Tailgate Hefeweizen – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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Welcome backt to FairgroundsTV. I’m your host
Peter Moeller. Today we have a new beer. It’s a hefeweizen. It says it’s bottled – it says
it’s brewed and bottled by Tailgate Beer, Monroe, Wisconsin. How ’bout that? Wisconsin!
Tailgate Beer, new cans. So I’ve been told the pricing is very close to Budweiser pricing,
however, the difference is that they have a hefeweizen, they have an IPA and they also
have another one that I don’t remember. So there ya go. Tailgate. Let’s check it out.
Obviously, a nice hazy, light copperish-orangish color. Um, beautiful head on the beer. Nice
and bright white. Let’s give it a sniff. Smells a little like bathwater or lakewater. *laughs
maniacally* These people are gonna hate me. It’s just what’s triggering in my head and
I’m definitely going to taste it. Wow. It’s nice. It’s a little bit light. It’s more on
the sweet side than I would like my hefs to be. I would like to have more of that citrusy
kind of thing going on but it’s not bad! I mean, if this is the same price as Budweiser
and I only have eight dollars in my pocket for a six pack, ya know, plus tax and deposits,
I’m going this. I mean, sorry Budweiser, you suck. I’m going this. This is great. Comes
in cans. There’s an IPA, there’s this, there’s something else I don’t know. Not bad, just
a little bit light. A little too sweet, like I said. Definitely something to check out.
Come into the store tomorrow. So come check this out. See ya later.

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