The Kona Beer Mile | GTN’s Training Diary For Kona’s Toughest Challenge

By Brian Lemay 58 comments

(low-pitched whirring) (dramatic music) – Each year, under the measureless sky of Hawaii’s largest island,
there is a gathering of warriors unlike those we’ve ever observed before. Relinquished of stardom, promoted by bright desire and thirst. We, heroic gladiators, accustomed to grand acumen, will rise. And here, on this patch of scorched earth, do we find courage in unlikely places. (glass clinking) I’m doing this race, actually, because it’s a race that’s been on my radar for a very long time. When I was racing
professionally, obviously, didn’t really fit into the
yearly schedule very well, so now I’ve got the opportunity. I guess I could call
it a bucket list race. I got involved last year. Sampled the podium there,
got onto the third step just after a sprint
finish with Jesse Thomas. This year, I want that win. (soft piano music) The training for this
event is pretty unique. It is a lot of running, and
in this heat, it is hard. Luckily, I’ve had Fraser
out here to train with. Hopefully be able to ramp up a little bit over the course of two weeks. Racking up the runs out here, Fraser. – Run number three in two days! Second run for the day no less! Ran this morning, here we are again at five to six, about ten
minutes before sunset, which is possibly one of the best parts of the day in Hawaii. – And I’ve been turning those
runs into brick sessions, and making use of the garden. (soft piano) (waves lapping) That was good, that’s my
training for today done. Brilliant. And, well, I’ve actually gone for the can rather than the bottle. It’s pretty loose, this race. Some people go bottle, some people go can. As long as it’s the same amount. I find with a bottle, almost it, like, funnels back, and then you’re running for 200 meters and you can’t breathe. So I find the can a little bit better. I just go for standard, from the top, nothing fancy about it. No shotguns or anything. Yeah. It’s like, I just can’t do it. Yeah, I mean Kona beer mile training, or beer mile training is pretty unique. I’ll be honest, it’s been a bit of a shock to me and my partner, Cassie. She’s been fantastic through all of it, but you know, it’s a
slightly anti-social sport. There have been a few nights where I’ve come back quite
late after being in the pub. Conveniently, the pub’s just a couple of doors down from us, actually. But yeah, really getting some serious training in down there. And yeah, I mean, needless to say, it hasn’t gone down very well. Yeah, there’s been some
sacrifices this past year for us as a couple, but I’m pleased to finally be here, and all of that to be
paying off, hopefully. Preparing to do this event and sharing a house with the GTN team has presented some challenges. Sometimes I get support, but occasionally, it’s creating
some tension in the house. Mark, for (beep) sake. – Interesting point, there
is definitely some debris left on my bike that I didn’t put there. – [Cameraman] Is this happening a lot? – Yeah, it’s been a common
occurrence this week. Apparently, there’s a race
Mark’s been training for. It’s not the one everyone
else is training for. Suspicious. – [Cameraman] Yours? (chilled music) – Alright, it’s race day. We’re T minus an hour
and a half, give or take. On our way to the local store to choose my beverage of choice, which is quite an important
thing actually, so… I’m debating whether to go for something I like the taste of, or something that is maybe less fizzy and just goes down well. I’m going to have a little
look, see what they’ve got. But yeah, come along with me. So yeah, it’s been a long year, a lot of training leading up to this race. Finally, on the island, the moment is just around the corner, so it is pretty much just a case of putting my feet up, being confident in the preparation that I’ve
done leading up to this, and really just waiting for that big day. So I know from experience, a bottle, not that big… Probably that size. That, like, funnels back, and that can be quite hard, because then you’re sort of almost burping and coughing for the
first section of the run. Whereas it maybe takes
slightly longer to go down, but something like a can, like this, seems to go down a lot better. It pains me to say it, but I’m sort of thinking maybe like a Coors Light. I know, there’s going to be
a lot of people out there that are going to shake
their heads at that, but I’m thinking that
