one thing
I talk a lot about is how much you worked, right? Like, my work ethic completely
inspired by you and Mom, the way she worked
the house, but more you. We really didn’t
hang out, you know. – No, you got fired. You got– – [Voice Recording] The
number you have dialed is not in service. – We don’t need to
talk about when I got fired the one time for–
– Well, why not? – Well listen,
fine, listen, tell them. I’m sure they like– – Build character. – Good, character, go ahead,
tell them the story, Dad. – Gary asked for the day– – Two hours off,
not the day off. Asked to leave early
for a high school party. You know when you
graduate high school, people have parties? I asked on a
Saturday to leave at five instead of 7 P.M. – [Sasha] Right. – Right, and I worked
every summer day. These are like,
this is real stuff. – [Sasha] No question
about it, no question about it. – I asked to leave at
five instead of seven one day, and we would leave the house
at seven to open the store. So, seven to
five, or nine to five, I don’t care what he says. – [Sasha] It’s a
half a day. (phone ringing) – Two hours early.
Hanging up on this one, hold on. I gotta to tell this story. This is how hardcore my dad is. I asked to leave two hours early on one day for the whole summer. He looked me dead
in the face and said, “You’re not
committed to the business. “You’re fired.” – He came home and he
was crying, and of course his mother had to get
involved in the whole thing. – And then I was, I went
from crying, ’cause I cried, to smiling because I actually
didn’t work the next day. And, since I’d been working
my whole high school life, I was like, wait a minute. – [Sasha]
(laughs) That’s great. – This is interesting. What is this freedom? – Give me a lap dance. – Little AJ, not yet. This was before that,
it was ’94. – Right, right, making joke. – This was playing Nintendo. – [Sasha] That’s the
Rangers year. – And so, I was like
this is amazing, and then my dad doesn’t really,
he didn’t come to apologize. He just walked into my
room the next day and goes, “You’re coming to work.” I’m like all right. That’s really what happened. – That’s it, but
Gary’s talking about me being a tough guy. You should ask him about his
parking tickets in Boston. Did you ever tell the story? – That’s not a
story anyone knows. So, in Boston, my
junior year on Comm Ave, there was nowhere
to really, really park. So, it was super hard,
so I would just park in places that,
I ended up with like six. What do you think, forty? – Guys, his, what is it,
glove compartment? – [Gary] Glove compartment. – When you opened, all
the parking tickets fall. That’s got to be
over 100 parking tickets. – Yeah, good thing
we didn’t tell Mom. – He came to me, and
being a tough father, you know, what everybody thinks, I paid all the tickets. – Yeah, you’re only
tough on the outside. – [Sasha] Right. – Super soft on the inside. – [Sasha] So I paid
all the tickets. – That’s right. You like that, Iris? – And, what about
the $10,000 club bill? – We’re not
going into that story. (group laughter) That story’s not coming out. That story’s
definitely not coming out. That was a business expense. (group laughter) Andy, get to
questions before Dad gets too out of control. – Wait until I drink
another glass of wine, guys. (group laughter) – [Gary] What do we got? – [Andy] Nick’s on the line. – [Sasha] You want a little? – Nick? Yeah, okay. Nick. – [Nick] Gary,
how you doing today? You’re on with Rob and
Nick out in New Jersey here. – What do got two
Rob, did you say Rob? – [Nick] Yeah,
Rob is my father. I’m the son, Nick. – Okay, so we have Rob
and Nick, father and son. – [Sasha] In New Jersey? – In New Jersey,
where in Jersey? – [Nick] We’re
located in Manville, right off the Somerset Circle. – Oh yeah, we know it well. Yeah, we know Somerville. Awesome man, how are you guys? – [Nick] Gary,
if we were any better, there’d be two of us,
so we’re fortunate. – [Rob] Actually,
if we were any better, I’d have to sit on my
hands to keep from clapping. Thanks for asking. – That’s awesome,
that’s awesome. Guys, what can we help you with? – [Nick] So Gary, our
question is, it’s a broad one, I’ll narrow it for you,
are we on the right track? We’re a boating safety
business out of New Jersey, and we do education. So, we’re focused on
building our business and taking it bigger. We’re already
doing Facebook ads. We’re doing, we’re going to
be moving on Instagram ads. We’re getting
our website updated. We just want to know if
we’re on the right track. We have 15 instructors
teaching all over the state. We run about 200 classes a year, so what else can
we be doing better? We have all the multimedia tools to tell our story online. I think it’s really just two
or three of us in the office right now running
about 200 classes a year. So, are we on the right track? – I think the question
becomes where do you want the finish line
to be on that track? You have to work
backwards if you’re on the right
track or not, right? – [Sasha] How old is he? – How old is he? – [Sasha] Yeah.
– How old are you? – [Nick] So I’m 24 and
my dad is 50– – [Rob] 57.
– [Nick] 57. – Young crew, okay.
