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why do I find the coolest shit ever welcome back my friends from the
internet today we have another episode of and
tries to intervene to do alright guys so today i have just think
yeah this is how i came to me no box no instructions and my mom sent
me some plastic thing wrapped in some light bubble wrap already feeling a
little disappointed already feeling a little discouraged at the shoes not
gonna work for me but we’re going to open you know what this is it’s the sizzle no
it’s not a sizzle dizzle either this it is a is saver meaning that your soda pop is going to
last longer because the fizz is not going to go away and this little thing
is supposed to save my soda pop to make it last longer that’s a push pan sure what I would need
a push pin for but i did google the instructions because like I just said
nothing came with this ok there it is it has a little whatever
that is you know when you go to the to get a
dream at the store or at your favorite fast food you push the little thing and then the
soda pop just comes out it’s like this okay well I’m supposed to flip this pop
upside down like this boom like that do you see a disaster
happened I do but we’re going to go dry and then
you hit the little shoe thing right here and then you have a pop at home I still don’t know what this push pants
for but we’re going to go ahead and try it should i watch this that grows I’m going
to give it a rinse it’s rest okay what I’m going to do is I’m going to
screw from the top and set up that you’re right if I slip that over that’s a disaster we’re going to do that
because we’re smart all right here we go slowly don’t
explode there we go got it I got this you guys
just give Ian fries baby and tries things that are not going to explode in
her face all right so far super easy okay then now scary part is to flip this
mofo over and I’m nervous but we’re going to go get everything out of the
way oh my god boom one two three go boom what ok i’ll make some wonder if this
fits in the fridge the real test but i want you guys to see
it so i need to put this on top of something so it’s a little higher for
everyone to have a lot somewhere what up for this what do you got off let
me get a pot we do this one is dripping ribbon ok i’m not sure that tying up this might
be a bad idea altogether because okay wait yeah I’m so smart ok there right mm kinda wobbly get some of this here we
go you got this all right then going to
come drive that baby up ok but that guy there I’m nervous I’m
going to keep this up a little bit them if this works I’m going to be very
excited just whoa it’s like okay you guys ready
for this oh my god this is so cool I think wait ok oh why do I find the coolest shit
ever romo is dripping wait it’s broken what wait whoa it shouldn’t drink ok there stop the thing that is cool ok
imma try it again ready look at that I love it this had horrible reviews on
Amazon but it is dripping a little bit but besides that I mean it’s working you don’t trip don’t make me a liar now
it’s working I think I love this thing if i can get
it to stop trippin I don’t know why people would give it
about a review it’s cheap it’s going to save the fizzle my pop that means i can
just walk up to our refrigerator and go through some of that sort of hot please
their total laziness this is the laziness it’s still dripping
maybe that’s why they got bad reviews because my soul is dripping out oh ok you got yet with that you
shouldn’t have to do that but that’s the trick for the drink I just wrap did I just do my offer still
dripping don’t come home now is still dripping that might be the reason people
who is this a bad review alright guys that is it I think I love
this thing I just gotta figure it’s dripping I
don’t know that anymore why do i hear noises maybe could because
it’s on this thing like this maybe I’ll screw it back no maybe i’ll
put it on a flat surface let’s see a little trip it’s still
gripping not as much its children ok nevermind i think it’s a fail it’s
half a fail the idea is really cool and I love that
i can just walk up to my friends and just get some pop without having to open
up the bottle but do just fix the drip if you fix the drip
this would be a really cool idea wow so I’m gonna give this guy – Gideon
head all right you guys i hope you loved this
short little video I thought this was a really cool and
interesting as seen on TV gadget I hope that you guys enjoyed it
if you are liking these Vivian try videos let me know by giving the video
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for your enjoyment and for LA pleasure because I love trying to stop this is so
much fun leave me a comment down below if you
have tried this thing for you have some ideas of products that i should be
trying i’ll see you guys in minutes 1 x


Rä shelle

Aug 8, 2016, 5:33 pm Reply


Valerie Lopez

Aug 8, 2016, 5:39 pm Reply

Second oneto comment i love your videos

Karla Guinto

Aug 8, 2016, 5:40 pm Reply

I think that you should put the push pin in the hole

Gaby C

Aug 8, 2016, 5:59 pm Reply

I love how real you are! good comment suggest : do you call it soda? pop? or soda pop. I'm from Chicago and we say soda and pop but I've never heard Soda pop 😄

Gaby C

Aug 8, 2016, 5:59 pm Reply

I love how real you are! good comment suggest : do you call it soda? pop? or soda pop. I'm from Chicago and we say soda and pop but I've never heard Soda pop 😄

Patricia Gallant

Aug 8, 2016, 6:11 pm Reply

I see the comment about putting the push pin in the hole to prevent the drip. Makes sense but weird that they would use a push pin and not their own device. The real test is to see if the fizz is still there a week from now.