will go down quite well. What do you reckon? – [Cameraman] I think if you
turn up with a Coors Light, you’re going to get
laughed out of the park. – I think so too. Budweiser? Is that any better, though, than a… – Don’t like it. Don’t know why I even picked that up. Going big waves. (rattling) Not that one! (mischievous music) I’m wondering now whether a
Heineken’s going to go down better. I shouldn’t admit it, but I’ve downed enough
of those over the years, and I just, I know it works. I know that goes down. Easy, done, sorted. Final decision. (“Heart Made of Stone”) ♪ I saw the light go down Baker Street ♪ ♪ Don’t know exactly
where she wants to meet ♪ Footwear of choice for
tonight, the Cloudstratus. Not a race shoe in the slightest, but given that I just want
to get round in one piece, feeling like this is a good option. Another last-minute
change, some new shoes. Well-planned, this one! (slam) (gentle electric guitar music) I was starting to feel
a little overwhelmed. The talent that turned up
this year was impressive, and I started to doubt my preparation. – It’s been going pretty well. I stopped my taper a
little early this time, a little earlier than usual. But I’ve managed to do a
little bit of panic-training the last couple days. So been getting ready for it. I train up to three beers in my training. I found last time I did my mile that beer three and four were the hardest. – Aloha! Jeff Mcnair. Living in Boulder, Colorado. Originally from Honolulu, though. So back in my home state! My personal best is 6:42, so… That was at elevation though, so anything can happen! (gentle music) – It’s all about range of motion, so dry phase, less light weight. The pockets add some aerodynamic appeal. The fray is for style, though, so that’s actually not functional. I’m a little embarrassed. But feeling good, and it’s all about looking good, right? – [Jeff] Also notice the
Nike Next%s down there. – [Michael] Partly on
top, partly on bottom! – He’s going for Eliud Kipchoge’s like, whole persona right now with these Next%s. – Hopefully after this, everyone will know how it’s done. So, sit back and take notes! (gentle music) – As the rules were laid out
to us and my heart was beating, my hands were clammy. I only hoped this wouldn’t impeach my can-opening ability. This was it. – [Topless Cap-Wearing
Runner] To another beer mile. Let’s have some fun, let’s get drunk. Cheers.
– Cheers! – [Topless Cap-Wearing
Runner] All right, ready. Go! (upbeat electronic music) (footsteps) (glass clinking) (glass clinking) – [Cameraman] How’s Mark doing? – Mark’s doing surprisingly well. He’s sitting in third place, but there’s a bit of a battle
going on right behind him. First and second are light years in front! We’ve got Mark coming in here in third, got men close behind in fourth. – [Cameraman] You’re third! (coughing) (cheering) – [Cameraman] Sprint finish! The podium! (panting) Well done, mate! (panting) – Nice job, guys! (cheering) (gentle music) – Well, obviously, this was all just a little bit of a joke, but it was great fun doing it, and yeah, I hope you’ve enjoyed
my journey to the beer mile, and through the beer mile, the whole six minutes or so of it. And yeah, incredible
performances by everyone there, both in the men’s and the women’s, which was fantastic to see. I really feel like the event
is growing year-upon-year. We had a very competitive field this year, so maybe next year could
be better yet again. Maybe a few pros coming along. Obviously not racing the next day. But yeah, if you’ve enjoyed today’s video, hit that thumbs up button, and if you’d like to see more from GTN, then click on the globe and
subscribe to the channel. And if you’d like to see
some of the hard work that we have actually been
up to out here in Kona, you can see that by
clicking just down here.


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Ah I should've known that your Norseman was just a preparation for something greater. I cannot begin to imagine all the work and giving up you had to do. Those long training hours at the pub, brick runs, careful gear selection for the race, all that to reach the peak of human athletic performance. You, Mark, are quite an inspiration!

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To be honest I did know the term "race leagal beer" until I visited the Beer Mile World Classic 2019 here in Berlin. Our team rocked the party quite well 😉

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