– Young guy. – [Gary] So, I think the
question is the track, right? When you say are
we on the right track, are you asking are we
spending our money in the best optimal places to
maximize our short term growth? – [Nick] Yeah, my dad’s
nodding his head, yeah. – Listen, I think
dad to dad here can talk. That’s the advantage
of having my dad here. I think the question
becomes are you guys, Nick, are you in a
dynamic where you guys, like you believe in this? Dad, are you looking for the
obvious black and white, ROI? Whether it’s
friction or optimism, like I assume
that’s the question. That’s the
cliche question, right, which is, is the ROI in
this paying the dividends? I think to my dad’s
credit here, there is a story that is so insane,
having my dad here. My dad approved a
Wine Spectator year buy for, I came to my dad
and said, “Dad, I want to buy “this spot in the
Wine Spectator Magazine,” which, don’t forget,
you guys all know me. I love trading
attention, and I felt the entire
attention of the wine business was in the Wine Spectator
on this one page where they had pictures
of the labels and the scores, and there was an
ad spot on the right. And the ad, the ad, for
the yearly cost of the ad was so much money, it
was basically almost equal to our profit the year before. – [Sasha] Well, it actually
was to the exact number is $192,000 what I sent the check out of my personal account to Marvin
Shanken, the Wine Spectator. – Because we didn’t
even have the cash flow. – [Sasha] We didn’t have the
cash flow, and I believe, well I believe in my
son from day one, you know. – But that’s
bonkers shit to pay. – But, what I did, I always, I always willing, not only because of Gary, I always
was willing, and correct me, I always was willing
to invest in the business. Business always came before– – [Gary] Personal.
– Personal. – [Gary] Yeah. – You know. – Yeah, you didn’t buy shit. – [Sasha] Right, and I– – You didn’t vacation for shit.
– [Sasha] Right, and I– – You put dollars
into the business. – Into the business. – So, I think guys,
I think the thing that, Nick, that’s your name,
and what’s your dad’s name? – [Rob] Robert. – Robert, I think the
question is, I’d love for you to answer here,
are you guys trying to, what’s the scenario here? Are you trusting
your son spending these marketing dollars–
– [Sasha] That’s it, that’s it. – in these new environments,
and you’re trying to get a grasp
on what the ROI is? – [Rob] You are
absolutely correct right there because I don’t know shit
when it comes to Facebook, and Instagram, and
anything like that, and I’m trying to
get a grasp on it, Gary. – I get it. So, first of all– – [Sasha] Can I just jump in?
– Dad, please. – Robert, right?
– [Robert] Yeah. – As a father, you will
know better than anybody if, and I don’t want to sound
like it’s only business, you have to for yourself, you have to say is my son capable to grow
the business or not. That’s a very simple question, and it’s a very simple answer. Nobody can answer
this question for you, not even my genius son,
who’s sitting next to me, because you have to
know if your son is capable, and he’s going to take your
business to the next level, or your son, no disrespect,
is a schlemiel, that’s it. So, it’s a very– – [Gary] It’s binary. – Black and white, and
that’s it, after you hang up, you go into the bathroom and
look in the mirror and say, “Yeah, I believe in my
son, and I’m going to invest.” Or, you walk in and
say, “You know what? “I don’t think he’s
capable do to that.” That’s, to me, that’s. – Robert, I agree with
that, because the beauty of having a family business is
that you’re playing forever. Right? The big wake-up
call for me, when I got into Corporate America,
is that my dad and I, for all the things we agreed on, all the things we disagreed on, thank God we loved
each other just enough more than we loved the business, which allowed us to
keep a relationship, but 99% of our energy was always about the
business for the long term, and so I think Dad’s
shooting it right, Robert, I think, you know
it’s funny, I’m looking at a lot of my team members,
I just make binary decisions, if I think they
can do it or not, and then I let
them win, fail, tweak. I think you bet against your, I think the real answer,
Robert, is that you bet on your belief on
Nick’s capabilities, or whoever else
could be driving this, to a level that you can afford. Clearly, in hindsight, I was
so confident, I just thought, “Who wouldn’t bet on me?” I was blind, but in hindsight, my Dad using his
own personal money, putting back into the business
to make an advertising bet, is the ultimate
belief in what I was. I’m sure there’s a
lot of Mom and Dad’s out there that are
watching, that might be willing to spend 20% of
the profits, as a bet, because they don’t know yet. I did a lot of things,
from zero to 22, to give my dad confidence,
not just after intuition, I came in and did things