Patricia Gallant

Aug 8, 2016, 6:11 pm Reply

I see the comment about putting the push pin in the hole to prevent the drip. Makes sense but weird that they would use a push pin and not their own device. The real test is to see if the fizz is still there a week from now.

Patricia Gallant

Aug 8, 2016, 6:11 pm Reply

I see the comment about putting the push pin in the hole to prevent the drip. Makes sense but weird that they would use a push pin and not their own device. The real test is to see if the fizz is still there a week from now.

Vaishnavi Mankali

Aug 8, 2016, 7:48 pm Reply

ty fr entertaining us!! 😘😘😘

Victor Lorenzo

Aug 8, 2016, 11:54 pm Reply

"We're not gonna do that, cause we are smart"😂😂😂😂

Strangeness in Ohio

Aug 8, 2016, 3:36 am Reply

I might have to have one of these too 🙂

Unicorn Girl

Aug 8, 2016, 5:05 am Reply

Y̥ͦo̥ͦu̥ͦ s̥ͦh̥ͦo̥ͦu̥ͦl̥ͦd̥ͦ m̥ͦḁͦk̥ͦe̥ͦ ḁͦ G̥ͦI̥ͦḀͦN̥ͦT̥ͦ g̥ͦu̥ͦm̥ͦm̥ͦy̥ͦ b̥ͦe̥ͦḁͦr̥ͦ


Aug 8, 2016, 1:24 am Reply

love love love Vivian Tries! 🐙

Toria Bonita

Aug 8, 2016, 12:35 pm Reply

I think they need to make the spout higher so the flow wouldn't drip out so quick.. hmm but I want one!!

Nah yeyo

Aug 8, 2016, 8:32 pm Reply

OMG… this is amazing 😄

jane Fisher

Nov 11, 2016, 1:43 am Reply

Vivian the pushpin is to avoid drips


Jan 1, 2017, 12:10 am Reply

I would think the pin is to poke a hole in the bottle so it does not collapse as its pouring


Jan 1, 2017, 8:53 pm Reply

As others have pointed out; you need to poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle to allow air to be pulled into the bottle as the soda is being released. That would not only prevent the dripping, but make the soda come out faster, and smoother. What is currently happening, with no hole, is air is being pulled in through the same spigot the soda is coming out of… causing it to come out slowly and bubbly.

Isidoro Castiglione

Jan 1, 2017, 12:08 pm Reply

I tried the soft drink dispenser once with a 1.25 litre bottle and it was a fail. The drink did not dispense.

Jason Brandom

Jan 1, 2017, 5:10 am Reply

did it keep its fizz? did it go flat before you finished the bottle?

Tomas Pena

Jan 1, 2017, 5:24 am Reply

You're funny

C. Moore

Jan 1, 2017, 7:03 am Reply

Flip that mofo over!

Valerie Foster

Jan 1, 2017, 4:35 am Reply

"Did I just rap?" Yes, yes you did!

Screamin Eagle

Jan 1, 2017, 3:07 pm Reply

Yeah it works fine while the fluid is above the spout. Any runny liquid would dispense like that via gravity. But what happens once the fluid level drops below the outlet?
Also, wouldn't putting a hole in the bottom of the bottle allow outside air in and CO2 out, thus causing the soda to go flat faster?

Marco Cal

Jan 1, 2017, 4:15 am Reply

You are Saving me so much money. I know watch your videos before making the purchase. Thanks

Hogman Go

Jan 1, 2017, 4:56 am Reply

I think this has already been invented by the soda companies. They call it a " bottle cap"

Essem Sween

Jan 1, 2017, 7:37 pm Reply

Maybe that's what the pin is for?

Rose Belldandy

Jan 1, 2017, 7:54 am Reply

I would not use it if it drips at all. I don't need more messes to clean. I give it a that idea is good💡 light and a better luck next time poop emoji 💩. I give Vivian 5 👍

Ruben Ayala

Jan 1, 2017, 8:40 am Reply

Vivían really enjoy your reviews, funny and informative.


Jan 1, 2017, 2:01 pm Reply

Awesome video Vivian


Jan 1, 2017, 4:22 pm Reply

These work for the first cup or two. But after that the bottle needs a breather hole to compensate for the vacuum. Then if you don't drink the soda within an hour or two, it will go flat because of the needed breather hole. Good for a party where it will be consumed right away. Or, in my case, good for the yard sale table.

Mama Llama

Jan 1, 2017, 3:47 am Reply

Well maybe …..

