Are You Trying to Lose Weight? Avoid these 6 Beverages – Canada 365

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Are You Trying to Lose Weight? Avoid these 6 Beverages Food is one of the most important pillars for people who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy and stable weight. Maintaining a controlled diet that’s low in fats and sugars is the best way to fight those extra pounds that put your health […]

UK sugar levy to target sweetened drinks

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As the United Kingdom attempts to shift to a healthier diet for its people… grocery stores are preparing for the hit they’re going to take from a new sugar tax on the soft drink industry. The Telegram newspaper reports that in a recent study, around half of beverages sold in several major grocery stores will […]

Hawaii man can’t have favorite soft drink while on probation – Daily News

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A Hawaii man has been ordered not to drink his favorite soft drink during four years of probation on a car theft conviction after he told a judge that refraining from Pepsi made him realize that he had done wrong Judge Rhonda Loo imposed the restriction last week while sentencing 21-year-old Christopher Montilliano Jr, The […]

This Wine Subscription Club Has a 6 Wines for $40 Deal – Live News 247

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 It’s time to finally put an end to all of that useless whining and instead do something that’s more worthy of all of our time — like some actual wine-ing  Sure, Wednesday nights will forever be reserved for our girlfriends. It’s called Whine Wednesday for a reason because where else would be than sitting on […]

The Portable Rapid Drink Chiller!

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*clears throat* So a little while ago, I showed you a contraption, a little mini spinner type deal that can take any beverage that happens to be warm and make it cold in like 60 seconds and not just cold like “oh that’s a little bit cool”. No! Like ice cold. So you didn’t need […]

This Cup Is Unspillable – What Magic Is This?

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What’s up guys, Lou here, back with another video, and today i’ve got something unsual for you, but i think… I’m thinking… It might be incredbily useful. I still dont really belive it though, ‘cuz when I saw this online, and I saw the demonstration, I was like come on show me where David Copperfield […]

Epic Food Challenge Episode 1- Cold Drinks Taste Challenge

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Hello! welcome to our channel. Today, we two are doing cold drinks tasting challenge. We two are here for the challenge today, me Rajesh. It’s me Ramesh. So, today’s challenge is to tell the name of cold drinks after tasting them. Today, we have sprite, fanta, coca cola and dew. We hope that you will […]

Cloud Macchiatos: 5 Things To Know About Starbucks’ New Drink – News Today

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Is your coffee too bitter? Add some ‘Sweetener,’ or try the new Cloud Macchiato from Starbucks Here are the details on the new drink – including how it’s connected to Ariana Grande!    Everyone loves Ariana Grande, but when will be able to get an Ariana “Venti?” This joke took one step closer to becoming […]

Woman riding on cart while drinking wine from Pringles tube barred from shop – News Live

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Police in Texas received a rather strange call about a woman riding around outside a supermarket while drinking wine from a Pringles tube. The woman was noticed by staff in the car park at a Walmart in Wichita Falls, Texas, on Friday morning, the Times Record News reported. Staff from the shop requested that police […]

Easy Bolognese Recipe | Jamie Oliver

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Hello you lovely people. Jamie here. So we’re gonna do an incredible classic family-friendly beautiful ragu. Perfect as a base for loads of great dishes like spaghetti bolognaise lasagne, chilli and cannelloni. It’s economical. Filling. Dead easy to knock up in a big batch and store in the freezer. Plus it’s a great way to […]

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