that, we had a real– – No question about it, $80,000
I spent on a Jets bullshit– – [Gary] Billboard. – Booklet that was garbage. – [Gary] I needed
to be on the sideline, but in the macro
I was delivering, that’s it. Robert, I think
it’s a binary question. I think, Dad’s exactly right,
too many people ticky-tack it. I think it’s a binary question
of, “What’s the allocation “of dollars, that you want
to support Nick’s vision?” and then, whatever
that is, write it off. – [Sasha] That’s it. – If he fails, ’cause you know
that Nick will learn from that and take it to the next step. Bet on what you can
afford to lose mentally, as much as financially, and I think
you’ll be in the right position. Makes sense? – [Robert] We are in a
position in where we’re crossing it right now based
on the previous year’s income. – Okay. – [Robert] And we
definitely need to do more, we haven’t done shit
with Facebook or anything, so my question to you
is, “Will this Facebook “and Instagram be
able to take us higher?” You tell me. – What are you
spending your money on now? – [Robert] Google
Adwords, to the tune of about 15 grand a year. – And what is
that creating for you? – [Robert] It’s creating
tons and tons of– – Leads? – [Robert] Leads,
which ultimately, the people came in and, take our boating safety classes
over the other companies, who actually aren’t
even using Google Adwords. – So Robert, here’s the
thing that I would answer. I would say, most likely no, however, if Nick is good enough to produce a
video and spend $3,000 on amplifying it
against employees of, or the target segment,
’cause he figured that out, his $3,000 video, his $3,000 ads
spent of Facebook, and his thousand
dollar video cost on a local production company, could bring you the value of spending $15 million
on Google if he hits it right and it creates virality,
or he could completely put that $5,000 directly in
the trash if it doesn’t. – [Rob] Okay. – So if you’re a conservative
player, my intuition is no. If you’re on the pure offense. Look, Nick, Richard; I’m sorry. – [Robert] Robert.
– Robert. I view you at 57 as young. I don’t know
where your head’s at. I know a lot of 57
year olds who wanna play golf for the
rest of their lives, and I know a lot of, my dad will die at
his desk at Wine Library. That’s just money in the bank. And I will do the same
in where ever my desk is. So, you know to me,
betting on Nick for a year, even if it goes
to a complete zero, isn’t a death blow
in the marathon that you might be running if you’re trying to
maximize dollars right now cause you wanna
buy a beach house in South Carolina
and golf in two years, you may stay conservative
because you want the dollars. – [Rob] We’re gonna
need a bigger boat. (group laughter) – I get it brother! Look I think if
you’re running the marathon, I think risk is
actually practical. Does that make sense? – [Rob] It absolutely is and
I’m not afraid to take it. – [Gary] And, Robert,
I’ll tell you the other thing. There’s nothing
better than sticking it to your 24-year-old, punk son when he thinks
he knows everything, and he goes and throws $15,000 in the trash. (Rob laughs) – [Rob] I remind him of
shit like that all the time. – I’m sure. And Nick,
I promise you, in reverse, there’s nothing
like telling people all this crazy shit
like let’s have a website, let’s do email, and
not everybody’s sure but you get the support of
your dad, and if you deliver, it becomes the
ultimate relationship in life. – [Nick] Absolutely. Thank you so much for
taking our call, Gary. We really appreciate it.
– Yeah. Good luck to you guys. Take care.
– Thank you. Good luck. – [Gary] See, to me that’s like, that’s why I wanted
you on the show. That’s cool, that’s us,
that’s it, that’s real! And, Dad, that is
happening for; I mean I get… In my life I will get millions, I get 10s of thousands a year, people emailing
about my dad won’t do this, my mom let me do this,
my son wants me to do this. Like the family
business dynamic. You have three kids.
I worked hardcore with you. Liz came for a summer,
got fired, never came back. – Right, she got fired. – AJ dusted shells for
an hour and never came back. – Right. – [Gary] Right? So you’ve
had the gamut of it. It’s a lot of stuff, right? – It’s a lot. – [Gary] It’s a lot of baggage. We’ve dealt with a
lot of stuff, right? play golf for the
rest of their lives, – But at the end of the day, always a love,
father and son was first, and everything else second. – [Gary] And a lot of
people don’t have that. And that’s the correlation. – That is not going to work. – [Gary] A hundred percent.
What do ya got, Andy? – [Andy] Edgar.
– Edgar? Edgar Bronfman? – [Sasha] From Seagrams? – [Andy] Rivero.
From Ocean City, NJ. – New Jersey again!
You’re on a Jersey kick. – [Andy] The father-son dynamic. – [Gary and Sasha] It’s
a Jersey thing! (phone ringing) – [Edgar] Hello?
– Edgar, this is GaryVee. You’re on The #AskGaryVee Show
with Sasha Vanyerchuk. – [Edgar] Oh, my gosh!