Sam Nicholson

Jan 1, 2017, 12:16 am Reply

I have one and I have no problem with it but you take off the think under the cap of the soda and I turned the tap thing so its on the top of the thing and I have no leaks I did until I did that stuff though

Mazzy Black

Jan 1, 2017, 12:48 am Reply

I feel like this one needs a follow up. 1. you need to figure out if the push pin really is to poke a hole in the bottle and if it is, to tell us if a) that solves the drip, b) having a hole in the bottle defeats the purpose and makes the pop go flat. And then also tell us how long the pop lasted (maybe compared to another open 2 liter with typical screw top set up). But all that seems like a lot for this one little gadget, but is also needed info to assess the product. ~shrug~

PS – I noticed you said "pop". I don't know the entire region covered but I do know that term is rare and only used in a very small area. I too grew up with the word "pop".

Michael James

Feb 2, 2017, 12:05 am Reply

they never stop dripping

Tony Jones

Feb 2, 2017, 7:17 pm Reply

fo shizzle my fizzle lol

Amanda siren tink emerald Harris Montgomery

Feb 2, 2017, 3:37 pm Reply

you are swell. love your videos

Carlos Lima

Feb 2, 2017, 5:46 pm Reply

I love watching your vids. I don't care what kind of misinformation I'm getting from them. You're hilarious to me. I give you 5 Carlos heads.


Mar 3, 2017, 6:10 pm Reply

i was really hoping she would just try and put it on upside down.


Mar 3, 2017, 9:38 pm Reply

Vivian she hot.


Mar 3, 2017, 8:07 am Reply

Haven't you guys ever chugged a beer, where you use a can opener to open a hole on the side of the can at the bottom, put your mouth over it and then open the cans tab on top? Nothing pours out till you open the tab on top. Same reason you need to use the push pin to poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle, for smooth pouring and no dripping.

James Hanks

Mar 3, 2017, 10:31 pm Reply

Funny thing is, when you said 'Vivian Tries' the subtitles said 'Ian Fries' LMFAO

Dena Tucker

Mar 3, 2017, 2:15 am Reply

Hi Vivian, Love your videos! We're new on here, I liked it so much I got my husband to subscribe too. A suggestion maybe, we use 2.5 gallon plastic jugs of water with a spout attached, very convenient to open the fridge n get a glass of water poured directly from it but we have to stab a couple of holes in the top of the jug before it'll pour. Maybe a little stab from that needle thing in the bottom of the soda bottle will help it pour more freely. Maybe even help the drip. Just a suggestion! 😊

Dena Tucker

Mar 3, 2017, 5:34 am Reply

Thank you Vivian, I posted one of your videos (the red copper frying pan one , I got one n love it!) on my Facebook page n invited people to watch you n hope they subscribe! Our local Walgreens has a "seen on tv" section, whenever we go there my husband Tuck goes directly to that aisle n goes through the things there. Now he can watch you n know ahead of time if it works, thank you n keep up the good work! 💖


Apr 4, 2017, 5:47 am Reply

she could've just put it on the edge of the table


May 5, 2017, 12:55 am Reply

I'll stick pouring out the pop from the bottle by hand


Jul 7, 2017, 6:36 pm Reply

i bought one a few years ago and it was crap.


Oct 10, 2017, 9:45 pm Reply

Looks like it should be called "The Super Fizzer" Not "Fizz Saver". Your glass was 3/4 fizz. Was the soda cold? If it wasn't cold it could have made it fizz much more than normal. Still not really saving the fizz. And the spout should be taller so you don't have to put it on a bowl.

Dt Tomsen

Nov 11, 2017, 3:15 pm Reply

How about trying to empty the bottle … oh, it wont … because as the soda leaves the bottle it needs something to replace it. Initially it will be escaped carbon dioxide from the soda (the fizz). As you lose fizz a vacuum will be created and it will stop the flow of the soda. That's what the enclosed push-pin was for. To poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle to let air in. Unfortunately that helps defeat the fizz-saving feature of this. Also, once you've pierced the bottom of the bottle you can never stop using this dispenser as the soda will leak out. That's too bad because the soda will not dispense out of the bottle much lower than the dispenser height due to gravity. … and you noticed the dispenser LEAKS. Every review I've seen of this it LEAKS. Who wants soda leaking all over their fridge? Poor review – stay away from this.

Diane Kiko

Jan 1, 2018, 4:13 pm Reply

Maybe you’re supposed to leave the cap on the bottle and use the pin to punch a hole in it?

Basherah Osman

Jan 1, 2018, 4:05 am Reply

omg I love your little dance in the beginning lol cute 😂

J rodriguez

Jan 1, 2018, 5:57 am Reply

i mean im no scientist but Im almost positive that the pin is to create a small opening so the bottle will not deflate. if you buy the waters from the store with the pull-out nozzle, youll see somewhere at the top that you must create a hole so the bottle will breathe. its like when you squeeze a bottle.. you are removing its contents so the bottle becomes flat and harder for the rest of the contents to come out. once you let go. the bottle catches air and then the contents become easier to squeeze out. Does that make sense? I dnt think it would keep your fizz in the bottle any more than what it is to drink it by pouring it in a cup but its fine for the kids to use, i suppose. see if poking a hole at the top stops the leaking.


