Tempura PBR Beer Batter Sushi

By Brian Lemay 78 comments

Welcome back to another cooking video. Today
I’m going to show you how to make Beer Batter Sushi Roll using PBR Beer.
To make things interesting I’m going to make the inside of the sushi roll look like
sushi roll art and represent the PBR logo on the can. Now to make that I’m going to
have to create naturally blue sushi rice which has never been done so let’s get going,
let’s make it happen! Alright, so let’s start off by making naturally
blue sushi rice. First thing you want to do is take a teabag of Butterfly Pea Flower tea,
place it in some boiling water and add a bunch more because you want it a very, very strong
blue. Butterfly Pea Flowers are blue and they create
this blue dye that infuses into the water when you boil it with it. This is a great
way to get naturally blue dye. Just use this like you normally would with a teabag, just
infuse it in and let it cool down. This is it when it cools down. I’m going
to show you this because it’s kind of important. I’ve got here the blue dye in a test tube
and some acid, in this case lemon juice but it could be vinegar and what happens when
you mix it with the blue dye it turns purple pinkish reddish color, that’s what you want
to avoid. Keep that in mind for later. Now to make the sushi rice I’m just going
to add some sushi rice into my sushi rice cooker and then I’m going to add a premeasured
amount of blue dye water I just made. Now if you don’t know how to make sushi
rice check out my recipe by clicking on the top left corner of your screen or in the description
below for the measurements and times. Just cook it like you normally would—makes
a funny sound. Once it’s done you’re going to have this beautiful light blue colored
sushi rice which his just awesome. Now you’re going to want to let it cool down and then
you’re going to want to take your sushi rice vinegar mix which is acidic and you’re
going to want to add some sodium bicarbonate which is an alkaline and will balance out
the acidity. You just add about a half teaspoon and just let it dissolve into it; this will
stabilize the acidity of it so it doesn’t change the color of the blue pigment into
purple pinkish. Once you’ve let your sushi rice cool down
you just spread it over it just like this lightly and cut it into your sushi rice like
you normally would. One thing to note is I’ve let the sushi
rice cool down a lot more than I usually would before I add the rice vinegar mix, because
the heat would probably accelerate the food color pigmentation turning from blue to purple.
There we go, blue sushi rice done, let’s move onto to rolling.
Alright, so now to roll your sushi roll. You take a half sheet of Nori like this and fold
it in half, this is just to mark the center line and from the center line you want to
go one inch to the side, 2.5cm, and make a cut.
Okay, now you want to take 85 grams of blue sushi rice and just place it in a lump form
across your Nori. You don’t want to spread it out because you want to roll this into
a cylinder and there’s going to be nothing in the middle. Now you just roll it up into
a cylinder, you can use a bamboo rolling mat but it’s not completely necessary. Once
you’ve rolled it up you want to tuck in the sides just like this, and then just put
this to one side until you need it later. Now you take the other piece of Nori you just
cut off and you cut that in half length wise like this. Then you want to get 7 to 8 grams
of blue sushi rice and just lay it across the middle line going all the way across and
evenly spread out. Then you just want to fold this up into a U-shaped column. This is so
it stays together when I’m trying to roll it and I get more detail in the end result.
Once you’ve done that you just want to make the second column which is exactly the same
as the first one, again take 7 to 8 grams of cooked blue sushi rice, lay it across the
center, fold it up and then lay it to one side until you need it later. Just leave it
and come back to it later. Now I’m going to take some Sea Bass, this
is half a fillet of Sea Bass which I’ve cut length wise and here I’m going to take
my cylinder and slice it at the same length as the cylinder so that I have workable bits
of fish. I’m going to just slice again to make a nice rectangle. The excess piece can
be made into tartare and put into another sushi roll. Just put these to one side until
you need it. Alright now take another half sheet of Nori;
you just want to add a little bit of rice at the end of it, this will act like glue
to hold the other piece of Nori. Take a quarter sheet of Nori and you place that at the end
of it and stick it on, this makes a longer piece of Nori just like this.
Now you want to take some fish, cut half a centimeter just like so, and then you just
lay it right here on your Nori. Now you want to take the rice columns and put one on either
side with the rice facing upwards, just like so. Then you want to cut another strip of
fish just like you did the last one, one fifth of an inch, half centimeter, and just lay
it on the bottom side of your rice columns. Now you want to take a red bell pepper piece
and just lay it next to it and then lay a bit more fish at the end covering the end
of the Nori. Now you want to take another piece of fish
and just cut it about here, about three centimeters, one inch and one fifth and then just add another
piece of red bell pepper at the end and one more piece of fish at the end of that.
Now you want to take your cylinder and just test roll it to see how far it goes, so start
at the seam and roll forwards all the way until the end of the seam, this way you will
know where it will end and you can add more fish or take away fish depending how it is.
Mine is perfect so I’m just going to roll it.
You can see the fish ends at the fish and just keep rolling forwards, and there we go.
Now I’m just going to roll forwards more until I cover the end of the Nori. You need
that much extra Nori because the deep fryer is a very harsh environment and you want to
make sure it doesn’t come unraveled. Now just tuck in the sides and there we go,
the roll is ready for deep frying. Okay so now to make some tempura beer batter.
You take 100 grams of tempura flour mix and just add it into a bowl like so, and then
you want to take a little bit of PBR beer and add it in a little at a time. Usually
it’s about 100 grams of flour to 120 milliliters of liquid, in this case beer.
Just mix it in lightly, don’t over mix it because you want to have little lumps of flour.
If you see it’s a bit too thick just add a little bit more beer and get the right consistency,
just enough so it can coat the sushi roll. That looks about right to me. Now I’m going
to take my sushi roll and I’m going to roll it in the beer batter just like so, you’re
going to get your fingers a little bit messy, that’s fine. Don’t forget to tumble it
forwards to make sure you get the ends of it and just keep rolling it around. Now you
want to add it into your deep fryer at 170-degrees Celsius until it becomes a beautiful golden
brown. It should take about two to three minutes and then you’ll have this beautiful crispy
crust. Now just take it and place it onto some napkins
to cool down and let some of the oil run off. Then you just want to cut into slices. Take
your sharp knife and cut it into one and a half centimeter thick slices, that’s 3/5
inch, it’s quite easy to cut. You should get three slices and two end bits.
Look at that beautiful PBR logo in there, it’s great but it’s not complete yet.
To complete it I have just cut out some Nori letters with a tiny little scissors, it was
quite difficult but I made it happen. Here we go, Nori is the same seaweed as you used
for the sushi roll. So here I’ve got a P, and I’ve got a B,
and we’re going to finish off with an R. That’s great, if you don’t want a corporate
logo on them you can always just put a little curve and a little dot followed by another
little dot to make a smiley face. Now the Nori letters are very easy to put
on, you just get them close to the sushi rice and they just grab hold of it just like this.
The only thing is if you try to move them after you place them down they will rip and
tear so make sure you get them in the right spot from the get go.
There we go, PBR sushi roll done! This is the end of the PBR sushi roll I hope
you enjoyed it, if you did and you want to see me make some more sushi roll art and you
have some great suggestions, leave them in the comment section below and I’ll be sure
to take a look at them. Alright, thank you for watching. See you guys
next week – goodbye! END



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This is the original Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Nature's choicest products provide its prized flavor. Only the finest of hops and grains are used. Selected as America's Best in 1893.

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