That is so awesome! (Sasha laughs) – [Gary] Well,
we’re glad to have you. Where you from? – [Edgar] I’m from
Ocean City, New Jersey. – Ocean City. What’s up, my man,
what’s your question? – [Edgar] It’s a
very simple question. I’m currently working
two family businesses. One is a construction business. The other one’s a
cleaning business. And we were gonna
merge them together by just recycling our
customers throughout that. My question is, I don’t
know if I deserve to be paid more than I’m
getting paid right now for doin’ the
work that I’m doin’. I’m handling all the
social media advertising for our company. I do all the office-paid
work like after hours, and I do a lot
of selling as well. And I don’t know, I just feel
like since it’s my family I don’t think
I have the authority to be able to
ask them for money. More money than I already get. – [Gary] So who owns
the two businesses? – [Edgar] The one
is under my name. And the other one
is owned by my uncle. – [Sasha] Uncle? – And who would
make the decision if you were to get paid more? – [Edgar] My uncle. Yeah, it’s my uncle, basically. – And so what’s happening? Do you feel like that
you’re slightly underpaid? Grossly underpaid?
Like, what’s your truth? – [Edgar] I only make right now, 23 thousand working with them, but we make a
lot more than that. – How old? – [Edgar] And I see it as
I’m in the background. I kinda wanna get
a little bit more. – How old are you? – [Edgar] I’m 21 years old. – 21, young. – Look, I think the
reason you’re seeing hesitation from me and my dad is,
the true answer is, every family dynamic
has their own spiel, right? Have you ever
broached the subject lightly with your uncle? – [Edgar] Yeah, well
right now it’s up in the air. He said, “How much
do you wanna get paid?” And I’m in a position as,
I don’t wanna overcharge, and I really don’t know
how to charge my family. I don’t know if I should
charge my family. I love my family,
I want the businesses to grow, that’s my main focus,
but I also, you know like,
I am working a lot. – [Sasha] Are you
close with your uncle? – [Edgar] Yes, I’m
very close to my uncle. – And your uncle have children? – [Edgar] Yes,
he has two children. – How old is the kids? – [Edgar] One is 22,
another one is 18. – [Gary] Are
they in the business, or either businesses? – [Edgar] Not really. – [Sasha] Well,
that’s already… – That’s a data point.
– [Sasha] Uh-huh. – So, look,
here’s what I would say, I think that the number
one thing is communication. That when you’re not
talking, danger comes. – Oh yeah. – Right, I would
say when we and my dad were at the best,
we were talking. – [Sasha] Right. – When we were at our
worst, we were keeping it into ourselves,
and we were letting things fester and bother us, right?
– [Sasha] Right. – So, I would say,
when I hear even, I don’t know you from Adam. I’ve known you for
four seconds in my life, I can tell you’re authentic. You’re coming at
this in such a good way. You’re like I love my family, so I would say
couple things to you. You’re 21 years old right? You’re obviously not
making a lot of money. Do you need money, is a
really interesting question. Do you feel like your
happiness on the weekends or vacations is limited,
because if you had more money you’d have more fun? Do you wanna save more money? Where are you at with money? – Wait a minute,
$23,000, he’s making nothing. – [Gary] Nothing. – Right, but let’s
talk about it for a second. Where are you with your
relationship with money? – [Edgar] Well,
right now all I have to do is just get my
mom some money just so we know we can
pay rent and whatnot, but other than
that I really don’t need much money other than gas. – He’s underpaid. – [Edgar] Getting food,
but that’s about it. It’s just, I don’t know. Really, that’s a great
question, I don’t know… – Let me ask you a question,
it’s easier to ask me than it is your uncle,
given all the dynamics. If I, just shooting the shit, like what would
freak you out happy? What would make you
super happy while factoring in all the things that are
running through your mind, which I love,
because I love your vibe. I wish you were my nephew,
I would do real damage with you. Like where is– – [Sasha] We can adopt him. – Where is your
mindset right now? What would be awesome?
What would you like to go to? – [Edgar] I would really like
it if I were able to just, you know, pay my
rent comfortably, because we kind of overstuffed
in our apartment right now. We have my aunt, and my
cousin coming to live here for the summer, and it
would be cool to just have a bigger place, just so we
could all live comfortably. – Cool, what’s–
– [Sasha] How much? – Great, what’s that number? – [Edgar] What’s that number?
