Tasting Riesling, White Blend, Pinot Noir, Red Blend & Cabernet #012

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We’ve got some great wines
for you today, stay tuned and watch the episode as we walk you
through five very different wines. Hi, it’s Tim from Elma Wine & Liquor.
Thank you for joining us for another video. As you can see here
I have some more wines open again today. We are going to be tasting through five wines, there’s a riesling, a white blend, a pinot noir, a red blend, and a Cabernet. I will start with the riesling, I typically work from white to red as long
as the white is not overly sweet which this one shouldn’t be. Up first
is Nik Weiss Selection Urban Riesling. This is from the Mosel region of Germany. The Mosel region is famous
for its rieslings especially, and the soil conditions are a lot of slate
which helps hold the sunlight, radiating the warmth of the sun during the evening hours
so that they get a little extra heat throughout the day. This one has a really nice nose, bright fruit, apples. Some apples in the sip as well,
a little bit of acidity on the finish which would make it go really well
with some spicy foods or Thai, Indian those types of dishes.
Maybe even some chicken wings. Very nice wine. A little bit of sweetness but not overly,
too overpoweringly sweet. Next up is a Conundrum white blend.
This is a white blend from Napa Valley California.
It is made by the Wagner family. They’ve been making wine for decades
in Napa Valley. Their white blend is pretty well-known,
served commonly throughout the area. Very pale color, very interesting wine. It starts dry and finishes
with some sweetness to it, that’s probably because of the grapes
that they’re using to blend it. I don’t know exactly what they’re using
but I’d say there’s some Chardonnay in there and probably something sweet
like a Moscato or riesling– just very small amounts. Very well-rounded, not too acidic just a good sipping wine. Doesn’t need food, you can just drink it
on its own. Next up we have Böen Russian River
Pinot Noir. This is also made by the Wagner family. One of the sons Joseph,
this is his side project. The grapes come from
the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County California. Russian River is very well known
for its Pinot Noirs as well as Chardonnays. The Böen, very nice color to it, it’s the ruby-purplish color. Lots of really ripe cherries,
berries upfront, a little hint of smoke and spice on the finish. Yes. Very nice wine. The Wagner family tends
to make the Reds very juicy, very full body and this is a little bit heavy
for a Pinot Noir but it’s a great wine. Really enjoyed drinking that one. Next up we have Wolftrap red blend. This is from South Africa. It’s a blend of Syrah, Mourvedre, and Viognier. If you remember our last video
and if you haven’t seen it yet go back one episode,
I talked about Mourvedre grape. It’s a little bit of
an unusual lesser-known grape but I enjoy it very much. This is also pretty dark in color and has a very different kind of nose and that’s the Mourvedre coming
through. Earth and richness and smoky leather. Rich, a lot of tannins but still soft and still goes down pretty easily. The Viognier is actually a white grape —
some red wine makers like to blend in a little bit of white
to help smooth it out, round it out and that’s what the Viognier does in this case. A nice wine if you haven’t had
any South African wines, I really recommend you to try some. They do some great quality
at very good price points. This Wolftrap is no exception to that. Last up we have Faust Napa Valley Cabernet. This has been one of our best sellers
in this kind in this price category of a Napa Valley Cabernet’s. The Faust winery is run by a Chilean man
who had some wineries in Chili. Sold some of them, still has some of them
and moved to California to focus on California wines. This cab is very rich. Get lots of blackberries
and some blueberries on the nose. Little bit of,
very little bit of jamminess up front but immediately evolves
and starts grabbing your mouth with that tannin and some of the acidity. Just kind of leaves you wanting.
It doesn’t completely dry out your mouth but it leaves you wanting more. This is one that can definitely drink
a lot more of, a very nice wine, very well made. It’s been very popular lately. That was our show for today. If you have questions or comments
about any of these wines or anything we talked about today,
please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to them. We really enjoy the feedback
and the questions we’ve been getting and hope to get more of them. Thanks very much for watching. Hope to see you soon. Cheers.

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