Feb 2, 2018, 6:36 am Reply

The push pin is to poke a hole in the bottom of the 2-liter

Felicia Buchanan

Feb 2, 2018, 5:59 pm Reply

You are too hilarious 👏

Aqono Luna

Feb 2, 2018, 1:21 am Reply



Mar 3, 2018, 6:04 am Reply

this is pretty pointless

Fabio Josmarje

Mar 3, 2018, 11:37 pm Reply

thanks a lot

Ali P

Apr 4, 2018, 4:27 pm Reply

Vivian are you from the Midwest? It's very rare to hear people refer to soda pop as Pop outside of Michigan and parts of the surrounding states, that's why I ask. The first time I travelled to Tennessee and ordered a pop they just looked at me funny.

LOVE all your videos! I haven't watched them all yet because I save some for when I'm feeling down. Keep up the great work!

Nicholas Daly

Apr 4, 2018, 3:01 pm Reply

How about not cutting to shake bottle

Tom Turnbull

May 5, 2018, 7:00 pm Reply

Just like at McDonalds or KFC

Random Acts of Video

Jun 6, 2018, 8:42 pm Reply

Even the ones are the fast food places drip, thats why they have a drip tray.


Jul 7, 2018, 11:44 pm Reply

Vivian try things that are not going to explode in her face…lmbo😂😂😂😱

Paul Bennell

Jul 7, 2018, 9:24 am Reply

Hopefully the dripping might lessen with use.

Bartender Bea

Aug 8, 2018, 2:17 am Reply

Put a hole in the bottom of the bottle vivian!

Dannielle Obenchain

Aug 8, 2018, 3:21 pm Reply

You need to poke a little hole with the pin lol


Sep 9, 2018, 2:57 am Reply

The pesure in the bottle is pushing the soda out. That's what the push pin is for. To poke a tiny hole in the botem of the bottle. :0)

Jill Springer Forrest

Sep 9, 2018, 7:34 am Reply

The pin goes thru the lid I think.


Oct 10, 2018, 4:55 pm Reply

Saves he fizz…. the entire glass was fizz lol

Julie Milton

Oct 10, 2018, 7:17 pm Reply

Maybe the pushpin is to stop leak😁

Mog-Gyver O’Neill

Oct 10, 2018, 11:10 am Reply

.. perhaps the pushpin Viv?


Nov 11, 2018, 7:49 am Reply

It's not a fail if it works…the fact that it it drips does not negate the fact that the product actually works. Dripping is just a small flaw that needs to be fixed, but dripping doesnt stop the product from working. A fail is something that keeps the product from working at all.

Andrea Rodriguez Rivera

Nov 11, 2018, 8:41 pm Reply

The pin helps it not leak


Nov 11, 2018, 12:24 am Reply

I never knew that fresh squeezed orange juice had fizz!

Ashlie Garrett

Jan 1, 2019, 8:47 pm Reply

First off, I love your videos. Second, no matter how much you try to stop something from dripping it’s not going to until it feels like all the moisture is out. So the best way to stop the drip is to stick a paper towel in there and catch the moisture. I know that sounds gross, but even a punch dispenser is going to Dripp. Even those coolers that have the same kind of style will drip. My roommates smoothie maker drips a little bit after pouring a smoothie out. So, if it’s clogged in there, it’s not coming out unless it drips. LOL love those videos by the way.


Feb 2, 2019, 2:12 am Reply

Almost 7 bucks? Damn…….I got mine for 2 bucks from Wish. Same quality too.

Annette Harris

Feb 2, 2019, 5:36 pm Reply

Poke a hole in the top with the stick pin I mean the bottom Once you turn it upside down


Apr 4, 2019, 5:09 pm Reply

Yeah, it's a scam. They don't tell you in the ads you have to poke a hole in the top after you turn it over. Otherwise it stops dispensing because there's only so much pressure from the C02 that forces it out. But of course putting a hole in it just lets the fizz out, so it's actually worse at saving fizz than not using it.

Jennifer W

May 5, 2019, 9:44 am Reply

Where do you all live that you're calling that drink "pop". Just wondering…

Denise Gould

Jun 6, 2019, 4:37 pm Reply

Hi vivian

Dennis Morgan

Jul 7, 2019, 5:22 pm Reply

Mine is not dripping. I think it's awesome.

Kelly Bell

Sep 9, 2019, 1:21 am Reply

Try the magic tap

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