– Yeah. – [Edgar] You know if I just
made at least a thousand extra a month, that would
be another $12,000. If I made $35,000
that would be great. – I’m telling you, I’m gonna– – After you hang up the
phone with Gary, you call– – [Gary] And Sasha. – And Sasha, call your uncle. – Pour him a nice glass of
red wine, say that you– – Or rosé. – [Gary] Or rosé, tell him
that you’re bleeding out of your eyeballs and you always
will for the family business, and that it would be game
changing for you if you could go to $35,000 a year,
here’s the good news my friend. If you do what my dad
and I are saying right now, you will win, because either A,
you will get the $35,000, or B, you will
have a data point on how your uncle
reacts to that request. – And third thing, if
your uncle said no to you, ask him to call
us back. (laughter) No, no, I’m very serious. – (973) 376-0005, that’s
Wine Library’s phone number. Ask for Sasha Vaynerchuck. – [Sasha] Right. – [Edgar] Alrighty. – I mean… – Can I ask you a
question, because I like bringing value on this show. – [Edgar] Yes sir. – Are you gonna do it, or
are you too scared to ask? Tell me the truth. – [Edgar] I’m scared to ask. – Why? – [Edgar] I don’t
wanna seem off, as a leech, (mumbles) you know,
it’s his business, I don’t want to
come off as a leech, like I already like
doing the business actions, like that’s fun
for me first of all, and I am getting paid, you know? – [Sasha] Yeah but you’re not
getting paid enough. – [Gary] Here’s
what I would say. – I don’t know what you do. But that sounds, dollars, making shoes get paid more. – [Gary] Here’s
what I would say. I would say that you
need to ask your uncle that this is the
number you’re striving for. You’d like it right now
because you feel the work ethic and the results
that you’re driving is driving towards that. Ask him if he agrees and if not, what has to happen
for you to get there? Because that’s what
you need to do to provide for your mom and all
these people that are coming in to move in with you. – [Edgar] Right. – Do you get benefits
besides the paycheck? – [Edgar] Pardon? – Do you get
benefits like medical, or? – [Edgar] Not right now. We’ve only been in business
for like three four years. Coming on four years now. But around our town, we’ve grown not in
like a numbers way. But people see, they know of us and they know our work ethic. They just give us business. We’ve been able to grow pretty
fast over these four years. That’s why I know that
I’m able to get this money. – Brother listen to me. You’re gonna lose. You’re eventually gonna crack
and start hating your uncle. So you might as well do
the right thing by your uncle and have this conversation. – [Sasha] Right.
– [Gary] Right? – Absolutely, 1,000%. – Got it? You’re doing your uncle a
favor by having this question. Otherwise
you’re gonna resent him and it’s gonna be an issue. Right?
– [Sasha] Absolutely. – You understand?
– [Edgar] Right. – Don’t even
make this about you. Do the right thing by your uncle
and have this conversation. – [Sasha] Mhmmm. – [Edgar] Okay.
– Got it? – [Edgar] Sounds good, yeah.
– [Sasha] Okay. I’m gonna call him right now. – Call him right now
and I want you to tweet me @garyvee and tell me you called. You don’t have
to give me details, just prove to me
that you called on social. ‘Cause if you don’t I’m gonna send the
hundreds of thousands of people that give a shit about this show and we’re gonna bother
you until you suffocate. – [Edgar] I don’t
have a Twitter but I can send you a
message on Instagram. – Respect. – [Andy] Record it on video. – I love it.
Good luck man. Let me know. Send an email to
[email protected] with an update. – [Edgar] Alright.
Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. It’s cool right dad? This is real life shit. – It’s a guy to pay
without knowing anything. – [Gary] But you know this. – He’s right, and I understand. – [Gary] Listen I’m pumped
to say this publicly. – He’s asking for necessity to pay rent. – [Gary] I get it.
I get it. – People on
welfare get paid more. – Dad’s not happy
with the price point. – I’m not. I used to pay myself $30,000. – I know, I’m laughing. I was thinking the first
time I really cared about… Me too. You know it’s
funny I was sitting here like the first time
I really, really started caring was around 27, 28. When you’re investing,
you’re investing. – But he’s with his
uncle not with his father. – [Gary] No I get it.
– Big difference. Work is muck. – Yes and no. Unfortunately what you’ll learn, you know we know us. But like when you
go out in the world unfortunately
there’s a lot of uncles who take care of their nephews better than their dads
take care of their sons. What else dad? What other wisdom? Talk to the kids for a minute. Talk to the 20-year-olds, not the kids in the room, but yeah, yes them, good actually
they’re all here too. But there’s a lot more watching. What advantages do you
think you had as an immigrant? Advantages. – Oh, I do. – [Gary] Tell me, I’ve
never really even asked you. – I recognize the
advantage I had a dream. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. (laughing) I had a dream. – Talk about your
dream a little bit. Actually you know what? Let me ask some
questions that maybe, I mean I’ve got
to do so much shit, 45 minutes, I did
most of the talking. – [Sasha] No it’s
one hour and a half. – Right. Dad, when you
come to America, the economy’s shit. You have this
distant great uncle who was a liquor
store in New Jersey, right? – Mhmmm. My father’s first cousin. – [Gary] Your
dad’s first cousin. You live in Queens. You’re driving a car. Tell the story
about your first car where you didn’t
know you had to pump gas and you just ran out of gas. – Bought me a car.
