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Jesus came so that we can all have LIFE in abundance. He gives Living Water to those who come to Him. We read in John 4:13 Jesus said to the woman at the well: “whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him […]

You have been drinking water the wrong way all your life

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Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. Today, I will share with you 5 things about water. Listening to those may change the way you drink water. And you will become a lot healthier. So stay tuned and watch this video till the end. This is simply because when we eat food, our body temperature increases. […]

Socialism Sucks and Beer is Freedom

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(rock music) – We are in Washington D.C. at the world premiere of what is perhaps the most important book in the history of economics, at least since yesterday, called Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through… Through… Through the Unfree World. I haven’t actually been drinking yet. I happen to be with these […]

How-to make a Homemade Electrolyte Drink

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After an episode of vomiting it’s important to be gentle on your stomach. Try sipping clear fluids that are easy to digest and also help to replace some of the nutrients that you may have lost. Some good examples are, flat ginger ale, clear soup broth or weak tea. Sports drinks can also be very […]

Drink To Glowy Skin Cure Anemia Cleanse Your Blood Increase Hair Growth And Look Years Younger

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Yummy!!!!….. Hi family, welcome or welcome back to my channel if you’re new here My name is Selina Zinchuk My channel is about diy, natural hair and beauty if that’s something that interests you come on and join the family in 2020, I decided to grow my hair from both internal and external And I […]

Japanese Wine – Koshu Grape

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Welcome to Underneath The Bottle I am Michael, and today we are going to talk about grapes. “What kind of grapes?” You are asking? We are going to talk about Koshu! Koshu is this grape from Japan. It is a Vitis Vinifera. “What is that?” You may ask. That is a grape that comes from […]

How to Force Carbonate your Homebrew Beer! Cut off 2 weeks!

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Force carbonating your kegs allows you to enjoy your beer much faster than natural carbonation with priming sugar cutting, as much as two weeks off of your brewing schedule. There are a handful of methods for forced carbonation out there. Here are two of the most popular. With either method you need to start with […]

The Comedy Show Drinking Game || Brew Haha

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– I’m really drunk as the dickens right now, Christmas drunk, actually. (audience laughs) Yeah, of course we drink when we mention Christmas, I don’t know the rules to your game. (energetic music) ♪ Pack your stupid friends into your stupid car ♪ ♪ Don’t get a DUI, you know who you are ♪ – […]

the furry that drinks WAY too much at cons

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What do you mean I’m an alcoholic? 10 a.m. is a perfect time to start drinking! (jazzy music) I’m not drunk you’re drunk! What am i drinking? Just water! I’m not loud, you’re loud! Where did my cup go? Where did my shirt go? This literally hasn’t happened to me before. Okay guys, fun new […]

How to Pack Wine When Traveling

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So you’ve had that wonderful wine trip. Now, how are you gonna get all that wine that you bought home? I’m gonna show you how to pack some wine in this video. Hello hello hello. Welcome back to exotic wine travel. I am your host, Matthew Horkey. So today we’re gonna talk about packing wine […]