The challenge of providing cold drinks post-Ebola

By Brian Lemay No comments

Well, I am seeing hope, because people are coming. I only trust in God that God will
bring people that will come and help us. If I have money, I buy drinks to sell. I have somebody in the bar who can cook rice and sell. I even bought an A/C, for me to have a very cool system. But sometimes I only have one generator. The businesses here cannot run without generators. I’m trusting God that one day, I will get somebody to help me open a very big place. The restaurant will be there. After you complete your tertiary education,
you come here and get more. During the Ebola time, people didn’t come and eat. They were afraid. Every day I had losses. No profits. So I stopped. I was just selling drinks. From the drinks, I would cook for my children and eat. If I’m selling 20,000 SLL for the day (USD $5),
that was what we ate. Now that Ebola is finished, I am proud to say that,
for a day, when everything is there, between the bar and restaurant I am making
800,000 to a million (USD $193 to $240).

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