That’s my father’s first cousin. – [Gary] Gives you a car. Very nice of her
– New car. Very nice of her. And I never forgot this. I really should call her. And actually I’m going
to see her at the wedding. We’re going to see
her at the wedding. – [Gary] Yes, go ahead. – And I used to drive from Queens to Clearbrook. You guys don’t
know about Clearbrook. – [Gary] Right, that’s when you were still working construction. – It’s turnpike,
you’ve got to pay attention. – [Gary] Clearbrook, turnpike, I can multitask. – Ah, okay, you’re right. (both laugh) – Exit 8A on the turnpike and unfortunately this car, it was a car,
Pinto, do you know? – [Gary] Yeah, of course. – I was the the single biggest buyer at the hardware store for oil, because the car was
purchased at the auction and the motor had a hole. (Gary laughs) So every so many miles, like 20 miles, I had to
stop and I used to carry in the trunk, I used
to carry cases of oil. 10-30 I think. And I used to pour in the engine and drive. I mean, it was fun years. Used to get up–
– Talk to me about the dream. – The dream I always want. I was competitive,
that’s, you know. That’s what real
old (cough) all about. I mean I was competitive, I want to have a nice house, I want to have a business, I want to own a business. I always had a dream. Big dreams. Actually, there is a story and
I don’t know if you know. When we first came,
we settled in Queens, at the apartment,
studio apartment. It was you and mom was pregnant. Studio apartment, one room. And we were, it’s an
organization called HIAS. – [Gary] Yep. – Who sponsor for
the family to come. And I had a cousin, who she’s still around, first cousin, my mother’s
brother’s daughter. Rita, and we were walking on Queens Boulevard and at that time– – [Gary] Alexander’s? – It was Alexander’s. – [Gary] I know the story. – A store,
a big department store like Target today. It’s called Alexander’s
and I saw that– – Like a Macy’s actually.
– [Sasha] Like Macy’s, right. And I said, one day I’m going
to have something like that. And she looks at me and
she starts laughing, but– – Is that why you built
a three story wine shop? – [Sasha] Yeah, I guess
you’re right. (both laughing) – We didn’t necessarily
need that many floors. – [Sasha] Right.
– But you’re like fuck it, I need to make
that dream happen. – [Sasha] That’s right.
Yeah, that’s… Listen, land of opportunities. If you want to
accomplish anything, there is not a
better place to live. And not a better place to be. – Just gotta put in the work. – I left from a country where
everything was suppressed. It’s a… communist country. You know,
everybody should be equal. And, you know–
– It was fucked up. – Yeah. Yeah.
Didn’t work. – I remember the
biggest things that impacted me was that you and
mom thought that if somebody was fifty or sixty, they were very
old because people were so fundamentally
miserable under communism. People died! – Yeah. People were, you know, at sixty people
used to die because– – [Gary] They
were just miserable! This man back here’s parents. Right? – [Other Tyler] Came
from Russia, yeah. – Yep.
– They came from Russia? – [Other Tyler] Ukraine.
– Ukraine. Not a good place to be today. – [Other Tyler] Yeah. Terrible. – Tough. You got something? – [Andy] J.R. in Dallas. He should be on the line. – J.R. – [J.R.] Hey, guys,
how’s it going? – Wait, wait, wait!
– Wait a minute. J.R.? Your name is J.R.
and you’re from Dallas? – He’s from Dallas? – [J.R.] Yes sir. The one and only.
– You used to be a show right? – Yeah, you got
shot back in 1980. (J.R. laughs) – You still alive? – [J.R.] I came back to life.
I was born in ’82. – Respect. My man, how are you? – [J.R.] I’m doing great. Thank you, Gary, very
much for the flip challenge. Made a little
bit of money on eBay. Also a little bit of
money on Facebook ads. So thank you very much
for that, first and foremost. – You’re welcome. – [J.R.] Sasha, I had a
question mainly for you. I’m a young dad here.
– I hope I can answer. – Young dad. – [J.R.] I’m a young dad. – Oh. – [J.R.] I keep struggling with
the work-life balance thing. I know you guys
kinda don’t really answer questions
because of the context. You know, family. It’s just different
for different people. How did you get through
those times when you were working all the time,
not really spending a whole lot of
time with the kiddos. How did you establish
that relationship later on? – Well, let me
tell you something. Looking back, and I’m sixty– How old am I? Sixty three. – That’s crazy. Is that true? Yeah, you are. Holy shit. – [Sasha] Yeah, sixty-three. Looking back…
– [Gary] That’s crazy. I have regrets. Luckily it’s worked out for me. But I did not go to any games. Gary played baseball and
Little League and all that. I didn’t go to anything. At one point in school… everybody was
under the impression… my wife does not have a husband. That’s true. – [Gary] Yeah.
– Okay? People were talking
about and saying she made up she had a husband or something. Because I work every hour. And, you know
what, looking back… again luckily for me,
for the family, things worked out with the kids, but I have a lot of regrets. What I didn’t allocate at
least a little bit of time. – ‘Cause you went
completely all in. – [Sasha] Yeah, I
completely went all in. And I was always worried about
people’s going to steal. Let me tell you something. From my personal experience, you can slip in a
goddamned business. If people want to steal they’re going to
steal while you’re there. – Dad, do you
think that, real quick– J.R., I’m going to
deviate because I think this might help a couple people. Do you think that,
I mean it was the biggest thing you instilled in me at
fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, this fear that
employees were gonna steal. It was number one. Right?
– [Sasha] Mhmmm. – Do you feel like
that’s a complete correlation to being in Soviet Russia
where everybody was stealing– – But we had an employee
while we both worked there who stole a shit-load of money. Not money–
– Dad, I think people steal– ninety percent of the
people here steal time all day. No, that’s not what I mean. I don’t mean that. People stole under
my watch every day. Let alone under
your watch every day. No, you were obsessed with it. Do you believe that was a byproduct of the Soviet system? – Yeah, it has a
lot to do with– – ‘Cause that’s what
I think in hindsight. – Where I came from,
and my upbringing. It definitely have
a lot to do with that. – So what are you telling J.R.? J.R., real quick.
– J.R., let me tell– Let me tell you
something real quick. I apologize, Dad. J.R., when
people hear my stories, I don’t think
they really realize that we’re an extreme family. Like, my dad came
to one baseball game. – We’re not normal family. – My dad came to one
baseball game in my entire life. I can remember it vividly. It was an All-Star game. I pitched.
I was super pumped. He came with my, who
passed away, Uncle Misha. They both came.
I was super pumped. That is
literally the only event. – Let me
interrupt you for a second. – [Gary] Please. – The graduation
my daughter had– – [Gary] In high school?
– in high school. – [Gary] Okay. 1997. – Is that when you used to call
parents to the podium right? – Oh no, you know what this was? This was when she was a senior, when she was cheerleading right? – [Sasha] Cheerleading, and
they were calling the parents– – Like you know the last game and the parents
come out with the kids. That kind of spiel. – My daughter, right Elizabeth, and I wasn’t there, of course. My wife was there with my youngest son AJ, right? How old he was? – He was at the time ten.
– [Sasha] Ten. They call up
Mr. and Mrs. Vaynerchuk, right? And Tamara had AJ and she’s dragging
him to the podium and he didn’t want to go. You know, now looking
back, it’s, you know… – AJ got the
benefit though, a little bit? – AJ got the benefit. He was the youngest one and after so many years
working hard and all that… – [Gary] Plus, Gary
being in the business. – Plus Gary
being in the business. Of course, we have
to give him credit. Like he doesn’t get enough. I start going to his games. – [Gary] Which is awesome. – Yeah and let me
tell you something. You have to allocate and
I don’t know percentages. I don’t know how
much time but you have to. Listen, I’m
giving a lot of credit to my daughter-in-law,
Elizabeth, as well. She makes Gary spend
time with kids on the weekend. – [Gary] A hundred percent. – And you know what, in the
beginning I was kind of eh. It was foreign to me
and then I said to myself, it’s very important and
that’s the right thing to do. – J.R., are you having a
problem with yourself internally or with your partner? – [J.R.] Eh,
it’s a little bit of both. Mainly it’s me internally
kinda feeling guilty about it. I guess just trying to
get through the hard times, if there’s maybe a
piece of advice that you have, just getting through that guilt. – J.R., you’re talking to
two men who have zero guilt for putting in the time at work. (J.R. laughs) I promise you
because I share his DNA, there was never one day in
the first 18 years of my life, not one day. You have to understand,
to my dad’s credit, we live in 2017 now. In 1980 and ’90, there was no conversation
of work-life balance. There was no pressure on the
father to be at the game. Some fathers did it but
that wasn’t a conversation. You never heard of that. My dad went
through my entire childhood not one day having guilt. I promise you that truth. – [Sasha] Mhmmm. It’s true.
– I know it. I’ll tell you why. I don’t either. Yes, I spend way
more time with my kids. I’m going there right now. Like, me and Tyler are looking
at each other right now. He’s stressed because
I have to go do something. He’s stressed because
I have to go to something and I can’t be late.
I want to go. I don’t want to be late and
I’m having so much fun with you but I have a kid thing
that I’m going to right now. Right now I will go to more
functions at my kid’s school than my dad did in his career
but I will tell you this: If I don’t go to
a single other one from right now to
my kids graduating, I will feel zero guilt because
I know like my dad knows that our intent
was in the right place. My dad grew up in a
place and in the world, and he’s old
school for old school. My dad’s 63 going
on 630 in his demeanor. He’s old school. Right? – Yeah, I’m old
school, a handshake. – [Gary] Yeah, a
handshake, right? – Right. – So J.R., you have to
understand, my dad felt no guilt and I’ll tell you why, J.R. He judged himself within himself and if he knew his intent
was to provide for the family and that was his role, especially when he
knew his wife was way better at emotional intelligence
and raising the kids, and he was better
at doing the thing, and I feel the same way. I know that everything I decide, I’m trying with
the best of my ability. J.R., you have to
try the best you can. You can’t let the outside world, not Sasha or Gary Vaynerchuk,
not your partner, not your parents,
not a magazine, not a podcast, judge you. You just have to
do the best you can. – Mhmmm. Did we
answer your question? – [J.R.] Cool. Thank you guys.
– Does that make sense? – [J.R.] Yes, it definitely
makes sense, yes. – So guess what? If tomorrow you feel like
you have to go to the thing, go to the thing.
And if the next day you feel like you
gotta go to the meeting, go to the fucking meeting.
Stop judging yourself. – Right. No question about it. – [J.R.] Alright.
Thank you guys. – You got it brother. (clanging) – [Jake] Ooh!
– That sucked, Dad. – Yeah, your mom
is going to kill you. – Sorry about that.
Got a little clumsy. Jake loves it! Jake secretly loves it. So listen, talk to me real quick on wrapping this up,
work-life balance, it’s at everybody’s top of mind. – Listen it’s a
whole different society. It’s a whole
different generation. It’s a whole
different approach to things and, balance, I never
had a god damned balance. I never had a balance.
So I mean, I’m extreme. Anything I do,
I don’t have a good balance, anything I do. And I’m trying to change
myself, but you know– – [Gary] How’s it going? – I went to Chicago. (laughs) – Guys, this is not a
joke, this is not a joke, for my dad to go to a
business meeting in Chicago, – [Sasha] Right– – It’s such pattern
breaking that its hmm. – No question about it. – It was tough, but I enjoyed it and I’m trying to
do the right thing for again for the business. Trying to do
a little diversify– – [Gary] Food?
– Trying to real… Do new things because, well Gary got his own thing
going on and he’s not… able to fit everything in to his 28 hours a day. So I have to… and I’m not ready to
sell, retire, or quit or anything like that so
I’m looking for opportunities. I’m getting a little bit more
involved in the food business. I told you about two
distributors already. – My dad has become hardcore
in selling Russian food. – [Sasha] Not hardcore, please. – Dad! You’re pumped about this! – Yeah, I’m pumped! – There’s nothing,
listen, you’re dominating! You’re wreck–
– [Sasha] I’m not dominating. – You’re dominating the
Russian food business, Dad. – No I’m not. – Guys, he’s dominating
the Russian food business in New Jersey. He’s putting
people out of business. – I’m not putting
anybody out of business. (Gary laughs) – Please, please, it’s enough
people in the wine industry hate me, I don’t need
anybody to hate in the food– – Alright, Dad,
question of the day. – [Sasha] My question? – Yeah, you get
to ask the question of the entire Vayner Nation,
what’s the question? You ask a question,
not a statement of the day, which is where
you’ve historically been. A question, what would
you like them to answer? – How do we… Gary always, on his
shows, either Wine Library or #AskGaryVee doesn’t
like me to get into politics. And I’m going to try not to, and I’m going to be
very politically correct, if I can, just like
our president today. How do we solve the
terrorism problem in the world? Because what happened the
day before yesterday, right? – [Gary] Manchester. – Manchester, it’s young
kids, young, little kids, and this fucking
lunatic’s blown up innocent, what do we do as a society? It’s affecting everybody. It’s not affecting just America. It’s affecting
everybody, Russia, Europe, everybody it’s affecting. How do we get
these people to senses? – Do you know that my
show’s categorized in business, not in politics?
– [Sasha] Oh, I’m sorry. – Do you have a
business question? (both laugh) Just–
– You don’t clarify before I ask the question. – Well, you know,
what normally happens is we end the show and
I give you a kiss and go, Dad next time
it’d be really great if you didn’t do
the politics thing. – And I didn’t do,
I’m just saying– – [Gary] That was fairly,
that was much less teeth than normal from you. That’s a general question. – [Sasha] Yes,
a very general one, so– – You had a good time?
– I had a great time. – [Gary] What do
you think of the office? – The wine is great.
– [Gary] Yes, the wine is great. (Sasha and Gary laugh) – The office, very impressive. I would like Neil Barnett
to come to visit one day. – You really want Neil to come? – [Sasha] Yeah. – Are you and Neil
hanging out all the time? – Yeah, I didn’t speak to
him in a month and a half, I think–
– [Gary] Yeah, but– – But we’re on good terms. – But you’ve had
two separate periods where you guys
didn’t speak a half a day. – [Sasha] Fuck,
five, right five years. – You guys are characters. I love you Dad. – I love you.
– Thank you. Give me a kiss. (kissing) – You keep asking questions,
we’ll keep answering them. – And I’ll have a little more. (hip hop music)


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"Ehara taku toa he toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini”.<= Maori, which means
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Stop the terror in you. Stop the terror you're making to yourself. Stop the terror from you in your family and friends.
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Greets from Germany


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Its funny but I never knew how your dad looks, but in my recent dream I saw a new face who looked like your dad, that bothered me for days because it was completely new and random for me however he was older and Indian …. I know its spooky 👻


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